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Broken Dreams
by Lt JG Telsia Ehling

Tel stood in the doorway, her hands on her hips as she looked around her new 
quarters.  Never before had she been so ticked off as she was at the moment.  
Cameron was standing next to Telsia's legs looking around the new place that 
would be his home.  With child like enthusiasm, Cameron smiled and laughed and 
ran into the living room and began to search through everything that was there. 

Boxes littered the room, one piled on the other.  Tel was thankful though that 
she hadn't fully moved into Josh's quarters.  It made moving into her new 
quarters much easier, not so much packing to do, of course, now there was even 
more unpacking to be done.

With a sigh of frustration, Telsia walked into her and Cameron's new quarters 
and began exploring it herself.  Seeing what the rooms looked like and how 
things were set up.  The place was decent, much smaller then the place she had 
shared with Josh, but Tel didn't expect the presidential suite, in fact, she 
expected to end up with the worst room on the ship.  

The Banshee was not child friendly and she knew that the captain and commander 
had gone out of their way to allow Tel and Cameron to stay aboard.  "Maybe this 
is their way of nicely encouraging me to leave," she mumbled under her breath.  
There was so much to do and she felt completely over whelmed.  

It was unfair, what was happening to her family.  It had taken so long and so 
much had happened for Tel and Cameron to be rejoined with Josh, she hated being 
apart from him now.  Of course, it was partly her fault that she was forced to 
move to another part of the ship, if only she had kept her mouth shut, Josh 
would not be angry with her and she would still be able to live with him.  
Though, if she had kept quiet, something bad could have happened to him.

Telsia didn't know anymore if she had done the right thing or not.  Feeling 
defeated, she sat down on the uncomfortable standard issued Star Fleet couch 
and looked around the desolate quarters.  Maybe it was time for Tel to 
seriously put in a transfer request.  Maybe it would be better if she left the 
USS Banshee for good.  It hurt her to think that way, now that she had friends 
and felt like she fit in, that she had a place on this ship, it hurt to think 
about leaving.  But more then just leaving the ship, it tore her up to think 
about leaving Josh.  

Cameron was digging through a box, pulling out some of Tel's clothes that had 
been packed in that box.  Telsia started with a small laugh, at the sight 
Cameron made playing with her clothes, that laugh quickly became a sob.  The 
weight of everything that had happened fully hit Tel, as she sat in her new 
living room, watching her child dig through more and more boxes.  

Tel sank down till she was lying on the couch, the tears unstoppable.  Nothing 
was working out the way she had hoped it would.  Life seemed to be falling 
apart all around Telsia, the world was breaking and she couldn't do a thing to 
put it back together.  Her life and thoughts reminded her of an old nursery 
rhyme she some times told Cameron.

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall."

Telsia knew it was childish and foolish, to be lying on the couch and crying 
about how her life wasn't exactly how she wanted it to be.  But at that point 
she didn't care.  Cameron walked over to her and climbed up onto the couch with 
Tel.  She smiled at him through her tears and cradled him to her chest.  
Together the two of them fell into a dream filled sleep, Cameron dreaming his 
childish dreams and Tel dreaming fantasy dream about how she wished her life 
would be.

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