<USS Banshee> Captured Thoughts

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  • Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 18:54:55 EST

    Lieutenant J'van D'nalls paced slowly in the cell provided to him by the 
Cardassian government.  It was a virtual luxury accommodations compared to 
most of the prisons he had been held in.  Actually, It wasn't even a prison, 
it was a secured quarters in a Cardassian military facility.  Sounded better, 
but it still meant that he was not going anywhere any time soon.  As he 
walked slowly, he glanced over at Cyanah, seeing she was still on the bed, 
obviously resting, trying to regain her strength in her arm that had taken a 
disruptor blast.  
    Luckily, it was a graze.  She was lucky, he was lucky as well, 
considering how many shots exploded into the body of the Legit.  It was just 
like many other fire fights he had been a part of, but with a few distinct 
differences.  For one, he had no back up.  No one behind him, armed, that he 
knew he could count on.  Rhiannon was armed.  But there was not much trust 
there.  Something was just not right about her.

    At first he thought it was just due to nerves and her transporter mishap. 
 She seemed distant, very much alien to her surroundings, and her mind was 
different.  He felt that she was totally at ease, yet judging by her actions, 
if she were killing a Cardassian Legit for the Maquis, surely she would have 
been worried about it at least somewhat.  Not to mention the fact that she 
had absolutely no reason to do this.  He conceded that he did not know her 
well enough, but he was sure that he would have realized if she were a blood 
thirsty Maquis assassin.  She was different.  She was not Rhiannon Morrigan.

    He turned his attention back to Cyanah.  Yes, she seemed calmed and 
reserved, but in reality, she was far from it.  He could smell the fear and 
tension roll off her like a musky perfume, filling his nostrils, and 
betraying her attempt at seeming calm.  She had every right to be a tad on 
the fearful side.  She was not accustomed to being imprisoned for 
assassination.  She probably never thought that she would be here.  But, then 
again, all things considered, it could have been worse.  If calmer minds had 
not prevailed, the two of them would have been shot immediately.  

    So here they were.  Two Starfleet offices, being held in a Cardassian 
military compound, on the charges of attempted assassination.  More then 
likely, there was no rescue plan being discussed by Starfleet.  They would 
take their time, process the information.  They would consider their options. 
 Diplomats would converse. Months would go by.  More then likely, there were 
not going to see the inside of a Starfleet vessel any time soon.  Cyanah may 
be released sooner, obviously, given her race and her nature; she is quite 
obviously not an assassin.  But J'van was there for the duration, 

    Of course, that did not mean much to J'van.  He had no intention of 
staying there very long.  Yet, he had to consider Cyanah.  She could not be 
killed in an escape attempt.  For her sake, he would have to wait a while, 
see what opportunities arose, and wait some more.  With any luck, the Klingon 
strike force that was sitting out in the darkness was getting ready to do 
what Starfleet basically did not have the balls to attempt.  They would get 
D'nalls out, and take out a good chunk of the Cardassian military in the 
process.  Unfortunately, it might just have to come down to that.  J'van 
D'nalls escaped Cardassia once; he can and would do it again.

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