<USS Banshee> "Call to Arms"

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?Call to Arms?
by Lieutenant Joshua Asper

?Asper to Lark.?

?Go ahead, Josh.?

?Got an hour to spare? I?ve got these specifications on a new ship I?m going to try and get added to the Banshee?s arsenal.? Josh leaned back in his desk chair staring at a series of PADDs that had a plethora of information. Warp drive systems, weapons systems, life support particulars, and piloting controls were spread across the information devices.

?I?m sure I can manage. Lounge?? Thomas Lark?s young voice echoed over the communication system with a determination that was less than spectacular.

Josh nodded knowing full well Lark couldn?t see him, ?Sounds perfect. How long do you need??

?Well, I need to shower. I need to do my nails, my hair, and pick out an outfit.? Lark?s audible laugh followed the sarcastic joke, ?I?d say about fifteen minutes.?

Laughing along with his friend, Josh started to sort out his PADDs and mass them together in one large box. Seventeen devices in all and then he started for the door. ?I?ll meet you there.?

Trudging down the hallways towards the turbolift was always something Josh enjoyed. He got to be in natural surroundings, involved with natural people, and still know that there was respect and enthusiasm with these people who had yet to be subject to the trials and tribulations that he knew they would eventually encounter.

Passing ensigns would nod their head in respect, friends would wave and make small talk as they traveled by, and others would keep to themselves in a quiet world inhabited by their own thoughts. Everything was to their own, and Josh knew exactly what it was like and how much better it was in certain circumstances than being involved straight with real life.

Sometimes an escape was warranted, and within your own thoughts was the safest haven.

The doors to the lounge opened and closed swiftly after he stepped in. The bartender, knowing him as a regular since he replaced the corrupt and covert Starfleet Intelligence Liaison, nodded and made the order that always came with Josh?s visits. Upon sitting he was promptly handed Samaritan Sunset. He tapped the glass once and it swirled in the chemical reaction and it was brightly illuminated.

?Thank you, Kellon.? Josh nodded and drank as the waiter disappeared behind the counter to fulfill his duties.

People watch was another activity that Josh actively participated in. You could tell so much about a crew my looking at a selected group of people. The way they walked, socialized with other, and how much or how fast they ate could tell whether they were at bliss or on edge.

With no one to spend time with and nothing to do you begin to notice these things. Josh thought it made him capable of being a perfect morale officer just because he noticed. Most people, Josh included on occasion, were too busy to sit down and take in everything around them enough to comprehend who and what was happening in their surroundings.

?What is this that I just had to see??

?Lark, that was only ten minutes ? you lying to me now?? Josh smirked as he began to cart the loads of PADDs out of the box he was carrying and scattered them with no apparent order across the surface of the table ? quickly hiding any evidence that a table existed at all. ?It?s called an Aero Shuttle.?

?The Intrepid-Class equivalent to a Captain?s Yacht?? Lark?s eyes fluttered to attention, his eyes trying to make sense of the multitudes of information on the small storage devices. ?If I recall correctly, which I think I do, they are only used on Intrepid-Class cruisers.?

Shaking a finger Josh handed him some more data, ?They initially were until they proved so effective in the Dominion War. A small fleet destroyed twelve Jem?Hadar battlecruisers and an entire manufacturing plant of Ketracel-white.?

Lark nodded, ?That I didn?t know. So, exactly how do you expect to get one of these things on board?? Lark?s finger moved idly and efficiently across the console?s keypad as the wealth of knowledge was slowly unleashed.

?Deep Space Nine, our current port of origin, currently has two on transfer from Starbase 211 that have no owners.? Josh shuffled through a mess of PADDs and tossed one at him. ?Tactical Officers and Fighter Squadron Leaders have the power, with Captain permission, to obtain one for their respective ships.?

?Shogun?s aren?t enough anymore?? Lark looked mildly concerned.

Josh shook his head, ?Not in the least, but an added vessel with the same maneuverability and speed as a shogun but with more fire power could be useful in a fight.? Tapping Lark?s possession as he sipped his drink he looked out the window.

?I see where you?re going, but do you think that the Captain will even think about adding something like that??

Smiling, Josh countered, ?She?s currently being held at Deep Space Nine, making Commander Andros the commanding officer. I?ll try to go through him before her, but I have a feeling he?ll direct me to Morrigan.? Josh shrugged, ?I don?t mind, I think she?ll realize just how important this could be.?

Raising a finger and calling the waiter to him, Tom ordered himself an ice water and returned to the depths of information at his fingertips. ?I think it?s a plausible idea, but with you on the bridge that doesn?t leave many qualified people to fly it. It says here it needs three people minimum to run the thing.?

Josh nodded.

?So that would leave who??

Nabbing the PADD away from him Josh snarled and then laughed, ?OK, so everything has been fully worked out yet, but that doesn?t mean you?re helping. The proverbial thorn in my side, aren?t you??

?I try.?

?Too hard, apparently. I don?t know who can fly it, I haven?t checked the current roster I got this morning on certified Shogun fighters. I?m hoping to try and do testing for those capable, but that severely limits those that are possible candidates.? The tactical officer ran a finger over the rim of his glass as his eyes bore aimlessly into a PADD filled with more useless and irrelevant information that he?d read so many times before.

Tossing the PADD into the box, Lark smiled and stood while downing the last of his water. ?I?ve seen all I need to, I hope you get it. Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help.?

?Talk to the Captain for me?? Josh laughed as he tapped the PADD.

?Like hell, I don?t want to end up just another scorch mark on the Captain?s ready room?s floor.? He laughed, ?I?m at least worth a blood splatter on a white wall.? With that he turned on his heel and walked out of the lounge while Josh continued to try and find out just how to make a presentation to the Captain.

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