<USS Banshee> "A longer life: Part One"

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"A longer life: Part One"
By. Lt. SG Sara Kaelyre

The computer had downloaded mountains of data on ageing. There were research 
projects from almost every spectrum, papers upon papers written on the 
subject, hoards of experimental treatments for everything from the lose of 
memory to 
graying hair. Sara had spent her whole lunch hour sorting though the data from 
the human side of things only and still had barely touched the tip of the 
ageing ice burg. 

After checking in with Doctor Sevridk at the beginning of Beta shift, Sara 
replicated herself an extra large mug of chocolate flavored coffee and headed 
into her lab to tackle more of the data. She needed to weed though everything 
and only keep what she felt would aide her in whatever she ended up doing. The 
ultimate goal in her return to the research aspect of medicine was to find a 
way to slow the ageing  process so that it matched closer to that of Vulcans 

In her mind it would be a goal that in the long run would help all the mates 
of longer lived species. Her own slowed ageing and the time that would allot 
her with her own wife was just a bonus. 

Sara settled onto the stool in front of her lab’s computer terminal and 
picked up where she had left off earlier in the day. Her eyes scanned over the 
information as her figures danced over the keys and screen. She read files and 
then either moved them into the sub-files she’d created or she’d delete 
The research data base she had created had been enlarged because Sara knew the 
opening text research was just the start and she would end up needing room for 
what ever experiments and simulations she would end up running.    

"Well, you don’t do anything in a small way do you Kaelyre." Sara said to 
herself as she finished and then deleted a paper published by the British 
on Ageing Research. "Your first dive into the world of med-reach since your 
residency and you pick a topic that’s plagued humanoid kind since the first 
biped figured out how to put a burning stick into animal flesh and then blow it 

For the briefest of moments Sara seemed to freeze as she thought about what 
she was thinking of undertaking, but the out come far exceeded her worries; and 
the fears that came with the nightmares she wouldn’t tell Cyanah about 
overruled all else. 

Focusing on the screen before her Sara shrugged off her thoughts and her 
tiredness. Although she hadn’t had any dreams the night before the business 
Josh and now her research project weighed heavily enough on her mind that she 
spent most of the night looking at the ceiling and listening to her wife breath 
as she slept beside her. 

Sara opened another folder and started to scan the files within as she sipped 
on her coffee. She opened one of the files at random and the name at the top 
of the file grabbed her attention fully. Admiral Mark Jameson. Where had she 
heard that name before. 

"Computer display only the information on Admiral Mark Jameson." 
Sara watched as the computer highlighted and brought the requested 
information up in a new window. As she read about the de-ageing drug that ended 
taking the admiral’s life she wondered how the drug worked and wither or not 
people on Cerebus II had made any new advances. She did a quick cross reference 
but there was very little on Cerebus II, so she quickly started filling out 
the proper forms to ask them for the info. 

When she returned her attention to the file on Admiral Jameson she looked to 
see if anything was in there about how the drug worked. "Computer, was there 
an autopsy on Admiral Jameson?"

"An autopsy was performed."

Sara rifled though the folder looking for the autopsy scans. "Who performed 
the autopsy?" 

"The autopsy was performed by the attending physician" The computer began, 
and then as if it knew Sara’s next question added. "The attending physician 
the Jameson case was Doctor Beverly Crusher. Chief Medical Officer of the USS 

A slow smile crept across Sara’s face. Her aunt was a known sucker for 
details. If she had done the autopsy there would be detailed scans of what the 
did to the Admiral’s DNA. And if by chance the information were not in the 
files she had, then she knew for sure her aunt would. Beverly kept everything. 

It was little tidbits like this that would help Sara to avoid the past 
mistakes of her predecessors. It wouldn’t do after all to have her organs 
take a 
holiday on her one day when she was close to having what she was working 

A longer life to share with her Imzadi. 

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