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Christmas Eve
By Sara Crusher

The Banshee was quiet as everyone on boarded seemed to be settling in for the 
night. Christmas was a human holiday, but it seemed that the underlying 
concepts of love, peace, and being with family and friends carried over to 
all the races that called the Banshee home. Some people had their quarters 
decorated, some had wreaths on their doors, some had electric candles in the 
windows, and there were even a couple of trees on boards. 

Sara was very much a Christmas person and as she bopped around sick bay in 
her uniform and Santa hat she hummed Christmas carols to herself. Sick bay 
was one of the places with a tree. Sara, Jenny and some of the others had put 
it up almost a week ago and there even gifts under it. Lights had be strung 
around the doors with garlands of holily and stockings dangled from the 
counters and the foots of the bio beds. There was even mistletoe hanging in 
the door way between the bay and the hallway that lead to her office and 

Sara smiled as she heard soft music and laughter coming from the back room. 
The medical staff was having a small party back there. Sara smiled as she 
made her final checks on the patients. It had been a nice party and she had 
fun, of course the fact that it seemed as if she and Cy had been finding 
themselves under that mistletoe a lot. She couldn’t want to get back to her 
quarters. This would be her and Cy’s first Christmas, first holiday together. 
Cyanah had went back to her own place a while ago and Sara had told her she 
would meet her back at her quarters after she finished a few things up. 

After checking on the patents and placing candy canes in their stockings Sara 
headed back to her office where she grabbed a small bag. As she walked past 
the AMO office she noticed Heather in there all alone. She sensed that her 
AMO wasn’t much of a holiday girl so instead of giving her the small gift she 
had for her she left the small sliver compact in her stocking. Sara then went 
to the Captain’s bed. She sat on J'van's stool and watching the woman 
sleeping. She had come to a few times and Sara couldn’t help be smile as she 
imaged her captain’s reaction to the way sick bay looked. She took a gift 
from the bag and placed the sliver wrapped box on the table next to the bed. 
It had been more then a little difficult picking out a gift for Morrigan. For 
a few moments she had thought about getting her a bottle of BBQ sauce and an 
apron that said ‘Kiss the cook if you dare’ as a gag gift but quickly 
changed her mind. Instead she had gotten her a sliver figurine of the 

After leaving sick bay Sara made her way though the ship leaving her little 
gifts all over the place. On J’van’s desk in a box wrapped in blue and gold 
was a Betazoid sculptor that represented the old Betazed warriors of the 
past. She thought it would go nicely with the rest of the Betazed art he had 
in his office, but it was also her way of finally thanking him for watching 
over Cyanah while they were on Cardassia, and for helping her with the pain 
of her wound. As Sara rode in the turbo lift she wondered how Josh, who 
almost got a bag of coal cause Sara has a warped sense of holiday humor, 
would like the remote control toy Shogun fighter that was left out side his 
door. Andros was another mystery to her but after the stress of the past few 
weeks, Sara thought a stress relief kit was a good idea. A dart board 
complete with a picture of a Cardassian, a stress ball, and a bottle of 
romulan ale sat out side his door. Sara laughed as she walked down the empty 
corridor. She wondered how everyone would react to waking up to the gifts. 
Especially since all the tags read to whoever, from Santa.  

Sara stepped into her quarters and smiled. There was a small tree with a 
couple of gifts under it already, two large stockings with her name on the 
red on and Cyanah on the green one, and two smaller stockings cause she would 
never leave her pets out of getting gifts. Sara quickly showered and changed 
into a long red silk night grown and had egg nog sitting on the table and 
soft Christmas music playing. She sat on her couch and watching as the stars 
passed by. 

At was at times like this that Sara missed her family. Her mother and 
grandmother would be making cookies and her father and brother would be 
playing with the dogs, her grandfather would be asleep and she would be 
taking pictures and waiting for her aunt‘s call. But even though she missed 
them it was ok cause she had a family here to. 

Sara smiled happily when her door chime went off. Cyanah seemed to have 
wonderful timing. She went to the door and the look on Cy’s face at the sight 
of her first present was sign enough that this Christmas was going to be 

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