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Coffee Talk

Coffee and a change of scenery. That?s what Sara figured she needed to gear up 
for another few hours of working. She called down to Cyanah?s office but her 
yeomen had told her that "The Commander is catching up on paperwork." 
Cyanah hated paperwork and Sara knew that she want to get it out of the way so 
she told the young officer there was no message and then decided to head down 
three forward.  Three forward was half full and Sara quickly looked around to 
see who was in there. She spotted Telsia and Cameron in the corner by the 
and wondered why Josh wasn?t with them. So after getting her coffee, Sara made 
her way across the room. "Hi Tel." 

Looking up from Cameron?s face to the face of the woman standing next to the 
table, Tel smiled, ?Hey Sara, what are you doing here this hour?? she asked, 
gesturing for Sara to take the seat across from her and Cameron.  ?I don?t 
normally see you in the lounge.?

"Needed some air and a cup of coffee that hadn?t been replicated." 
Sara replied as she sat in the chair on the other side of the table. Sara left 
out the part about needing air out side sick bay. It seemed everyone from Jenny 
to Jansug had an option on her work habits and didn?t want to find out if 
did or not. "What about you. I would have thought you?d be with 

Forehead wrinkling in confusion, Tel shook her head.  ?No, why would I be?  I 
mean, granted the last time we talked was good, we had to talk about our 
emotions instead of showing them, which was good, really good.  But at the 
moment, I don?t feel like going down to the brig, I don?t want Cameron to see 
his dad locked up, might not be good for him.?  Tel wiped some of the food that 
had gotten on Cameron?s face off.  ?And I don?t think Josh wants his son to see 
him locked up either.?

Sara looked confused and before she could think anything though blurted out. 
"Tel, Josh isn?t in the brig anymore. The Captain agreed to his release as 
long as he was medically monitored. I have a nurse and the computer keeping 
on him twenty-four/seven."

For a moment, a look of total joy crossed Tel?s features as what Sara said sunk 
in.  Josh was free, he was out of there, he could come spend time with Telsia 
and Cameron again.  But the moment of pure happiness soon passed and sad look 
came over Tel?s face.  ?Oh, he is?  That?s so wonderful for him, I?m glad.?  
Confusion and sadness marred her features and her frown grew worse as she 
down at her son, who was happily munching on crackers.  ?I wonder why he hasn?t 
sought us out?? Telsia mused quickly, forgetting about Sara?s presence for a 

"Maybe because sometimes there are things we have to do in order to keep 
our families together and the people we love happy, but we can?t tell them 
it." Sara said once again with out thinking. She was tired and when she was 
tired she had a bad habit of not thinking before speaking.

?I guess,? Tel said, still looking down at Cameron, wondering what kind of a 
life she was giving her son.  ?I just wish Josh would talk to me, confide me 
 I?m his fiancé for goodness sakes, we were going to get married,? Telsia 
and her shoulders dropped some.  ?I?m just wondering what I?m doing, what Josh 
and I are doing, if I?m the right woman for him.  Back at the academy, I could 
tell you with perfect confidence that Josh and I were perfect for each other, 
that we were made to be together, but then he left and I had to marry Eric, 
thoughts of saving Cameron, only I thought I had condemned Cameron to a life of 
abuse.  Then I met back up with Josh, here on the Banshee and I fell back in 
love all over again.  But I don?t know, Josh is different, I?m different, we 
don?t laugh like we used to, he doesn?t confide in me like he used to.  I?m 
wondering if this relationship is going to work or not.?  Telsia felt bad for 
unloading all of that onto Sara but she needed someone to talk to, someone who 
would understand.

Sara sipped her coffee and then held the warm mug between her hands. She stared 
down into the tan colored liquid as she spoke. "No one is ever the same 
person at twenty-two or twenty-four that they where at seventeen or nineteen, 
Tel. People grow up and change and it makes relationships harder. You know Josh 
isn?t the same as that boy who took of in the academy and you?re not the same 
who panicked and made a bad choice. You know this. If you can admit that you 
love the man Josh is now and not think of him as the boy you use to love, and 
can do the same, then I think you two are on a good start. Trust me, Tel, every 
couple has their storms to weather. Lord knows Cy and I have."

Telsia wondered for a moment what storms Cy and Sara have had to deal with, 
seemed so happy and so in love, it made Tel smile to look at them.  ?I know, it 
just seems that the bad weather out weighs the good weather.  And I do love the 
Josh now, I love him so much that it hurts sometimes, I just don?t love gap 
has grown between us.?  Tel helped Cameron take a sip out of his sippy cup 
before look back up at Sara, ?I?m sorry to dump all of this on you, you?re my 
only friend on this ship and I need to talk.?

"It?s alright, Tel, that?s what friends are for." Sara replied with a 
warm smile. "I know it seems as if things will never get better right now 
but they will. You have to believe that." 

?I know, and I do, I forget sometimes, that?s all.?  Tel took a sip of her 
coffee and smiled as she watched Cameron tries to hide a yawn from her. 

"He looks tired." Sara said as she looked down at the small boy with a 
kindly smile. She loved having Cameron around, having a child on board seemed 
take some of the edge off.

Tel smoothed his hair down and encouraged him to lean on her to rest.  ?He 
should be, he hasn?t been sleeping at night again.  I think he?s having bad 
dreams but of what I can?t tell.  When I was still with Eric, Cameron used to 
have bad dreams every night, but then when we moved in with Josh, they went 
away, now their back again though.  I don?t know what to do, so when he has the 
bad dreams, I let him sleep with me.?  It was obvious that Telsia was worried 
about her son?s lack of sleep and nightmares and that she hated not being able 
to do anything.  ?I thought about taking him to Jansung but I don?t know what 
can do to help Cameron.?

"Bad Dreams can be hard to figure out." Sara said softly. She knew 
first had about bad dreams. "When I was younger I use to have bad dreams 
but he?s younger then I was. I don?t think pinning a silver bird above his bed 
will help since he wouldn?t understand. I just think he needs to feel safe is 
all. Children can sense when the adults mainly their parents are upset and 
frightened. You could take him to Jansug but just make sure he feels safe. 
Feelings are what he understands"

Tel nodded, feeling guilty.  She knew that Cameron could pick up on her 
emotions and that he normally ended up expressing, in less then pleasant ways, 
what she was feeling.  With this knowledge, Telsia knew she should have done 
more to hide her pain and hurt from Cameron, so far he hadn?t had a very happy 
childhood and Tel blamed herself a thousand times over for not having done more 
to protect her child from the hurt she had put him through.  ?Maybe taking him 
to Jansug would be a good idea; maybe myself making an appointment with Jansug 
would be an even better idea.  I know I could use some counseling.?

Sensing Telsia mood, Sara took a guess at what was running though her mind. 
"Hiding the truth from him is the worse thing you could do, Tel. My parents did 
that to me once about my own past." Sara shook her head. "Not good. But I think 
talking to Jansug for both your sakes would be a good idea."

?Yeah, thanks Sara,? Telsia smiled at her before looking down at her son who 
was sucking quietly on his thumb while he slept, curled up in the booth next to 
Tel.  ?I think maybe I should go tuck this little guy into bed though.?  In a 
fluid movement, that only came from being a parent, Tel picked up Cameron and 
held him close in her arms, without waking up Cameron or disturbing the rhythm 
of his thumb sucking.  ?Thank you Sara.  I?m glad we became friends, when I had 
first found out you had once dated Josh, I was worried and, to be honest, a bit 
scared of you, but I?m glad I got over that and we?re friends.?  

Sara blinked for a moment. Why would anyone be scared of her? Then she smiled 
with a light chuckle. "Didn?t know I was scary." She laughed again and then 
nodded her head. "I?m glad we?re friends to, Tel. Have a good night."

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