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By Lt. Sara Crusher

The gym was always empty this early in the morning, which was just how Sara 
liked it. It was her time to focus on the day ahead, to energize her self, 
and it was her time to really blow off steam. She also liked having the gym 
to herself because she could play what ever music she wanted and didn’t have 
to hear any moaning about her choices.  The Beach Boys played as she ran on 
the treadmill. Her mind seemed to race just as fast as she was running as it 
tried to catch up with the rest of the world. Seven miles later, three of 
which were at an incline that matched perfectly to the sloped streets of San 
Francisco; Sara’s mind was no closer to it’s goal of understanding the 
in which it lived any better then it had been before. Madonna played as Sara 
sat on the blue padded mat as she stretched and twisted in all kinds of 
exotic yoga positions. "Maybe I’m not meant to know all the answers to the 
questions I have." She thought to herself. Running opened her mind and the 
yoga allowed Sara to sort though the flood that was released. Once she got 
past that part, she was ready to work out some of her frustrations. The kick 
boxing dummy has received a lot of her attention as of late. 

The best part about this dummy was that it was a hologram and could be 
programmed to look and act like who ever she wanted it to be. It’s been her 
mother, Josh, Anthony, the Captain, the little prick in 3 forward that just 
pissed her off for some reason, it became a physical manifestation of the 
virus that nearly killed her, but mostly it’s been her own insecurities, 
uncertainties and doubts. Which is what it was now. Sara stood in the middle 
of the gym, her long red hair braided down her back, she was bare footed and 
dressed in blue silk shorts and a white t-shirt. The dummy stood across from 
her almost like a mirrored image. Only her red hair was shorter and she was 
about ten years older. The dummy made the first move and caught Sara off 
guard causing her to land hard on the mat. "Where the hell did that come 
from." She said as she got to her feet. She shook off the surprise and made 
the next move. The dummies never talked but Sara did. "I get it.." She said 
as she threw a high kick towards the dummy. "Thought you’d surprise me. catch 
me off guard like the Captain did with my promotion." She huffed as she 
repeated the same high kick with her other leg. 

The dummy countered and again Sara ended up on the mat. But this time she 
sprung up faster and was able to counter the dummy’s next move flooring her. 
"Just because I’m surprised that she picked me doesn’t mean that I’m not 
prepared for it." The dummy got up and Sara blocked her punches with ease at 
first. "I mean I am a Star Fleet officer and a doctor. I’ve been trained to 
adjust quickly." The dummy made contact with Sara’s upper chest and Sara 
stumbled backwards. "I never said I was completely ready for this. Ok I wasn’
t ready at all and yes it will take me time to adjust." She paused long 
enough to regain her footing and send a right jab into the jaw of the dummy. 
"But I will. I know I will." Sara was now on the offensive. "And as far as 
way she picked me... She believes in me and what I can do, so that’s good 
enough for me." The dummy slipped her leg beneath Sara’s and Sara came 
crashing down again. Sara quickly rolled over before the dummy could get a 
punch in. "I’m a good doctor. I admit it. I work hard and do my best and that 
is all anyone including myself can ask for me." The dummy was about to knock 
her down again just as she got to her feet. "But I still have a lot to 
learn.. I may need to ask for help and I can do that. There’s nothing wrong 
with asking for help that’s how you learn." But this time the dummy was the 
one on the mat. The exercise lasted another ten minutes until the warning 
alarm Sara had set went off, replacing Bon Jovi with a really annoying 
buzzer.. Sara grabbed her water bottle and towel and smiled as she left the 
gym. She had vented and it had felt wonderful, although she knew she would 
pay for over excreting herself later in the day. 

Sara entered her quarters with her towel around her neck and the empty water 
bottle, who’s contents she had drained during her turbo lift ride, and a 
smile. She threw the towel on the floor and the empty water bottle into the 
recycle bin before heading over to the replicater. She fed her pets and gave 
them fresh water, and ate her own breakfast of yogurt, half a bagel and 
coffee. As she sat at her small table, coffee in one had and a padd in the 
other, she looked over her new schedule. "I have a meeting with Commander 
Andros to go over what exactly the CMO’s duties are, a meeting with Dnalls to 
change my security codes, I have to evaluate the new AMO and I have to have 
the new shift changes and personal profiles into the Captain by the end of 
Alpha shift." Sara smiled. "All of this before I have dinner with Cy...... 

Sara stood from her table and headed into her bedroom where she laid out her 
uniform before jumping into the shower. Forty five minutes later she was 
standing in front of her mirror zipping up her uniform jacket. She couldn’t 
help but smile as the two gold pips that now adorned her collar brushed 
against her fingers as she adjust her collar beneath her jacket. After 
throwing her hair into a pony tail Sara headed out her door and down the 
corridor towards a turbo lift. News of advancement, heck news of any kind, 
traveled fast on a ship the size of the Banshee, and Sara was starting to 
pick up on the way the people passing her in the hall were acting. They still 
smiled at her, and waved, and said good morning. But few had called her by 
her name, it was now good morning lieutenant, and they all stood a little 
straighter. That above all else would be what Sara would have to get use to. 
Even the reaction in sick bay to her presence had changed. 

Sara walked into sick bay and in her normal perky way called out good morning 
to everyone. The gamma shift normally saw this as a good sign, cause it meant 
that the alpha shift was coming on and they could go home. The other alpha 
shifters found it annoying that anyone could be that damn perky first thing 
in the morning. But both groups of people seemed to be in high spirits. They 
all shook Sara’s hand and congratulated her and wished her the best and told 
her they looked forward to working for her, but not a single person called 
her Sara. "Ok." She said to get everyones attention. "Look guys... Yes things 
will be different around here. Things always change when someone new takes 
the lead... However, I am still Sara. I have not changed so much in the last 
24 hours that you have to go all formal on me.. So unless protocol demands 
it, can we please drop the formal rank stuff." They all nodded their heads 
and Sara signed in relief as she walked towards her office. Then she signed 
again and threw her hands into the air when she heard to of the older nurses 
talking. "Lt. Crusher is such a sweet girl." One said. "She’ll do just fine 
when she gets use to the weight of that second pip." The other said. 

Sara fell into her chair and put her elbows on the desk and her head in her 
hands. She wondered if Morrigan ever had trouble getting use to what comes 
along with the new jewelry.  When she finally lifted her head she noticed 
that the office had been striped clean down to it’s basics. It was almost 
eerie in a way to see this office, his office, now her’s in it’s sterile 
coldness with out all the personal touches that had once graced it. But then 
it dawned on her that it was now her’s to with as she wished. She glance 
around the room quickly to get an over all view and ideas as to how she would 
personalize it, when her attention was grabbed by something on her desk. It 
was a big black coffee mug with orange lettering that read.. "Lt. 
Tribbs...CMO" She laughed out loud and an unstoppable smile danced across her 

The mug was swiftly filled with coffee and sat with in reach on the desk as 
Sara reviewed the paperwork on the bodies that had been transformed to DS9. 
Sara laughed to herself, "My life just gained even more paperwork....." She 
smiled, "Bring it on." She said as she reached for her mug. "Excuse me Ma’
am?" Came a voice from the door. Sara looked up. "Oh nothing Ensign." Sara 
said with a smile. "What can I do for you." The ensign came into the office 
and smiled back at Sara. "Well Ma’am.. DS9’s CMO is asking to talk to you." 
Sara was about to ask why he wanted to talk to her, but stopped when she 
figured it out for herself. "Duh Sara.. Just Duh." She thought to herself as 
she thanked the ensign for the message and dismissed her. "Computer.. Contact 
the CMO of Deep Space Nine.. On screen here." 

"Ah.. Hello Banshee... I’ve been waiting for a call from you." The young man 
on the screen said with a smile almost a perky as Sara’s. "Dr. Julian Bashir 
at your service." He smiled again. "Although I must admit I was expecting a 
call from your CMO, Banshee.. Not that I mind at all talking to you?....." He 
paused a moment so that Sara could fill in the blanks. "Dr. Sara Crusher.." 
She had said that part many times before, but here came the new part. "Chief 
Medical Officer of the Uss Banshee."  

"There's coffee in that nebula!" -- Janeway (The Cloud) 

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