<USS Banshee> Banshee's Medical Dept. Defined...

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Ok, This is what happens when you have to sit for two hours in the court yard 
listening to your Headmaster moan on and on about everything from what to 
we're under our graduation gowns to how HB girls behave once they've moved on 
pass the halls of HB.. So while he talked I sat in the back by the willow tree 
with my friend Meg's laptop and here's what I ended up with... LOL.. Oh 
accounting to the ROTC teacher with a crew of 150+ this works out as do the 
times.. Guess those are standard. 


Banshee Medical Staff 

Doctors: 11
Nurses: 18
Counseling: 10
Other: 7
Total: 46

Lieutenant SG Sara Kaelyre M.D. C.H.H.P. -Chief Medical Officer-
Lieutenant JG Telsia Ehling M.D. 
Lieutenant JG Sage Bristo  M.D. C.H.H.P.
Lieutenant JG Sevridk M.D.
Lieutenant JG Ezra Peters M.D.
Ensign  T'NaluMor. M.D.
Ensign Emily Procter M.D
Ensign Dane Hudson  D.D.S
Ensign Hunter Garcia M.D. 
Ensign Immanuel O.D. 
Ensign Lea Munroe M.D. 

Lieutenant Jennifer Bartlett R.N./N.P. -Head Nurse-
Lieutenant Audrey Carmichael R.N. -Head Surgical Nurse-
Lieutenant JG Thomas Newman R.N. 
Lieutenant JG Leda Webber R.N. 
Ensign Monica Hovick R.N.  
Ensign  Diana Judd R.N./N.P.
Ensign T’Ka R.N.
Ensign Marrianna Spencer L.P.N
Ensign Cimmie McGrail R.N. 
Chief Petty Officer Tessa Lewis R.N. 
Petty Officer FC Joni Morris R.N.
Petty Officer FC Holly Summers R.N.
Petty Officer SC Lara Keppler R.D.N.
Petty Officer SC Megan Sliverfox H.N.C 
Petty Officer TC Deanna More L.P.N
Petty Officer TC Sebastian Pickworth  L.P.N 

Counseling (Eric’s people he can name them)
Lieutenant JG  Jansug Idrys Psy.D -Head of Counseling-
Rank Name A.T.R 
Rank Name C.A. 
Rank Name C.A.M.T. 
Rank Name C.O.H.N.
Rank Name C.P.h.T
Rank Name L.C.S.W.
Rank Name L.N.
Rank Name L.P.C.
Rank Name  R.N. 

Other Med Staff
Senior Chief Petty Officer Ralph Muller  R.P.h. -MedTech  -
Petty Officer FC Nina DeAngelo P.A. -MedTech-
Petty Officer FC Michael N’Kia  C.S.T. -MedTech-
Petty Officer FC Jui, Rhea P.T. -MedTech-
Warrant Officer  Ali Makoto P.A.  -MedTech-
Warrant Officer Jackson Garrett E.M.T -Medic-
Warrant Officer Robert Frey E.M.T. -Medic-

All shifts have on duty 3 doctors and 5 nurses at all times, not including 
the D.S.S and O.D. Shift schedules are on a six week - three week rotation  
which means every six weeks the shift roster is rotated for three weeks. I.E. 
Alpha shift staff will work Gamma shift times for three weeks while Gamma works 
Beta and Beta works Alpha. 

Alpha - 0800 Start - 1700 End
Beta 1600 Start -  0100 End
Gamma 0000 Start - 0900 End

Medical Professional Abbreviations 
M.D.  -Medical Doctor.
D.D.S - Doctor of Dentistry.
C.H.H.P - Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.
O.D.  - Doctor of Optometry; Optometrist.
R.N. - Registered Nurse.
N.P - Nurse Practitioner.
R.D.N - Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist.
P.T. - Physical Therapist.
P.A. - Physician's Assistant.
R.P.h - Registered Pharmacist.
C.S.T. - Certified Surgical Technologist.
E.M.T - Emergency Medical Technician.
H.N.C- Holistic Nurse Certified.
L.P.N. - Licensed Practical Nurse.

A.T.R -Registered Art Therapist.
C.A. - Certified Acupuncturist
C.A.M.T. - Certified Acupressure Massage Therapist.
C.O.H.N.- Certified Occupational Health Nurse.
C.P.h.T.- Certified Pharmacy Technician.
L.C.S.W. - Licensed Social Worker.
L.N. - Licensed Nutritionist.
L.P.C. - Licensed Professional Counselor.
Psy.D - Doctor of Psychology.

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