<USS Banshee> "Children of the Night"

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?Children of the Night?
by Lieutenant Joshua Asper


The cell block had quieted down and the mass of juvenile delinquents had finally slithered their way back into their respected alcoves for a peaceful night of slumber ? or at least that should?ve been the case. At lights out there were still a growing number of people massing around the center level. Everyone was prepped and ready for what was to happen the next day, but no one could understand the complexity of what it actually meant.

Josh knew that the riots were coming. He knew of the plan, but he chose to sit back and let them take over. With less than a year before he could be officially released back to his mother and the rest of society Josh wasn?t going to jeopardize it all on the basis of some unprepared so-called rebellion. It wasn?t going to work, Josh had decided, there were just too many variables to try and control.

Olen, the leader of rebellious forces in Josh?s sector, stood adamantly on a makeshift podium and stared into the eyes of his onlookers. He was a powerful young adult, but there was too much anger in what he did and the power behind his drive for freedom was nothing more than revenge. People were flocking around him ? blind faith as Josh called it ? and the throngs of people couldn?t get enough of his illicit propaganda.

Patiently watching from the shadows Olen gave orders. His voice echoed softly around the area, but refused to spill over into the guards quarters. When the orders were done being issued, the questions having been answered, and the people reassured that victory and imminent release was at hand, they all turned to a young girl.

She couldn?t have been more than the age of twelve. Her blond hair radiating the small space in which the present company had gathered, and her blue eyes were like looking into a vast ocean, but above all she was the epitome of pure innocence. Without knowing better you would never have imagined that she was in a detention center.

Nodding to her, she stepped forward and replaced Olen on the podium. ?I?ve written a song for all of us. That describes who we are, or who we were, but more so of what the struggles we?ve endured have been. I dedicate this song to all of you.?

Exchanging nervous glances, the people of the crowd became silent and seated themselves. They watched as the young girl took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, obviously focusing, and then taking a breath and expanding on the tiny voice that they all thought she had.

?All that I know in my life I have learned on the street.
No magic carpet, no genie, no shoes on my feet.
Will I wake up from this nightmare ? a fear that chills me to the bone.
Though I may be one of many, I feel so all alone.?

We are the children of the night.
We won?t go down without a fight.
Our voices strong our futures bright.
Thanks to what we learned from you
we?ve grown into the children of the night.

Left by my father with only this scar on my face.
Told by my mother that, no, you were just a mistake.
I have tasted my own hunger, sold my body to survive
Some have paid to scratch the surface,
but they can?t touch what?s inside.

We are the children of the night.
We won?t go down without a fight.
Our voices strong, our futures bright.
Thanks to what we learned from you
We?ve grown into the children of the night.

How I long for something better
Than this life I know too well
Lord, I know I?m bound for heaven
?Cause I?ve done my time in hell.?

People look on in awe. The quality of the sound, the precision of every vibrato and crescendo, and the depth of emotion in every syllable captivated the crowd from the beginning. Josh wouldn?t be one to stand out and say he didn?t care because he genuinely felt bad for what was about to happen, but the softness of the sound touched his soul. A tear or two drifted down the cheek of the young boy standing just feet from Josh, but it was quickly wiped into oblivion.

The entire group stood up and began to sing, as soft as possible, the chorus that they all seemed to love. The unity that was built up in that small area could be suffocating, but the joy that the patrons were expressing dwindled the intimidation away.

?We are the children of the night.
We won?t go down without a fight.
Our voices strong, our futures bright.
Thanks to what we learned from you
We?ve grown into the children of the night.?

?Quiet now! Get to sleep!? A guard shouted from behind a forcefield. He tapped the butt of his rifle against it and the mass of people scurried away and back to their places of sleep.

Josh stood in the corner, unmoving, and watched as the place where unity had stood was replaced with a loathing sensation. He frowned and entered his makeshift residence. He threw himself onto the bed and closed his eyes, the sound of the young girl still spiraling and echoing in his ears.

The next day (as the log ?The Riot? explains) the riots took place. Olen was killed and Josh saved the commandant of the facility. The preaching of Olen and the song of the little girl didn?t affect the outcome as the rebellion?s fire was extinguished and the terms of stay of the people were increased ? some threefold to their original sentence. The day wasn?t as productive as thought, but the idea behind it still stood as an example of unity.

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