<USS Banshee> Christmas Spirit? I don't think so

  • From: "Amy Jerint" <heathermclouson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ussbanshee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 15:49:07 -0500

     Christmas. Another Earth holiday. Another time of the year where people acted nicer, happier, and simpler.
     It was something that didn't add up. Heather never made sense of it. Why would these people act so differently because of a date on the calendar?
     Maybe it was the way she thought about things. Her peculiar slant on life. Her view had always been slightly contorted. She had always been odd in her logic. People often gave her strange looks when she brought her opinion to bear. They always thought that she needed help in the way of a counselor because of her views. But she considered herself to be nothing more than a realist. She assesed the situation and delt with it according to exactly what she saw.
     Now she didn't always follow this philosophy. She had lapses. But they were few in number and never amounted to a serious episode with anyone.
     But Heather's views on Christmas and other holidays were one of the things that turned people away from her. She had always held that these kinds of celebrations had no deeper meaning than to find an excuse to do something slightly unconventional. She felt Christmas was fabricated to boost the economy, and Halloween for the pathetic excuse of free candy. There was an excuse for every holiday and most had to do with money.
     It was for these reasons that Heather never bought gifts for anyone, and when it was possible to maintain a controled situation she often rejected any gifts given to her.
     So this was the reason Heather tried to stay in her quarters as much as possible. She was not found in Three Forward chatting with the small fan club she drew to her, nor was she found in the holodecks where she spent most of her time, and the arboretum had lacked the long strolls she had taken with anyone who had asked. No she was found now in her quarters reading or listening to music. The only times she came out now were for her shift. And she tried to look disinterested enough to discourage conversations while she was there.
     Her only wish for Christmas was that it was over.

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