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Hey there, Samana here along with my bio. Enjoy. I'm sure it's missing 
something, but someone will point that out and I can fix it in the distant 
future! -Samantha

Biography for Lieutenant Samantha Elaine Mason

Name: Samantha Elaine Mason
Rank: Lieutenant
Station: Banshee, Chief Engineering Officer
Gender: Female
Age: 30

Character Description
Hair: Blonde, flowing, straight, the ends are curled, hair falls to a little 
below her shoulders.
Eyes: Gray
Face: Oval, rounded chin, high cheek bones, large eyes, danty nose
Height: 5 ft. 10in. 
Birth Place: London, England
Date of Birth: December 24, 23XX
Hobbies: Tennis, Holodeck novels, tinkering, 
Pets: Artemis the 3rd 
Instrument: Flute, Violin, Lute, Piano (somewhat)

Nicknames: Sammie, Sam, Sparkie

Possessions: Great Great Grandfather's Royal Airforce flight jacket, a musket 
and bayonet (from the British Imperialist days), a model ship in a bottle her 
grandfather crafted for her 15th Birthday

Food: BBQ'ed Anything, Fish and Chips, Chinese, Pizza

Holodeck Novels: Jane Austen, 

Novels: Wuthering Heights, Alice in Wonderland, Raymond Carver (short 
fiction), Sir Authur Conan Doyle, Fydor Dostoevsky

Passtime: Cricket, Soccer, Racketball, Sailing, Ballroom Dancing, Renaissance 
Fairs, watching plays/musicals/operas

Music: Classical, Beethoven's Fourth Symphony, Mozart's Brandenburg 
Concertos, Flute Music, Chopin - whatever soothes her after a day of work

Nickname: Sparkie

Medical Background
    Samantha has sustained a few broken bones in her youth. She played 
everything from softball to skateboarding on the London streets. She's broken 
her arm climbing a tree to save her kitten, Artemis. She's crashed her 
bicycle racing it down a country hillside (and hitting a rock embedded into 
the ground).

    Samantha doesn't fall into the stereotypical personality of an engineer. 
On the job she acts as professional as she can, but on her own, she's quite 
outgoing and seeks to have fun. She's the eldest of her three sisters and 
always lead the way to getting herself, Victoria, and Elizabeth into trouble. 
As a dedicated Starfleet Engineer, she's mellowed out slightly not causing as 
much trouble as she did her youth.

Mother: Evelyn Mason
Father: Oliver Jacob Mason
Sisters: Victoria and Elizabeth Mason

Wealth: Upper Class

Oxford University (1 year)
Major: Intergalactic Relations

Starfleet Academy (4 years)
Major: Starship Engineering

Organizations: Woman's Engineering Association, Holodeck Gamer's Association

Languages: English, German, Latin



Samantha was born on December 24, 23XX and she is the eldest of the three 
Mason girls - Samantha, Victoria, Elizabeth (in that order). The three girls 
spent their childhood traveling from Federation colony to colony, to allied 
Federation planets, and even beyond the Federation to the Klingon Empire, 
Allarian Republic, and Rhiannsu Empire. 

Oliver Jacob Mason wanted to keep his family together as much as he could in 
his travels around the galaxy. Samantha's mother, Evelyn, became a housewife 
mainly concerning herself with educating her daughters and making sure that 
they grew up living a balanced and fulfilling childhood. Evelyn stressed a 
great importance in living a happy life and made every necessary move to make 
sure that her daughters had every opportunity.  From starship to ship Evelyn 
served as a school teacher onboard and prepared activities for younger 
children and in this way encouraged her daughters to make friends with the 
other children. As the years passed, Evelyn made sure that those 
relationships never faded having Samantha and her sisters record video 
messages and sending them off to their friends - no matter where they were in 
the galaxy. On another level, Evelyn also encouraged her husband to make a 
more permanent home, using a diplomatic yacht that could attach or dock with 
the other Federation starships - that way, the girls could have a constant 
home and still travel the stars. 

Being cooped up and traveling from star system to star system made Samantha 
very ornery and as a young child she would cause havoc for her mother despite 
her mother's best efforts to keep the family happy. Samantha, Victoria, and 
Elizabeth often fought with one another over toys and during games they 
played. Also, during this time, Samantha began to show her interests in 
mathematics as she excelled above her mother's knowledge of the subject. As 
they traveled, Samantha's father, arranged to have professors teach her 
mathematics and science. As the Masons traveled the stars, Samantha's mother 
did her best to keep her excited in the mathematics and sciences by trying 
simple experiments and allowing her to attend subspace broadcasted lectures. 
Meanwhile, Evelyn gave all her girls a more formal education in literature, 
composition, art, and music. Samantha learned both the flute and violin.

Meanwhile, Samantha's sisters were also given the opportunity to meet with 
people of importance and to learn from some of the masters around the galaxy, 
as young children. Victoria followed her father to informal meetings with 
diplomats and states people. Amongst the famous people Victoria was able to 
meet includes Ambassador Spock - Oliver had met with him to discuss details 
on a possible Romulan and Vulcan reunification. Elizabeth and Elizabeth were 
more interested in sports and music and Evelyn took both girls to operas, 
orchestras, musicals, sporting events, and the Olympics on one occasion.

When Samantha was ten years old, she and her sisters had begun to put aside 
their differences - by then they had witnessed a great deal of the galaxy and 
their father had told them stories from his diplomatic missions, subtly 
teaching his daughters the importance of having healthy relationships whether 
it be between two people or two nations.

When Samantha reached the age of fourteen, the Masons once again settled down 
in the outskirts of London in their estate in the countryside. Oliver worked 
at the Senate Building. Evelyn continued as a housewife and sought to the 
girl's education and activities.


Once Samantha graduated from High School she began her education at Oxford 
University in Intergalactic Relationships, but never having the invested 
interest, she found herself skipping classes, ignoring her homework and 
arguing with her parents. Oliver had nudged her toward the subject, but 
eventually Evelyn backed him away from controlling Samantha's Education. 

Samantha chose to go into Starfleet Academy - the Federation school would 
compromise between both her father and mother's wishes. She could learn the 
rudiments of diplomacy and etiquette in Starfleet as well as pursue her own 
course of study. Samantha entered into the sciences and found herself leaning 
toward Engineering. 

USS Winsor - 1 year

After Samantha graduated she served as an assistant engineer on the USS 
Winsor, a science vessel that worked within a close radius of the Sol System. 
Her tour of duty on the Winsor brought Samantha to Alpha Centuri where her 
superb engineering work on the solar station orbiting the star brought her a 
quick promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

USS Lao Tzu

Samantha moved onto the USS Lao Tzu a science vessel serving in Wolf 359. 
They were a government research ship sent out to study the remains of the 
Wolf 359 encounter that happened several years ago to ascertain more 
weaknesses in Federation starship design and in Borg technology. Here 
Samantha served apart of an engineering think-tank and research group and 
helped come up with several new designs for starships. Included in this work 
were Prometheus II specifications, Defiant version 3, and a Valor class 
stealth fighter. 

Her work on the Lao Tzu placed her on a Starfleet starship design team. Her 
job is to go out and investigate starship integrity and weaknesses and 
strengths of the current starships. In total Samantha's visited a variety of 
Starships and starbases all around Federation space. She was promoted to the 
rank of Lieutenant.

USS Banshee

The USS Banshee is Samantha's first assignment as a Chief of Engineering 
Officer, but currently she is temporarily assigned to the Banshee. 

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