<USS Banshee> Chat log 3/18

  • From: Victor Andros <victor_andros@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ussbanshee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 21:30:14 -0800 (PST)

We learned tonight that Eric is back in the hospital with chest pains, so 
everyone keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
And don't forget to e-mail Grey and the Hausmanns!

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You have just entered room "Celestial Prime."
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Telsia Ehling: thats not the first and i doubt it will be the last time you sweep me off my feet
Victor Andros
: awwww
LtJoshuaAsper: ::smirks and kisses her::
Telsia Ehling
: ::kisses back::
Lt Sara Crusher
has entered the room.
Telsia Ehling: Sara!!
: Sara! ::waves::
Lt Sara Crusher
: Hello
Telsia Ehling: brb
: Terje won't be attending tonight.
Cyanah Kaelyre
has entered the room.
Lt Sara Crusher: HI CY!
LtJoshuaAsper: Cy! ::Waves::
Cyanah Kaelyre
: Hey! :-)
Lt Sara Crusher: ::smiles:: HA!
Telsia Ehling: heya CY
Victor Andros
: Where the heck has he been?
LtJoshuaAsper: I saw Oridian on-line earlier tonight. ::looks for him::
: Busy.
: Family things, but I won't go into it.
Telsia Ehling
: of course Cannon will be gone tonight
: ::nods::
Cyanah Kaelyre
: So how is everyone?
Lt Sara Crusher: cold
Lt Sara Crusher: and buzzing from our final dress rehersual
LtJoshuaAsper: Putting off a Literary Analysis Paper on Beowulf. :-D
Telsia Ehling: yuck
Lt SamanthaMason
: ::on spring break::
LtJoshuaAsper: Tomorrow is my last day then a week off.
Victor Andros
: me, too
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::Will be on spring break when this #$&*#%@!$#% week of finals is done::
Telsia Ehling: ::already went on spring break and is waiting for easter::
: Final Dress, huh Sara? Sweet. When do you open?
Lt Sara Crusher
: Tomorrow night
LtJoshuaAsper: Sweet! Good luck to you! Break a leg. :-)
Victor Andros: What are you guys puttin' on?
Telsia Ehling: or off?
Lt Sara Crusher
: I really need to stop picking musicals with petty coats and hoop skirts.. lol
Telsia Ehling: ::raises eyebrow::
Lt Sara Crusher
: Last year I was Anna in The King and I and this year I'm the stepmother in Cinderella
Telsia Ehling: ohh cinderella
Cyanah Kaelyre
: Josh, no telling her good luck!
Lt SamanthaMason: how fitting for you
LtJoshuaAsper: What? No good luck? :-X
AdmiralGem: Why would a fellow want a girl like her... a girl who's merely lovely?
Cyanah Kaelyre
: Saying good luck is bad luck!
LtJoshuaAsper: From a fellow actor it's OK. :-P
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::hasn't heard that before:: :p
Lt Sara Crusher: I like the "Do I love you because your wonderful" scene..
Lt SamanthaMason: Crusher break your legs!!
Lt SamanthaMason: or a leg
Lt Sara Crusher: Thanks Glenn
Lt SamanthaMason: or three
Lt SamanthaMason: you can't break enough legs
LtJoshuaAsper: We're doing Much Ado About Nothing in the theme of 20s Gangsters, it's so rad. ::grins:: I get hog-tied and strung upside down for three scenes. :-X
Telsia Ehling: ::gets a wicked smile on her fac::
Telsia Ehling
: *face
Victor Andros
: Come on, Glenn, not everyone has three legs :-D
Victor Andros: Are you serious, Josh?
Lt SamanthaMason: some of us have 4
Cyanah Kaelyre: Wow, there's so many place to go with that one. :-)
LtJoshuaAsper: ::nods::
Victor Andros
: Dude, we put that on in three weeks.
Telsia Ehling: I know CY
Victor Andros
: Who do you play?
LtJoshuaAsper: Conrad.
: Modified.
Victor Andros
: ::Laughs::
LtJoshuaAsper: In the play version we have Borachio and Conrad are divided and Conrad has smaller parts, but for the roll of the 'gentlemen', the director has split our lines so we're just equal. It develops the characters more.
: Quite ingenious really, our director is so rad.
Victor Andros
: That's kool
Victor Andros: Alright, it's about time by my watch.
LtJoshuaAsper: We did 'Servant of Two Masters' set in the 1950s.
Victor Andros
: Ms. Kaelyre?
Cyanah Kaelyre: Um, I need the whistle.
Lt Sara Crusher: and a cattle prod
LtJoshuaAsper: Ooh, the passing of the whistle. ::tears up::
Victor Andros
: ::Digs a slitghly tarnished whistle out of his back pocket::
Victor Andros: ::tosses it to her::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::Catches it::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::then drops it::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::cries::
Cyanah Kaelyre
: Ooops. ::picks it up again::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::gets over it::
Cyanah Kaelyre
: Well, here goes nuthin'.
Cyanah Kaelyre: TWEEEEEEEET
LtJoshuaAsper: ::@@::
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::AA::
Cyanah Kaelyre: Attention!
LtJoshuaAsper: ::@@::
: Double Attention. ;-)
Telsia Ehling: ::AA::
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::is so hiding that when she falls alseep.. AA::
LtJgSydMorgan has entered the room.
Victor Andros: Hot on the heels of the capture of Agent DeHaan, the Banshee and Nightengale return to Starbase 6.
Victor Andros: Admiral Grey has met with his superiors and the agent and her command staff are to be turned over to the Starbase personnel for further questioning.
Victor Andros: The security department is to be responsible for turning them over.
Victor Andros: Everyone else has been granted shore leave for the duration of the Banshee's stay at Starbase 6.
Victor Andros: Are there any questions, etc.?
Telsia Ehling: why is it snowing in march here?
: :raises hand:
Victor Andros
: Because you live somewhere that is not Florida.
Victor Andros: Yes, Syd?
LtJgSydMorgan: Permission to come aboard
Victor Andros
: In what capacity?
LtJgSydMorgan: Amed
Telsia Ehling
: join me and sara, interesting
Victor Andros
: Very well.
LtJgSydMorgan: Thank you sir
Telsia Ehling
: 3 med people, interesting
Cyanah Kaelyre
: Welcome aboard!
Telsia Ehling: welcome
: ::nods:: Welcome Aboard.
Lt Sara Crusher
: Welcome to the madness which is medical :-D
Victor Andros: Everyone, welcome Ensign Syd Morgan aboard, our newest AMO!
Victor Andros: ::claps::
Telsia Ehling: don't drug sara
: ::bows::
: ::claps::
Cyanah Kaelyre
: Glad to have you!
LtJgSydMorgan: ::throws halter monitor at sara::
Telsia Ehling
: ::claps::
Victor Andros
: ::clears throat::
LtJgSydMorgan: ((waves at gem))
Victor Andros
: Lieutenant Asper.
Victor Andros: Step forward please.
Telsia Ehling: ::watchs her man step forward, looking hot::
: ::nods and steps forward::
Victor Andros
: It has come to my attention that you have been on this ship entirely too damn long.
LtJoshuaAsper: Yes, Captain?
Victor Andros
: And written far too many award-winning logs.
Victor Andros: Tonight, I will fix a small problem that involves you.
Victor Andros: And, as of tonight, I am also starting a new tradition.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::thinks about bugs::
Victor Andros
: First off, you cannot remain a Lieutenant any longer.
Victor Andros: But, before I can fix that, there is one last test of bravery required.
Victor Andros: Ms. Kaelyre. Bring me... The Jar.
Cyanah Kaelyre: The what?
LtJoshuaAsper: ::perks up::
Victor Andros
: ::clears throat:: The Jar.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::blink:: Um, okay...
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::goes and digs through The Closet::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::tosses things out behind her::
Victor Andros: ::taps foot impatiently::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::ducks::
Cyanah Kaelyre: The Rubber Chicken... The Hula Hoop... The Anteater
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::finds a jar:: Maybe this's it.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::comes out and hands it to Vic::
Victor Andros: ::takes the jar wrapped in brown paper::
Victor Andros: Thank you.
Victor Andros: Josh, fat and slimy or skinny and wiggly?
Telsia Ehling: (wet and wiggling)
: Can I get fat, slimey, AND wiggly?
Victor Andros
: Let me see what I can do.
Telsia Ehling: ::shakes head::
Victor Andros
: ::Opens the jar::
Victor Andros: ::peers in it::
Victor Andros: ::Pulls out a fat, slimy, wiggling earthworm::
LtJoshuaAsper: Oooooh!
Victor Andros
: Down the hatch.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::sticks hand out::
Telsia Ehling
: ::shudders in grossness::
Victor Andros
: ::Drops it into his hand::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::takes it and tilts his head back and opens his mouth, lowers it in slowly::
Cyanah Kaelyre
has left the room.
Cyanah Kaelyre has entered the room.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::swishes it around in his mouth a couple of times and the tail comes out::
Telsia Ehling
: ::is so not kissing him later::
: ::slurps it back in, chews, and swallows::
Victor Andros
: ::Sets the jar down::
Victor Andros: ::Applauds the show::
LtJgSydMorgan: ::fear factor star trek style::
Victor Andros
: Congratulations, Mr. Asper, you have passed the final test.
Victor Andros: I am rewarding you with a double-rank promotion to Lieutenant Commander.
Telsia Ehling: ::claps::
Victor Andros
: ::Pips him::
Victor Andros: Congratualtions.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::claps:: Congratulations!
LtJgSydMorgan: ::applauds::
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::claps::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::smiles:: Thank you, Sir!
Lt SamanthaMason
: :;applauds::
Victor Andros: Now get back in line, you're making a spectacle.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::steps back::
Victor Andros
: Anybody else with any last minute questions, etc.?
Victor Andros: Good.
Victor Andros: ++BEGIN SIM++
Victor Andros: ++BEGIN SIM++
Victor Andros: ++BEGIN SIM++
Lt SamanthaMason: Lockheart> ::in engineering::
Telsia Ehling: ::in her and josh's quarters::
: ::standing on the bridge::
: ::looking for her quarters::
: ::taps the console the diagnose the tactical systems::
: ::shields are steady, phasers are on standby charge mode::
Victor Andros
: Is everything set, Mr. Asper?
Telsia Ehling: ::wonders if she should go check on Sara again::
: ::finds herself in engineering:: Nope this isn't it
Lt SamanthaMason
: Lockheart> ::doing work...as opposed too...::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::nods:: Aye, Captain.
Lt SamanthaMason
: Wallace> ::doing nothing::
I JoeCastillo has entered the room.
Lt SamanthaMason: Lokcheart> ::notices Morgan:: Can I help you?
Lt Sara Crusher: ::is way past bored with the whole resting bit and heads somewhere that's not alone in quaters::
Lt SamanthaMason: <<Lockheart>>
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::at Sci1 on the bridge::
LtJgSydMorgan: ::looks at PADD::Yes I seem to be lost, I am trying to find my quarters
: ::looks over at Commander Kaelyre::
Victor Andros
: Chaos> ::Setting everything up at HOps for the switch over::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::thinks:: My, how she has grown. What a fine officer. ::goes back to calibrating targeting sensors::
Lt SamanthaMason
: Lockheart> ::looking at them:: You're in main engineering right now.
Lt SamanthaMason: Lockheart> ::brings up the map on the computer:: You want to go there.
Victor Andros: Good.
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LtJgSydMorgan: It's definetly bigger than any engineering I have ever seen
Victor Andros
: Finish up here. I'm going to personally turn her over.
LtJgSydMorgan: Ok but How do I get from here to there
Telsia Ehling
: ::finishes putting her hair up and slips on her star fleet boots::
: {{::Scratch last two comments::}}
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ::scanning the area, watching the sensors for anything oddball::
Telsia Ehling: ::wishing instead she was in sandels::
Lt SamanthaMason
: Lockheart> Just head back down the corridor you came, take a right, and enter the turbo lift, ask for the crew quarters deck
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> and it should take you there... then you take a right...
Lt Sara Crusher: ::ends up in her office since Cy's lab was empty::
Victor Andros: ::Walks over to the TL::
LtJgSydMorgan: ok sounds easy enough. thanks for your help, wait this is getting more confusing the more we talk
Victor Andros
: Deck 7.
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> and that should take you there.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::to herself:: I wouldn't be surprised if someone tries to plan an escape for her.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::walks down and sits in the Captain's chair::
Telsia Ehling
: ::heads out of her quarters and towards sick bay::
Lt SamanthaMason
: Wallace> ::leans over:: A right? No, no, she's going to section 32, if you take a right she'll be in section 16
LtJoshuaAsper: Lark> ::reading something in the lounge and realizes in the ship's news about the promotion:: Holy Crap! ::sprints to the TL:: Deck 2, Senior Officer's Quarters!
: Aye carumba
Lt SamanthaMason
: Lock> :;sighs:: No Wallace, a right takes her to section 32.
LtJgSydMorgan: ::getting a headache just listening::
Lt SamanthaMason
: Wallace> It's a left, I should know, you remember that hot girl I was stalking last week?
I JoeCastillo has entered the room.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::looks out of place being in the only one in sick bay in jeans and a t-shirt::
Victor Andros: ::Steps out onto the deck::
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> ::sighs:: aww, god, you mean the dsylexic girl?
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> the one that gets all her directions backwards.
LtJoshuaAsper: Lark> ::sprints out into the corridor and almost slams into Telsia::
Lt SamanthaMason
: Wallace> Oooohh...
I JoeCastillo: <<::brings out the hot glue gun and applies the glue to his seat::>>
Telsia Ehling: woo, be careful please
: Telsia... ::coughs and breathes heavily:: Josh...
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ::boosts sensor output and sweeps the area again::
LtJgSydMorgan: Tell you what, I will try and find it on my own. but thanks for the help
Lt SamanthaMason
: Wallace> Wait, I gave her the opposite directions cause she told me she was dsylexic.
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> but then she was drunk... I wonder who's quarters they were...
Victor Andros: ::Walks to the Security Office::
Telsia Ehling: Josh!? What's wrong with him, is he okay? Tell me!!
Lt SamanthaMason
: Lock> Alright bye.
LtJoshuaAsper: No... Its...
: He got....
Victor Andros
: ::Steps in and looks around::
Telsia Ehling: What?! Spit it out man!!
: Promoted...
I JoeCastillo
: ::looks up as he hears someone enter his office::
LtJgSydMorgan: ::Taks PADD and pulls up a map of the ship with her quarters marked and leaves engineering for the nearest lift:
Telsia Ehling
: HE GOT WHAT!!!!!!?????
Lt SamanthaMason
: Lock> Wait you gave her the opposite directions, so she'd go the right way, but then she was drunk and went the wrong way?
LtJoshuaAsper: Lark> Promoted...
Victor Andros
: Lieutenant Castillo. Is your team ready?
LtJoshuaAsper: Lark> Lieutenant....Commander....
Telsia Ehling
: Are you serious? ::gets a huge grin on her face::
Lt SamanthaMason
: Wallace> Bingo! You know the best part?
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> No what?
LtJoshuaAsper: Lark> Yes...I'm....serious....
Lt SamanthaMason
: Wallace> I tricked her into going to my place.
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> oh lordy
I JoeCastillo: Ready as we'll ever be sir.
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> and made sweet love down by the fire.
Victor Andros: Let's go.
Telsia Ehling: Thank you for telling me Lark, I have plans to make now
Lt SamanthaMason
: Lock> Oh lordy
LtJoshuaAsper: ::taps the console on the armrest and looks at the department readouts::
: Lark> No problem...
: ::keeps walking until she finds a lift and enters it and says::crew quarters please
Lt SamanthaMason
: Wallace> sweet sweet, hot sweating monkey love down by the fire baby!
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> Oh lordy lordy
Cyanah Kaelyre: This is probably pointless. ::not finding anything::
Victor Andros: ::Turns smartly and exits::
Telsia Ehling: See ya around
Lt Sara Crusher
: Someone tell me were the hell the file on Mason is?
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> You should have been there.
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> No...
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> I know where this is going...
LtJoshuaAsper: ::looks over his shoulder and steps up next to Cy:: What's pointless?
Lt SamanthaMason
: Wallace> could have been a three way...
I JoeCastillo: ::Stands up an otions his team to follow::
Telsia Ehling: +Josh+ Mr. Asper, do you have some free time coming up soon?
Lt SamanthaMason
: Lock> God... just shut up...shut up...
I JoeCastillo: <<*motions>>
Cyanah Kaelyre: I wouldn't be surprised if someone tries to plan a break-out for our 'guest'.
Lt Sara Crusher: Jenny> ::pokes her head in:: On your desk
LtJoshuaAsper: ::smirks:: +Tel+ I get off when we reach Starbase.
Lt SamanthaMason
: Wallace> ::leans against the wall: Oh yeah...
Cyanah Kaelyre: So I'm watching the sensors for any signs of cloaked ships, but it's feeling rather pointless.
Telsia Ehling: +Josh+ How soon will that be?
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::looks down at all the crap on her desk:: Oh that helps
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> You're fantasizing about this.
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> Oh yeah...
LtJoshuaAsper: +Tel+ Don't know quite yet, Ensign. I'll get back to you.
Lt SamanthaMason
: Lock> What would mason say?
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> She would say make love to me down by the fire you stud...
LtJgSydMorgan: ::Exits lift on crew quarters deck and looks for her quarters by room number, according to the PADD she wants room 25B:
Lt SamanthaMason
: Lock> good god.
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> I've got work to do.
LtJoshuaAsper: If you tie the sensors into the tactical targeting array you could hone the scan to a more narrow scope. More precision and pinpoint. ::smiles:: Unless that'd prove pointless.
Telsia Ehling
: +Josh+ Ohh, please do, Cameron is going to be taken care of for the night
Lt SamanthaMason
: Wallace> and you'd be like... oh yeah Wallace give it to me.
Cyanah Kaelyre: well, it's a matter of the odds of actually detecting a cloaked ship in advance.
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> No I think would punch your teeth out.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::looking though monds of padds:: This could take ages.. ::looks up at Jenny:: Just get me a new one
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> down by the fire baby
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace way down by the fire.
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> what fire?
LtJoshuaAsper: ::smirks:: +Tel+ Understood, Asper out.
Lt SamanthaMason
: Wallace> you know, the fire...
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> No, no I don't know the fire, what fire? Was there...no did you set something on fire???
LtJgSydMorgan: ::Walks the entire deck looking for 25B::
: Chaos> Sir, we're arriving at the Starbase.
Telsia Ehling
: ::smiles to herself as she moves back down the corridor towards her and Josh's quarters::
Lt SamanthaMason
: Wallace> Just my loins, and her's... and yours...
Lt Sara Crusher: Jenny> ::goes off to get the new data on Mason::
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> aw, god this is getting creepy.
Telsia Ehling: :;is so glad she doesn't have to work::
: ::nods and steps down:: Hail the station and request docking clearance.
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ::ties in to the targeting array for one last scan::
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> sssssss...sizzlin'!
LtJoshuaAsper: Chaos> ::nods and taps the console, opening communications:: Aye, Commander.
Lt SamanthaMason
: Lock> Just get back to work.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::turns in her chair to look out the window and since it's bigger then is, it's a great way not to be seen::
LtJgSydMorgan: ::finally finds 25B, a little cubby hole in the corner but at least its a one person cubby hole:
Lt SamanthaMason
: Wallace> So anyway the coolant was poisonous, Measley's not feeling to good.
Victor Andros: ::TL stops, doors open::
Victor Andros: ::Steps out::
LtJoshuaAsper: Chaos> Clearance received, Docking Port Alpha 37 J.
Lt SamanthaMason
: Mason> ::in her quarters::
Victor Andros: ::Heads for the brig::
LtJgSydMorgan: ((dog just farted ewwwww))
: ::nods:: Set a course, Ensign.
Lt SamanthaMason
: Mason> ::under house arrest::
LtJoshuaAsper: Chaos> Course laid in, manuevering and docking thrusters engaged.
Telsia Ehling
: ::walks into their quarters and immediately goes to bedroom to change into civilain clothing::
: Take us in, Ensign. Nice and easy.
Lt SamanthaMason
: Measley> ::in sickbay not feeling very good::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::looks out the window:: Is that a starbase?
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> I told you. I told you like a hundred times.
LtJoshuaAsper: Chaos> ::nods again:: Aye, Commander. ::taps the console::
I JoeCastillo
: ::Follows Andros into the brig::
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> The coolant is dangerous, don't drink it, don't imbibe it...
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> You just said the same thing...
LtJoshuaAsper: ACTION: The USS Banshee docks at Starbase 6.
Lt Sara Crusher
: Jenny> ::walks in and hands her the padd:: Last time I looked that's what they called'em
LtJgSydMorgan: ::unpacks gear and stows it away and decides might as well get physical out of the way::
: +Andros+ Asper to Andros.
Lt SamanthaMason
: Lock> it doesn't matter! don't freakin' ingest it!!
Victor Andros: +Josh+ Report.
LtJoshuaAsper: +Andros+ We've docked at Starbase 6, sir.
Telsia Ehling
: Marie> ::walks into Josh and Telsia's living room:: Tel, you in here?
Lt SamanthaMason
: Measley> ::in sickbay:: Hello??? Little help here.
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> Hello?
Victor Andros: +Josh+ Excellent. Alert starbase command to our guest's arrival.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::finishes the scan::
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> Alright, alright I'll tell 'em next time.
LtJgSydMorgan: ::makes her way to sickbay::anyone home?
: ::nods, knowing Vic can't see him:: +Andros+ Aye, sir.
Lt SamanthaMason
: Lock> No, tell them...you know what I'm going to make a general announcement.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::takes the padd:: Funny.. I meant does this mean we get time off?
Telsia Ehling: yeah, I'm in the bedroom Marie
: ::taps the console and lets Starbase 6 know about the people's arrival::
Lt SamanthaMason
: Wallace>. OH?
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> Yeah, no... yeah...no...I have too! Goddamnit!
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::laughs:: your fear of public speaking has caught up to you!
Lt Sara Crusher: Jenny> That's the word around the warp core
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> Shut up. I can do this.
LtJgSydMorgan: anyone home
Telsia Ehling
: Marie> alright, where is Cameron?
Lt SamanthaMason
: Lock> ::steps forward:: Umm...hi... hi... ::slinks back:: okay I can't do it.
Cyanah Kaelyre: Well, it's on the Starbase from this point on.
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> If you don't Hujo's gonna be all over that.
Victor Andros: Mr. Castillo, let them out.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::powers down her station::
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> I know.
Telsia Ehling: ::walks out into the living room, looking good:: he's playing in his play pen
Lt SamanthaMason
: Measley> HeLLO!! :;to sickbay::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::looks up at the sound of yelling:: Why is someone calling out for help? Where's Telsia?
Victor Andros: ::Fingers his sidearm::
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> My face is in a lot of pain! ::farts:: oww my ass.
I JoeCastillo: ::Opens the cell block::
Cyanah Kaelyre: (( LOL! ))
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> Owww my ass is in a lot of pain too!
I JoeCastillo: Please step out in an orderly fashion.
Lt Sara Crusher: Jenny> ::shrugs:: Should have been here..
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> aww man I hope that wasn't poo...
LtJoshuaAsper: ::steps up to the tactical station and powers down weapons::
Lt SamanthaMason
: Measley> it's so watery..
Victor Andros: <<::Didn't know anybody could tell the difference between Measley's face and ass::>>
LtJgSydMorgan: If anyone is here please answer me
Telsia Ehling
: Marie> ::looks at Tel's outfit:: Ahh, now I understand why you want me to take care of Cameron for the night
Lt SamanthaMason
: ((if you don't hurry up Dr. Jeb will have to take care of this!!))
Lt Sara Crusher: ::sighs and gets up:: When she gets here send her to check on Mason
Victor Andros: ::Holds off the urge to step behind the grunts::
Victor Andros: Let's go.
Cyanah Kaelyre: Whew. All done.
Victor Andros: ::Turns around and stalks off::
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> ::farts again:: owww! It hurts!!!
Telsia Ehling: ::blushes:: umm yes, well, Josh got promoted and since I'm not on duty tonight, I thought I would do something specail and while I love my son very much, I would just like some Josh and me time
: ::guess it can wait, turns around and heads off to the station::
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::walks out of her office:: Yes can I help you?
Victor Andros: DeHaan> ::Walks behind sullenly::
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> I ingested some warp coolant and it's making my face and ass all runny, you gotta help me doc!!
LtJgSydMorgan: :hears a voice and turns around: UH I am the new AMed and I thought I would get my physical over with if you had time
Telsia Ehling
: Marie> ::nods:: I can understand that,
I JoeCastillo
: ::Has his team flank the prisoners while he brings up the rear::
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> ::looks up close to Crusher, face is running with puss and stuff, farts again::
Cyanah Kaelyre: Congratulations on your promotion, Commander. ::smiles at Josh::
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> Okay... you... keep making sure things don't get weirder, and don't get weirder yourself okay...I'm going to check on Mason
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> give her a report.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::smiles:: Thank you, Ms. Kaelyre.
Victor Andros
: ::Steps out onto the station::
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> if she starts getting frisky... you know who to call.
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> Just make sure nothing bad happens here.
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> down by the fire...
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> shut up
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> oh yeah...
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> SHUT UP
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> ::leaves::
LtJgSydMorgan: But if you are too busy I can come back later
: ::stars to leave again::
Victor Andros
: Admiral Meiji> Commander Andros.
Lt Sara Crusher: New AMed? I didn't.. ::looks back at her messy desk:: Damn.. ::turns with a smile::
Victor Andros: ::nods:: Admiral. Our guest also brings you her warmest greetings.
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> ::not getting helped::
Cyanah Kaelyre: It's good to be back in Starbase. We've been out a long time.
Victor Andros: DeHaan> ::Head up defiantly now::
Victor Andros: Forgive her if that is still rather cold.
Lt Sara Crusher: It's not a problem
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> ::wonders why sickbay is so crappy, like engineering but less noisy::
LtJgSydMorgan: ::is half way to the station befor the doc realizes it:
Lt SamanthaMason
: Lock> ::goes to Samantha's quarters::
Victor Andros: Meiji> ::Chuckles:: So I can see, Commander.
Telsia Ehling: ::smiles as she watches Marie heads off with Cameron::
: ::nods:: Yes, it is.
Lt Sara Crusher
: I really need to work on my timing
Lt SamanthaMason: Wallace> ::puts feet up, yawns, falls asleep::
LtJgSydMorgan: lol
Victor Andros
: Meiji> Please, let our security chiefs attend to this.
LtJoshuaAsper: Going aboard with Lieutenant Crusher?
Telsia Ehling
: +Sara+ hey Sara, can I ask a big favor?
Cyanah Kaelyre
: I imagine so. ::smiles::
Lt Sara Crusher: +Tel+ I'm not working I swear!
LtJoshuaAsper: ::blinks:: Everything all right?
Victor Andros
: ::Nods:: Of course, sir.
Lt SamanthaMason: Hujo> ::has no idea what to do.::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::hushs everyone around her::
Lt Sara Crusher: Jenny> ::shakes her head grining:: Young people..
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> ::outside of Sam's quarters, to the guard:: I need to talk with Samantha Mason.
Telsia Ehling: +Sara+ Don't give me that, I know your in sickbay, the computer told me so and your to stubborn to sit home
Lt SamanthaMason
: Guard> I don't reckon you're on the list O peoples that can sees her, Miss...?
Victor Andros: Meiji> Ms. Yung, please escort our guests to their new rooms.
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> Lockheart.
Victor Andros: Yung> Yes, sir.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::like she hasn't been told that before::
Lt SamanthaMason: Guard> Oh you is on dar list. ::sniffs:: well how 'bout that I reckon you kin see 'er.
LtJgSydMorgan: ::enters the station and starts to wander around window shopping::
Lt Sara Crusher
: +Tel+ So what's the favor? And do you know you've left my sick bay with out an attending doctor?
Cyanah Kaelyre: Yes, of course!
Victor Andros: Meiji> Please follow me to my office.
Cyanah Kaelyre: We just haven't made any definite plans yet.
Victor Andros: Meiji & Vic> ::Enter Meiji's office and sit::
I JoeCastillo: ::Stands aside and let's Starase security handle the prisoners::
Lt SamanthaMason: Dr. Jeb> Son! ::to measley:: How can I help ye? that's a nasty lookin' problem with your face there boy! Lord Jesus have MERCY on your face!
Telsia Ehling: +Sara+ that was the favor I was going to ask you for, first off to not kill me for leaving and secondly i was wondering if you would cover my shift
ElRiov trIdrys
has entered the room.
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> And my ass! ::farts:: I really need some medical attention.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::nods:: All right. Well, enjoy your time.
Victor Andros
: Meiji> Have you yet heard about Captain Morrigan?
LtJoshuaAsper: {{Evening Eric!}}
Victor Andros
: No, sir.
Victor Andros: Has anything happened to her?
Cyanah Kaelyre: (( Hey Ric! ))
Cyanah Kaelyre: ( Eric too )
Victor Andros: Meiji> No, no, she is fine.
ElRiov trIdrys: (( :::t i p t o e s i n::: ))
Lt Sara Crusher: ::blinks:: +Tel+ can't.. You haven't put me back on active yet
Lt SamanthaMason: Dr. Jeb> Why son, son, son I reckon you best be needin sum treatment there... best I kin offer ye is some good ole fashion bleedin'
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> How does that solve anything???
Lt SamanthaMason: Dr. Jeb> Son, it's all in the blood.
Telsia Ehling: +Sara+ What if I put you back on active duty?
Lt SamanthaMason
: Dr. Jeb> Your blood feel achy today?
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> My body does, I can't stop pooping water.
Lt SamanthaMason: Dr. Jeb> that's bad blood boy, baaaaad bloody.
Victor Andros: Meiji> She, along with Mr. D'nalls, have accepted positions working at the Betazoid embassy under Mrs. Troi.
Victor Andros: ::Jaw drops::
Lt SamanthaMason: Dr. Jeb> bloody blood.
Victor Andros: She did what?
Cyanah Kaelyre: Do you and Telsia have plans?
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> ::enters Mason's room:: Hello?
Lt Sara Crusher: +Tel+ I was kinda of hoping to get somethings done while I had the down time
Lt SamanthaMason: Mason> ::crying, cause she's on a heavy dose of anti-viagra::
I JoeCastillo: <<<<dun dun dun>>>>
Victor Andros: Meiji> Apparently she is working with Mrs. Troi to improve her negotiating skills.
Victor Andros: Well, that may take a while.
Victor Andros: Meiji> That is very true.
LtJoshuaAsper: {{LOL!}}
: {{::stifles his laugh::}}
Lt SamanthaMason
: Lock> ::sighs:: Um ma'am... I'm here to give you my engineering report. ::hears her crying and wimpering:: Um... the warp core is running at 87% efficient, we're getting
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> that back up.
Telsia Ehling: ::feels her shoulders slump down:: +Sara+ oh, okay, well nevermind then, i'll be in sickbay in a moment and you better get your butt out of there and go rest if your not going to be on active duty
Victor Andros
: Meiji> That, as well as your recent performance with the renegades, is why I am promoting you to Captain and Commanding Officer of the USS Banshee.
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> getting that back up... ::winces:: umm...
Victor Andros: ::Falls off the chair::
Victor Andros: ::Gets up quickly at attention:: Thank you, sir. I'll make you proud, sir.
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> also wallace inserted the new coolant rods into the... ::hears her sobbing louder, Lock gets all quiet::
I JoeCastillo: ::hears a louth thud and wonders what it is::
Telsia Ehling: ::goes back to her bedroom and changes back to her uniform, hoping she'll get some time off with Josh::
Victor Andros
: Meiji> ::Opens a drawer in his desk and produces a box, which he hands to Vic::
Victor Andros: ::takes it and opens it::
Lt SamanthaMason: Mason> You don't know what this is like... being... drugged up! Just kill me!! Kill me!!
Victor Andros: My last pip.
Victor Andros: Thank you, sir.
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> ::winces:: I can't do that ma'am...I...I ....don't want to get my...uniform dirty.
Lt SamanthaMason: Mason> I'll give you a new one!
Victor Andros: Meiji> You've earned it. Just don't do anything to prove me wrong on that count.
LtJgSydMorgan: ::finds a nice Klingon store and buys a Klingon three bladed knife::
Lt SamanthaMason
: Lock> How you'll be dead?
Lt Sara Crusher: ::looks at the clock and then walks over to her computer and fixes the shifts around so she and Tel can get some time off::
Lt SamanthaMason: Mason> I know!!!! ::cries louder:;
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::gets the sense that standing at a powered down sci station is also pointless, moves over to Sci2 and powers that down too::
Victor Andros: I won't, Admiral.
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> ::wonders if he should get some real sickbay help from a real sickbay doctor::
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> I don't know aboutr this.
Telsia Ehling: ::walks into sickbay and looks around at the empty place:: this is ridiculous
Victor Andros
: If I may ask, sir, what about the rest of the command staff?
Victor Andros: Meiji> You'll find out about all that in due time.
Lt Sara Crusher: Jenny> You got issued taken'em up with her ::points to Sara's office::
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> Then you can't really give me a new uniform.
Telsia Ehling: ::shakes head:: na, I know what my duty is, it just sucks
: ::turns and looks at Cy:: What's bothering you, Lieutenant?
ElRiov trIdrys
: (( :::t i p t o e s o u t::: ))
Victor Andros: <<Bye!!>>
LtJoshuaAsper: {{Bye Eric!}}
ElRiov trIdrys
: (( :::~~~'s::: ))
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Victor Andros: Meiji> ::Stands:: Now go and enjoy you're time off. You've earned that along with the rest of your crew.
Victor Andros: <<your*>>
Lt Sara Crusher: ::moves peoples around and makes sure every one gets some time off, some more then others::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::just looks like she's fighting back bubbling excitement:: Nothing at all!
Victor Andros: Thank you, sir. I will, sir.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::cause she's the boss and can do that::
Victor Andros: ::Affixes his new pip::
Victor Andros: ::Leaves with the dopiest grin on his face::
Telsia Ehling: ::goes over to a supply closet and starts doing inventory stuff::
Lt SamanthaMason
: Measley> ::could use some help in sickbay::
I JoeCastillo: ::Sees Victor leave the office and wonders why he looks so doppy::
LtJoshuaAsper: Cy, I've been a 'listener' for too long. You've taken almost fifteen minutes to turn off two science stations.
: ::tilts head::
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::down loads something to a padd and then walks out of her office..see Tel:: Tel..
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> ::bleeding, pussing and shitting everywhere::
Cyanah Kaelyre: I solved it, Josh.
Victor Andros: ::Casually walks over to Joe::
LtJoshuaAsper: You solved it?
: sorry guys I gotta go now
Telsia Ehling
: ::nods head:: i'm here, doing my shift and your not on active duty yet, so as your doctor, i'm suggesting you go and rest up
: {{Night Syd! Welcome aboard!}}
: thanks
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Cyanah Kaelyre: You know how we can't go faster than warp five without damaging space?
Lt Sara Crusher: ::hands her the padd::
Victor Andros: <<How's everyone else?>>
Cyanah Kaelyre: ((Good to go!))
Lt Sara Crusher: (what she said)
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> You know... I have a better idea... how about I just leave my report here and leave... okay bye!!
LtJoshuaAsper: {{Keep goin'!}}
: ::nods:: Yes.
Lt SamanthaMason
: Mason> Wait! It's so lonely!!
I JoeCastillo: ((more please))
Victor Andros: <<Kool.>>
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> What I'm temporarily deaf... ::leaves::
Lt SamanthaMason: Lock> ::sighs:: phew I got out of that one.
Cyanah Kaelyre: I've discovered a way to make warp engines curve the fabric of space-time less but still maintain the same speed.
Telsia Ehling: ::takes the padd but doesn't really look at it:: what's this?
Lt Sara Crusher
: At the end of your shift your offical on leave for three days
Victor Andros: ::Spontaneously wraps Joe up in a hug::
Lt SamanthaMason: ((well I'm gonna go... so I'll see you guys later!))
Telsia Ehling: ::smiles:: three days?
Lt SamanthaMason
has left the room.
I JoeCastillo: ::gets really red in the face and whispers:: Vic theres people watching.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::nods:: I'd give you longer but Cy and I are heading away for a while.. I'll need you to look after things
Victor Andros: ::Backs off a step and shouts triumphantly::
LtJoshuaAsper: Are you kidding? ::jaw drops::
Telsia Ehling
: ::nods:: three days is way more then I was expecting
Telsia Ehling
: I thought i would get like one night off
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ::Shakes head:: It's been my main focus of experimentation ever since leaving the Academy!
Cyanah Kaelyre: There's another side effect too.
Victor Andros: <<Astrophysics finally pays off>>
Victor Andros: Random people> ::Stare at the weird guy shouting::
Lt Sara Crusher: You've been working hard and with the new addions we're getting I can spare you for a while.. Jenny will take care of the newbies till you get back then she's off
Cyanah Kaelyre: This will allow us to attain speeds of warp 9.99999, since the lessened curvature of space-time will exert less stress on starships.
I JoeCastillo: Hey there i know you hated that Dehan character as much as the next guy but why are you so happy?
Victor Andros: <vqw> I got promoted to captain.
Telsia Ehling: new additions?
Lt Sara Crusher
: apparently.. ::laughs:: I'll have to find that padd before we leave
Lt Sara Crusher: whch reminds me.. I need to see a man about a shuttle
I JoeCastillo: ::Joe's eyes go really wide:: Oh my god ::Hugs Victor:: congratulations.
Victor Andros: ::Laughs::
Victor Andros: Thank you.
Victor Andros: But there's more.
I JoeCastillo: Wait does that mean you;re leaving the Banshee and getting your own ship?
LtJoshuaAsper: ::offers hand:: Congratulations! Let me shake the hand of a pioneer in science!
Victor Andros
: I got the Banshee.
I JoeCastillo: What about captain Morigan?
Telsia Ehling: ::raises eyebrows:; okay, does my shift end soon? I got a man that I need to congratulate in a very nice way
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ::shakes it:: thank you! I've packed everything up and sent it to Starfleet Science, but I haven't heard back yet.
Victor Andros: Rhi's off to some ambassadorial position on Betazed with D'nalls.
Victor Andros: Which also means that you're now the official Chief of Security.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::pulls her into a hug:: Congrats. I know we haven't seen eye to eye always, but I've always thought of you as a friend. This is so exciting.
Victor Andros
: ::Grins::
I JoeCastillo: Oh I see.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::looks around:: We're slow, stay on call but you don't have to stick around.. and would you offically reactavie me please ::laughs::
Victor Andros: ::Still grinning:: What's wrong?
Telsia Ehling: ::nods and reactavie her::
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ::surprised, but hugs him anyway:: Thank you, Josh.
I JoeCastillo: Oh, ::Joe's face goes pale when he realises what that means::
Victor Andros: ::Smile fades away:: Hey. What is it?
Victor Andros: ::Takes his arm and leads him away a little::
LtJoshuaAsper: Don't forget the little people when you're promoted to Admiral and the Head of Daystrom, all right? ::smiles::
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ::laughs:: Yeah, right!
Lt Sara Crusher: ::heads out of sick bay:: Thanks and have a good time.. I'll see you went we get back
Telsia Ehling: have fun
: Stranger things have been known to happen!
Telsia Ehling
: +Josh+ Mr Asper, are you getting off duty soon?
Lt Sara Crusher
: (She's five foot.. can't get much more little then that.. lol)
I JoeCastillo: It's nothing, I've been doing the job for a while now, I can took it for granted that eventually D'nalls would come back. But, how's Sara gonna take it when she finds out Captain Morrigan is going to be gone for a lot longer?
Victor Andros: I don't know. Why would that matter?
Lt Sara Crusher: ::wanders down to the shuttle bay::
Cyanah Kaelyre: Well, there was that time in 1912 Siberia when it rained mackerel.
Cyanah Kaelyre: Well, that was that time in 1912 Siberia when it rained mackerel. That was pretty strange.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ((test))
Lt Sara Crusher: (pass)
Cyanah Kaelyre: (wow, laaaaaaaaag)
I JoeCastillo: ::Whispers:: Well don't tell anyone i told you but it turns out, there old friends from when sara was a kid.
LtJoshuaAsper: ((Pass)) ::laughs:: Remind me to take you and Sara out for drinks. They're on Telsia and I.
Telsia Ehling
: ((their on josh))
: {{Joe, you're screwed.}}
Cyanah Kaelyre
: That'd be fun!
Lt Sara Crusher: Hello? ::listens to her voice bounce of the walls::
I JoeCastillo: <<vic can keep a secret>>
I JoeCastillo: <<i hope>>
Victor Andros: Interesting.
Lt Sara Crusher: (::laughs:: )
Victor Andros: More ammo for Rhi later.
I JoeCastillo: ::Hopes and prays Vic bought that story::
Cyanah Kaelyre: (( As if she needs more ammo ))
Victor Andros: <<...for use against Rhi...>>
Lt Sara Crusher: Somedudewhoworkswiththeshuttles> Yes Doctor?
LtJoshuaAsper: ::nods:: That's amazing.
Victor Andros
: ::Pushes Joe lightly:: How long have you known this?
LtJoshuaAsper: Any contributors, or just you?
Lt Sara Crusher
: I put in a request a while back for a shuttle.. I'll be full fill that request now that've been given shore leave
Cyanah Kaelyre: Just me, amazingly... I wasn't officially assigned to this project, so I was working on it out of pure curiosity.
I JoeCastillo: Not long maybe a week or so, we talk alot, me and Sara but it kindda slipped she didn't mean to tell me.
Victor Andros: ::nods:: Uh-huh. Whatever.
Victor Andros: We have to celebrate tonight.
Lt Sara Crusher: Sdwwwts> Ok, name?
I JoeCastillo: ::Joe's eyes light up:: For sure, what do you have in mind?
Telsia Ehling: ::gets slightly frustrated that josh didn't answer her page so decides to ignore him and keep on working with the inventory::
Victor Andros
: I dunno.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::blinks:: Sara Crusher ::thinks.. duh::
Victor Andros: Maybe find whatever passes on this place for a bar, get some drinks.
Victor Andros: <w> Rent a nice room.
Lt Sara Crusher: Sdwwwts> ::looks it up:: dont know if can get a piolt to agree to this flight plan, Doc..
I JoeCastillo: (W) Then see what pops up? ::snickers::
Lt Sara Crusher: Who said I needed a piolt.. All I need is a shuttle..
Lt Sara Crusher: Sdwwwts> Who's going to be flying it then?
Lt Sara Crusher: ::blinks again:: I will be
Victor Andros: ::Licks his lips:: <w> Something like that.
LtJoshuaAsper: That's really cool, Cy, congrats. Let me know what Starfleet says.
Lt Sara Crusher
: Sdwwwts> You know you have to know how to fly one of this things.. It's not like working a curling iron
Cyanah Kaelyre: I'd like to see the reaction of the people at SFSCi that are working on this project.
I JoeCastillo: I can't wait. ::Leans up and over to give Vic a quick peck::
LtJoshuaAsper: Their faces would be PRICELESS! Get a holoimage.
I JoeCastillo
: Shouldn't we get back to the ship and share the news?
Victor Andros: ::Smiles:: Me, neither.
Victor Andros: Should we go tell everyone?
Telsia Ehling: ::starts on inventories of hypo sprays::
I JoeCastillo
: I think they have the right to know who thier new captain is so they can marvle(sp) at his magnificence.
Victor Andros: ::Laughs::
Lt Sara Crusher: Excuse me Ensign but I happened to certified to fly one of the shuguns if I wanted, I'm sure I could manage a shuttle
Cyanah Kaelyre: I have a friend back there that might be able to arrange that. ::laughs::
Cyanah Kaelyre: I took a totally different approach than what they've been trying.
Lt Sara Crusher: Sdwwwts> Sure Doctor what ever you say
LtJoshuaAsper: {{BEAT HIM SARA! :-D}}
Victor Andros
: Eh. I should just show up in a week, when we get back out there, and just sit in the captain's chair and start giving orders.
Cyanah Kaelyre has left the room.
Victor Andros: Think anybody would notice?
Cyanah Kaelyre has entered the room.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ((grr))
I JoeCastillo: Isn't that what you've been doing?
Victor Andros: That's kinda my point.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::draws herself to her full height.. all 5'2 of it and hisses:: Look Ensign, if you like your soft little shuttle craft baby sitting job then I would advise you to have that request filled by 0900 hours in the morning..
Victor Andros: You're right, they won't. Come on.
Victor Andros: ::Grabs Joe's hands and practically tugs him back to the Banshee::
Lt Sara Crusher: Other wise I'm sure there are some nasty J-tubes you could be cleaning with a toothbrush
Victor Andros: <<hand*>>
I JoeCastillo: Just like i've been just taking care of things in the Security department. It shouldn't make much diffrence, but those little titles make all the difference in the world.
Lt Sara Crusher: Other Sdwwwtss> Dude you smell BBQ?
I JoeCastillo: ::Let's himself be led::
Telsia Ehling: ::plops down on the floor, sitting indian style, to start working on the stuff in the bottom cabnet, feeling kinda down now::
: Well, Cy, good luck. I've got a fiancee to go and spend time with you - as do you. ::walks into turbolift:: Coming?
: {{ROFL!}}
Victor Andros
: <<LOL>>
Lt Sara Crusher: (:-D)
Cyanah Kaelyre: In a minute. ::smiles:: But thanks.
I JoeCastillo: ((bbq princess?))
Lt Sara Crusher: Sdwwwts> ::looks Sara up and down and then nobs half heartedly:: Yes Ma'am..
LtJoshuaAsper: ::nods:: Sure thing. ::lets the doors close:: Sickbay.
: ::rides it down a deck and out onto the deck, down a couple of doors and into sickbay::
Telsia Ehling
: one little hypo, two little hypo, three little hypo
has entered the room.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::nods and smiles at Jenny and moves in behind Telsia::
Victor Andros
: ::Steps onto the Banshee::
Victor Andros: ::Walks to the TL::
Victor Andros: Deck 1.
Telsia Ehling: four little hypo
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ::takes in the quiet on the bridge::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::sits down behind Tel and wraps his arms around her::
Victor Andros
: <<Welcome back, Syd!>>
LtJgSydMorgan: permission to interupt
Telsia Ehling
: ahhh
Victor Andros
: <<What's up?>>
Telsia Ehling: ::turns and looks at josh::
: Just talked to Eric the ambulance is on the way he is having chest pain again
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::groans and then heads back out of the shuttle bay: What an ass
LtJoshuaAsper: ::smiles::
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ::powers down a couple of the other stations::
Telsia Ehling: ohh, hi sweetie
: on his way to the hospital
: {{Not again. :-(}}
Victor Andros
: <<Awww, crap>>
LtJgSydMorgan: Just thought i would let you all know
Cyanah Kaelyre
: (( That sucks! ))
I JoeCastillo: ((danm))
Victor Andros: <<Thanks>>
LtJoshuaAsper: {{Thanks, Syd.}}
Telsia Ehling
: ((oh gosh that sucks, tell him our thoughts are with him))
: I will keep you posted as much as possible
: I will
: He just signed off so the ambulance must of gotten there
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ((Tell him to feel better fast!))
LtJgSydMorgan: when I kno more I will pass it on to gem who can pass it on to everyone okay gem
Victor Andros
: <<Thanks, Syd>>
LtJgSydMorgan: take it easy all
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LtJoshuaAsper: ::puts his chin on Tel's shoulder, kisses her cheek:: Sorry I'm late. Things happen.
Victor Andros
: ::TL Stops, doors open::
Victor Andros: ::Steps out::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::looks to the TL:: Hi, Command - ::sees pips:: Captain!
LtJoshuaAsper: {{Leave it to Cy to notice. ;-)}}
Victor Andros
: ::Grins:: Lieutenant. You're still here.
I JoeCastillo: ::follows arm in arm with Vic::
Telsia Ehling: it's totally okay Josh, I'm on call anyways
Cyanah Kaelyre
: Just enjoying the quiet, sir.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::goes back to Cy's to pack.. then realzies she has not idea what to pack::
Cyanah Kaelyre: And waiting for word back from SFSCI.
Victor Andros: About what...?
LtJoshuaAsper: ::kisses her neck:: Can you get away?
Cyanah Kaelyre
: I'll explain when I hear their reaction - congratulations on your promotion, sir!
Victor Andros: Thank you.
LtJoshuaAsper: {{Who's up for a Banshee Record Night?}}
Cyanah Kaelyre
: I hope you got Banshee?
Cyanah Kaelyre: (( Let's do it! ))
Victor Andros: <<Not me. I have class in the morning>>
Victor Andros: <<Sorry>>
Telsia Ehling: ::sighs:: yes, i'm on call but I don't have to acutally be here, Jenny can take care of everything and will call me only if she needs help
: ::whispers:: Then let's go celebrate, I've got news...
Victor Andros
: ::Tugs Joe:: Come on. Let's go see what we can reserve.
Victor Andros: ::Pulls him into his RR::
Telsia Ehling: ::smiles:: Cameron is staying in Marie's quarters tonight
: Then we have the whole night to ourselves.
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::gets out the luggage instead and piles it on the bed:: Think that'll be hard to notice? ::smiles::
Telsia Ehling: ::turns and kisses him straight on the lips:: yes we do
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ::sits in the Counselor's chair and enjoyes the quiet again::
LtJoshuaAsper: Then let's go. ::pulls her to her feet::
Victor Andros
: ::Sits at *his* desk and sees a blinking red light::
AdmiralGem has left the room.
I JoeCastillo: ::sees the light:: Whats that?
Victor Andros: I dunno.
Lt Sara Crusher: ~~Hey there~~
Telsia Ehling: ::smiles and waves to jenny:: I'll see you later jenny
I JoeCastillo
: how did cy know a out your promotion?
Victor Andros: ::presses it, pulling up an urgent message::
Victor Andros: ::points at his collar::
Lt Sara Crusher: Jenny> ::reading a trashy Vulcan romance:: Uhhu
Cyanah Kaelyre: ~~Hi honey.~~
I JoeCastillo: ::slaps his forehead:: Duh i shoulda figured that one out.
Victor Andros: <<Vulcan romance...?>>
Victor Andros: <<*Trashy* Vulcan romance...?>>
Lt Sara Crusher: ::smiles:: ~~you seem to be in a pleasant mood~~
LtJoshuaAsper: {{Vulcan Love Slave. Didn't you EVER watch DS9?}}
Victor Andros
: <<::Shakes head:: Ow.>>
Telsia Ehling: :;slips her hand in josh's and whispers:: I love you
: ::tightens his grip:: I love you too.
Victor Andros
: <<There were Vulcans on DS9?>>
Lt Sara Crusher: (lol)
LtJoshuaAsper: {{No, but it was a holodeck program by Quark.}}
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ~~We're getting shoreleave, of course I'm in a good mood!~~
Victor Andros: ::Sees a message with the Federation Science emblem on it::
Victor Andros: ::Then an older guy pops up::
Lt Sara Crusher: ~~Ah and here I thought with all that work you've been doing you'd forgotten all about shoreleave~~
Victor Andros: ::He explains what Cy has done::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ~~Of course not.~~
Victor Andros: ::And that it's being rewarded with a promotion::
Victor Andros: ::to Commander::
Victor Andros: Computer, pause message.
I JoeCastillo: Ooh does she know?
Victor Andros: Get her.
Victor Andros: Now.
I JoeCastillo: Sure.
Telsia Ehling: I also have three days of total shore leave
Lt Sara Crusher
: ~~Well then would you care to come and help me pack.. We'll have a shuttle waiting for us first thing in the morning and I've mapped out the shortest way~~
I JoeCastillo: ::Exits the RR unto the Bridge::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ~~A shuttle? To where?~~
Victor Andros: Computer, rewind message to the beginning.
Lt Sara Crusher: ~~You did forget!~~
Lt Sara Crusher: ::laughs out loud::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ~~What?~~
LtJoshuaAsper: Three days, that's not much.
Lt Sara Crusher
: ~~I'm so telling your mothers you forgot all about coming home~~
Cyanah Kaelyre: ~~Oh, right!!~~
Cyanah Kaelyre: Hi Joe. ::smiles::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::lays back on the bed rolling::
I JoeCastillo: ::With a big smile on his face:: Com.. Luitenant Kaelyre, Captain Andros would like to see you in the RR.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ~~Hang on a second, honey... ~~
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::perks an eyebrow and enters the RR::
Cyanah Kaelyre: Yes, sir?
Telsia Ehling: ::pouts:: I know but at least it's something, sara is taking a bit more time off but her and CY are like doing something specail and then we have a new girl but she hasn't started yet
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::sits up and blinks:: She put me on telepathic hold
Victor Andros: ::Swivels the display around so Cy can see::
Victor Andros: Computer, play message.
Victor Andros: ::it does::
I JoeCastillo: ::Reneters the RR::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::her eyes get big::
I JoeCastillo: Congratulations Commander Kaelyre.
Victor Andros: ::And the last part... she's the new XO for the banshee::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::speechless::
Victor Andros: Well. That's certainly interesting.
Lt Sara Crusher: Thank god she doesn't play music in her head like my grandfather use too
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::finally says something:: B-but sir, I-I've never commanded anything...
Victor Andros: Well, you'll just have to learn, won't you?
LtJoshuaAsper: Do you want something special, darlin'?
Cyanah Kaelyre
: But what about my science lab!? Surely I'm more useful there!
Telsia Ehling: ::giggles:: yes, there are a lot of things I want to do
Victor Andros
: I guess the big boys back home don't think so.
LtJoshuaAsper: Like what?
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ::gulps::
Victor Andros: Ms. Kaelyre, you have come a long way from the days when you didn't even know how to handle a phaser.
LtJoshuaAsper: {{I REMEMBER THAT! :-D}}
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ::blushes, embarassed about that::
Lt Sara Crusher: (I taught her how :-P)
Telsia Ehling: well, of course, I want to do some shopping and go to dinner and see the sights but I also want to spend a lot of time alone with you
Victor Andros
: I trust you can continue to grow.
LtJoshuaAsper: Time alone with me, huh? I think I could like that.
I JoeCastillo
: You'll do great I'm sure of it. ::Joe beams a smile at her::
Telsia Ehling: ::smiles and winks at him:: you better be okay with that, I have some ideas
Cyanah Kaelyre
: I will try, sir.
Lt Sara Crusher: :;fussing around the quaters and wondering what's going on::
Cyanah Kaelyre: May I also continue my duties as Chief of Science, though? There's certainly precedent in Starfleet for that...
Victor Andros: I don't see why not.
LtJoshuaAsper: Like what? ::grins again::
Victor Andros
: Today certainly is quite a day for this ship. New CO, new XO, and new Chief of Security.
Cyanah Kaelyre: Thank you, Captain... you're gonna have to teach me how to do this, you know.
Victor Andros: ::Nods:: I wouldn't have it any other way.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::busys herself by working on wedding plans and refrian from screaming at a message from her grandmother::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::smiles at Joe:: Congratulations!
Victor Andros: ::Smiles::
Lt Sara Crusher: That's it! The woman going into the nursing home from 20/20
Telsia Ehling: Chocolate, whip cream, cherries, i'm sure you get the idea ::winks::
I JoeCastillo
: ::Forces a smile:: Thank you, now how bout we go tell a certain lil redhead the good news?
Victor Andros: <<It's a Telsia split!>>
Telsia Ehling: ((::winks at vic::-))
: Oooh...
Telsia Ehling
: at all interested?
: More so than ever.
Lt Sara Crusher
: (Lil redhead? She's shorter then me! ::laughs:: )
LtJoshuaAsper: Don't they look shiny? ::points to his third golden pip::
Cyanah Kaelyre
: ::runs a finger over the two pips on her collar:: This'll be a lot heavier, sheesh.
I JoeCastillo: ((and you're shorter than me and we're all shorter than vic whats your point?))
I JoeCastillo: ((:-) ))
Lt Sara Crusher: (::laughs:: :-P)
Telsia Ehling: ::smiles at him and stops him::
Lt Sara Crusher
: ::hides the message from her grandmother::
Telsia Ehling: ::moves closer to him and looks hard at his pips:: I don't see anything different
: There's another gold one on there, babe.
: Three Golden Pips. Lieutenant Commander.
Victor Andros
: ::Laughs:: I'm sure you'll get used to it
I JoeCastillo: ((vic's a freaking giant have you all read his bio))
Victor Andros: <<Shut up, you>>
Telsia Ehling: ::looks closer and shakes head:: I don't know what your talking about
Cyanah Kaelyre
: (( so that's why you're dating him ;-) ))
Lt Sara Crusher: I think I got forgotten.. ::laughs:: I'll have to add ginko to her mornint tea
Victor Andros: <<LOL!>>
Cyanah Kaelyre: I guess I'll have to!
I JoeCastillo: ((um yeah sure only man that ever made joe feel small))
Victor Andros: <<::Laughs::>>
LtJoshuaAsper: ::rubs his hand and feels the third pip:: You blind?
Cyanah Kaelyre
: (( wow, ok, TMI ))
DryHistory has entered the room.
Victor Andros: Should we tell Sara now, then?
LtJoshuaAsper: {{Cannon!}}
I JoeCastillo
: ((you asked :-P))
Lt Sara Crusher: (LOL)
Cyanah Kaelyre: Can I have my extra pips first? ::grins::
LtJoshuaAsper: Lieutenant Commander Joshua Asper, has a nice ring to it. Don't it?
Victor Andros
: hmm..
Lt Sara Crusher: (She likes the jewlery)
Cyanah Kaelyre: (( shiny!))
Victor Andros: ::Pulls open a drawer::
Telsia Ehling: ::smiles and takes his hand in hers, bringing it to her lips and then leans forward and kisses his neck right about the collar:: I love it
Victor Andros
: ::Checks another one::
DryHistory: Cannon> Why ha there everyone! Fig'ered Ah'd drop bah and say mah salutations!
Victor Andros: Here they are.
Victor Andros: ::Pulls out the extras::
Lt Sara Crusher: Other drawer> ::full of really old swedish fish::
Victor Andros: ::Holds them out to her:: Here you go.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::smells Swedish Fish::
I JoeCastillo: ::peeks into the drawer::
Lt Sara Crusher: (Might wanna clean that out)
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::takes them and adds two golds to her gold and black ones::
LtJoshuaAsper: {{::waves to Cannon::}}
Cyanah Kaelyre
: Yeah, that's heavy.
Victor Andros: ::nose wrinkles:: What is that?
DryHistory: ::walks by Asper:: How's it hangin', Lieutenant?
Cyanah Kaelyre: Swedish fish, sir.
Victor Andros: <<Heya, Cannon>>
Victor Andros: <<How's it goin'?>>
Cyanah Kaelyre: (( Hey Cannon! ))
Victor Andros: ::Pulls open the drawer::
Lt Sara Crusher: (Cannon!)
Victor Andros: ::Chucks the candy into the recycler::
Cyanah Kaelyre: Morrigan's snack of choice.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::grins at Cannon:: I'm just fine, Ensign.
: ((Alright. The play's going great!))
Victor Andros: That I know, I just didn't realize they reeked so badly
Telsia Ehling: ::glares at cannon for interupting her and josh::
Cyanah Kaelyre
: After this long, they do. ::nods::
Victor Andros: I suppose so
I JoeCastillo: Thats supposed to be candy?
Telsia Ehling: hi cannon, bye cannon
Cyanah Kaelyre
: They taste really good when they're fresh.
LtJoshuaAsper: {{Well, all, I need to go write that paper. Four more pages to go!}}
Cyanah Kaelyre
: At least that's what I hear.
DryHistory: Well sorRY! Didn't know Ah was interruptin' anything. Say, anyone see Cy around anywheres?
Victor Andros: <<lol>>
LtJoshuaAsper: On the bridge last time I saw her.
Cyanah Kaelyre
: (( Oh, that's ten minutes max! ))
Victor Andros: ++PAUSE SIM++
Victor Andros: ++PAUSE SIM++
Victor Andros: ++PAUSE SIM++
I JoeCastillo: ::Stands in front of Cy in an attempt to hide herr::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::paused::
Telsia Ehling: ::paused::
Lt Sara Crusher
: pasued
DryHistory: ::paused, I guess::
Cyanah Kaelyre: Attention!
LtJoshuaAsper: ::@@::
: ::AA::
Telsia Ehling: ::AA::
I JoeCastillo
: ::22::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::AA::
I JoeCastillo: <<whoops forgot to hold shift>>

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