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"Between a Rock and a Hard Place" 
By: Lt. JG Telsia Ehling and Lt. SG Sara Kaelyre

Tel stood outside of sickbay, her stomach turning in knots as she thought 
about what she was about to do.  Taking a deep breath, she walked through the 
doors and smiled at the few patients and nurses that littered the area.  With a 
nod to a few of her friends, Telsia walked towards the back, where Sara 
Kaelyre's office was.  Sucking in another deep breath of air, she raised a 
hand into the air and rang the door chime, fighting with herself about whether 
or not she was betraying Josh. 

Every medical file had been cross referenced and none of them, not a one out 
of the one hundred and  forty-seven crewman, had nerolapizine in their medical 
histories. Sara sat back in her desk chair reading over a particular officer’
s file as she tried in vain to get her hair in a clip.  She didn’t even look 
up at the sound of her office door chime she simply called out, "Enter." 

With a bit of trepidation filling her heart, Tel walked into Sara's office 
and stopped just inside of the door, not wanting to disturb Sara if she was in 
the middle of major work.  "Hey Sara, I was wondering, if I'm not disturbing 
you, if I could talk to you about something," Telsia said, trying to force a 
carefree attitude into her voice and stature. 

Sara finally got her hair up in the sliver hair clip that had the same fiery 
stones in it as her wedding ring and rolled her neck a bit as she watched 
Telsia hovering in her doorway. "Sure, Tel. I’m not getting anywhere on what 
doing anyway. I could use the break to regroup a little." She smiled warmly 
and quickly turned off her computer with Josh’s open file and then reached 
her coffee cup. "Have a seat, what’s on your mind?" She asked before taking a 
sip of her luke warm espresso. 

With thoughts on the coming conversation on her mind, she walked in and took 
a seat absently, trying to figure out where to start.  Closing her eyes for a 
moment, Tel took the time to collect herself again before looking at Sara.  
"There is something I really want to talk to you about, Sara.  It's about Josh. 
I'm so worried about him," Telsia said, the worry creeping into her voice and 
even she cringed at the sound.  

"He, he hasn't been himself lately He's been distracted and sort of rough 
with me and Cameron, I'm not sure how he is with the rest of the crew though.  
But he talks to himself, well, not to himself, it's almost as if there is 
another person there that he's talking to, some one that none of us can see.  
And to 
make matters worse, he came to our quarters last night and asked me if I 
would steal him a hypo of Nerolapizine, saying that he had a headache and 
it.  The  whole thing just didn't sit well with me but I agreed to grab a hypo 
for him, just to placate him."  

Tel stopped talking for a moment, then looked back up at Sara.  "I'm not sure 
what's going on with him and I was  hoping that maybe you would know and be 
able to help me out some."  There was a hopeful look on Tel's face, after 
pouring out her heart to Sara, her heart was expectant that there was something 
Sara could do.

All the color drained from Sara’s face when Telsia said Nerolapizine. She 
looked over at her computer and then at the stack of padds around her, and then 
finally back at Telsia. So he was the one who’d replaced the drug. He must 
released it from the casing when she found him that night in sick bay and 
then tried to cover by refilling the hypo with the closest vile. Sara rubbed 
eyes and took a deep breath as she sat there looking at Telsia. She had hoped 
it wasn’t Josh but now that she knew. "Tel, I think this matter is bigger 
you realize." 

 "How big is it?" She asked, not wanting a sugar coated truth, but wanting to 
know everything, no matter how bad it could be. 

"You of course know that I have put very high restrictions on the three main 
replicators. The reason however is not well known. A vile of Nerolapizine was 
found under a counter, a vile that was replicated with out authoritarian." 
Sara began as she sat up as straight as she could in her chair. "After looking 
into this, because of the nature of the drug, Jenny and I found out that 
Nerolapizine was also replicated once before, and again it was unauthorized." 

Sara watched Telsia’s face closely and she also kept an empathic connection 
with her as well. The news she was giving her wasn’t good and she wanted to 
gage how much the other woman could take. "Tel, you know that taking this drug 
without being watched carefully by a doctor can lead to all sorts of problems, 
and  replicating the drug if your not authorized brings it’s own set of 
problems. Josh is in a lot of trouble."

Tel nodded her head slowly, at what Sara had to say.  "Alright," she said, 
speaking slowly as well, everything seemed to be going slow for her at the 
moment.  "I started to research what Nerolapizine can do to  a person, that is 
main reason I ended up deciding to come talk to you."  Running her hand over 
her face and supporting her forehead with her hand, Tel stared at Sara.  "What 
can we do?  I mean, there has to be something we can do, anything.  Should we 
confront him?  Should we force him into sickbay and tie him down till we 
figure out what's wrong with him?  I am at a complete lose at what to do."  Her 
shoulders  slumped in weariness.

There wasn’t much they could do. They needed to help Josh with what ever it 
was that made him need to block out sections of his mind, but they also had 
other responsibilities, or at least Sara did. "We’re going to need him to 
come in 
here to be examined, yes. We’ll have to bring in Jansug as well, but Tel," 
Sara paused and tried to soften her voice as much as she could, "I have to 
inform Joe and I have to go to the command staff about this."

Tears came to her eyes as she heard her boss and someone she considered her 
friend say that she would have to go to the command staff about Josh's private 
life, even though she knew Joe and the rest of them would  have to know.  
".I... I understand," she said, her voice breaking slightly.  "He won't get 
too much trouble will he?" Tel asked, not wanting to lose her love in any of 
the ways she might.   "Sara, I can't lose Josh, I just can't.  It took us 
forever to find each other again and we're about to become a real family.  I 
lose him, not now not ever.  I know you have to tell the command staff and I 
know  he needs to be taken off duty and brought to sickbay, but can't we do it 
all, or report it in such a way so that he won't lose his position or 
reputation in StarFleet?"  Telsia's heart  was starting to break as all the 
thoughts of 
what could happen to Josh flooded her mind, she felt like she was going into 

"I’m not sure what will happen with the command staff Tel, what they do with 
the information I bring them is up to them, and it will have to be the truth 
Tel. All of it, I won’t sugar coat. One, because as an officer I’m bound to 
up front and straight forward about these types of things, two I couldn’t if 
I wanted to cause Cy would know I wasn’t being honest because of our bond, 
finally because I’m Josh’s friend and I’m not going to stand by and let 
throw everything in his life out an air lock." Sara paused as she stood up and 
walked around the desk. She took the chair next to Telsia and put her hand on 
top of her friend’s. "He needs help and he needs to face what he’s gotten 
himself into, Tel. I know this is hard and I don’t want you to worry. Your 
is at his side, and mine," She paused again as she sighed. "mine is to do my 
job as chief." 

Sighing, Telsia looked over at Sara and saw the face of a friend, someone she 
could trust completely, and just knowing that Sara cared about Josh and 
wanted to help, calmed Tel down immensely.  Looking down, she pulled the hypo 
had stole earlier from her pocket and handed it to Sara.  "I wasn't going to 
give it to him, but I didn't want to have to lie to Josh.  So, now I can tell 
him honestly that I stole it but wasn't able to get away with it."  Her face 
flushed with guilt of taking the hypo, along with all the emotions from the 
entire ordeal.  "So what now? How do we get Josh in here?"

Sara wasn’t even going to ask how Telsia had gotten past the restrictions 
d had placed on the replicators. There would be enough to deal with, with all 
of Josh’s issues. "I’ll simply send for him after I speak with Joe and the 
others. This has now officially become my problem, Tel, I don’t want you 
jeopardizing your relationship with him. He’s going to need you. For now, 
just go 
back to work. I’ll handle the rest."

With a nod, Tel stood up.  "Thanks Sara," she said, a small, forced smile 
gracing her lips.  "Josh and I are both lucky to have a friend and Doctor like 
you."  With that, she turned  and walked out of Sara's office and out of 
sickbay, back to her and Josh's quarters.   It was going to be an extremely 
hard next 
few days at the least. 

Sara sat there a moment longer as she allowed everything to sink in. ‘Why’s 
it have to be Josh of all people.’ She thought to herself. No matter how this 
went it wasn’t going to be easy and it wasn’t going to pretty. But what 
told Telsia was the truth, it had to be done, so as she stood and walked back 
around to her side of the desk she reached up and tapped her comm badge. 

"Doctor Kaelyre to Lieutenant Castillo.  Lieutenant, please report to my 
office ASAP. Kaelyre out." 

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