<USS Banshee> "Busted"

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  • Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 02:00:27 EST

By: Ensn. Telsia Ehling and
      Lt. SG. Sara Crusher

Tel was a bit nervous about going to work.  Walking in she smiled at Jenny 
who was working on her morning rounds.  "How is our patient today?  She's not 
threatening murder is she?" Tel asked, a smile on her face.

Jenny looked at Tel with a slight smirk.  "Actually Doctor, she left."

A bit shocked, Tel looked at the bed she had left Sara on last night.  
"What?!  Urgh, I can't believe she did this.  Computer, locate Doctor Sara 
for me."  Telsia wasn't 
at all surprised when the computer responded that Sara was in her fiancee's 
room.  With justified anger, Tel marched out of sickbay and straight to 
Cyanah's quarters, ready for a fight. 

The morning and Cyanah’s shift had come far to soon for Sara’s liking, but 
the promise of her fiancee returning to have a late lunch with her made it 
bearable. Sara picked up the padd she had replicated, "Delosian for Dummies" 
her mug of tea and then settled back into the couch, where she had promised 
Cyanah she’d stay and relax. She was still feeling a little stiff and score 
her injuries and when Cyanah had accidentally made Sara flinch that morning 
while they were playing around, she made Sara promise to rest and take it easy. 

Sara took a sip of her tea and pulled the hand woven blanket that Cyanah had 
covered her up with back over herself and got comfy, so comfy that when the 
door chime rang she didn’t even bother to get up. "Enter." 

 Walking in, Telsia was prepared to deal with one of the most stubborn women 
she had ever met.  "Sara Crusher, what do you think you are doing?  I did not 
give you the clear to leave sick bay just yet and as your doctor I'm very mad 
at you, but as a fellow woman in love, I understand."  She moved over next to 
her superior and set the med kit on the floor.  "How are you feeling?" 

"I feel fine, Telsia." Sara lied. She hated to admit she was in any kinda of 
pain and the soreness in her chest just seemed so silly. "And besides I had 
something very important to attended to last night. I wasn‘t about to let Cy 
spend her birthday sitting next to me in sick bay when I had a whole night 
planned out for us weeks ago." Sara put her padd down and gave Telsia the best 
angelic smile she had. 

Taking in the smile and how Sara was sitting, Tel didn't believe her for a 
minute that she was fine.  "Well, whether or not you feel fine, I'm still going 
to check you out.  I don't want something happening to you and making it so 
you can't work."  She opened her med kit and pulled out her tricorder, prepared 
to scan Sara.

Sara sighed and shrugged her shoulders. "Honestly, Telsia, you really don’t 
have to fuss so much. Ok, so it’s a little achy but we both know that 
to be expected after having so much regeneration done in one area." Sara could 
see in the younger doctor’s face that she wasn’t getting out of this. She 
to admire Telsia, the only other person in sick bay willing to stand up to 
Sara was Jenny, which Sara found incredibly funny since she was hardly a person 
to fear. 

"All right, all right, fine." She finally gave in. "I’m actually glad you 
stopped by, I wanted to talk to you about some things." Sara paused while 
scanned and then went on when she stopped to change the setting on her 
tri-corder.  "First, you drugged me; and second, I thought I had asked you not 
tell Cy about me being shot." 

Stifling a laugh but unable to hide her smile, Tel just nodded.  "Yup, I did 
drug you but I blame that on you.  I only did it to get you to calm down and 
relax so that I could take care of you.  Secondly, I didn't tell Cy about you, 
I told Jenny and from there it got spread to Cy, so you can't pin that on me." 
 Finishing the scan, she fixed her eyes on Sara's face, taking in the tired 
look.  "Really, you're fine, just sore.  Rest and relax, do not come to work, 
and do not do anything strenuous."

Sara knew all to well how things on the ship spread like wild fire, but she 
also knew that Cyanah never listened to any of it. She also knew that Telsia 
was telling her the truth about not saying a word, so who had let the phaser 
shot out of the bag? Sara tuned back into Telsia just in time to hear the 
do anything strenuous" part and laughed out loud despite herself and the pain 
it caused in her chest muscles, as her cheeks flushed a bright red. 

 With a bright smile on her face, Telsia knew it was too late to tell Sara 
not to do anything strenuous, but she couldn't blame her boss.  She knew that 
their places were switched, Tel would have had fun with Josh.  "I guess it's 
too late for that one, just don't do to much strenuous stuff until your 
healed, understood?"  Tel winked at Sara knowingly, as she packed her kit up.

"I make no promises," Sara said with a laugh. "Cy’s coming home for lunch." 
Sara nodded her head confidently figuring that last sentence spoke for it’s 
self. Then she smiled warmly at Telsia and handed her a lose hypo spray. 
for not making me go back to sick bay, I promise to be a good girl and rest. I 
kinda have too, I made the same promise to Cy and she’d kill me if I 
reinjured myself."

"Well good, that makes two of us that would kill you."  Taking the hypo from 
Sara's hand, she tucked it into the case.  "I wasn't going to make you go back 
to sick bay anyway, not unless you were dying, which your not."  Telsia stood 
up and moved towards the door.  "Have a wonderful lunch Sara, and don't let 
yourself get hurt too badly," she winked before walking out the door, smiling 
to herself.

Sara blinked and then laughed at Telsia’s comment, and then picked up her 
padd and tea again, and then snuggled down into the couch to rest. Well, at 
until her fiancee got home that is. 

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