<USS Banshee> "A New Resource."

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"A New Resource." 
By: Lt. Commander Sara Kaelyre
The transporter room had an eerie look to it. The walls and panels were  
dark, yet had a creepy neon blue and orange glow to them. It felt slightly  
then other parts of the ship, and there was an on going low hum that  seemed 
to come from everywhere. Sara looked around the empty room biting her  lower 
lip as she waited for the transport buffer records to download. An entire  
planet of humans who had achieved her personal goal, they had defeated the 
process and Sara was going to find out how. She had hoped to do a full exam on 
 Captain Davis, but the unaged captain had denied her the chance, she did not 
 however say that Sara couldn’t down load and analyze the bio-scan taken 
during  transport. 
If she could find out how the people on the planet had been changed, how  
their aging had been changed, it would boost her research, her forthcoming  ‘
treatment’, up by months. The padd that was connected to the transport 
island beeped letting Sara know that it was finished. She unlocked it from 
port, slid it into the pocket of her lab coat, and then after turning off the 
 consol and cracking her neck Sara headed back to sick bay. 
The halls were buzzing with officers as they moved though the ship and Sara  
tried her best to smile at them as she passed, but it seemed like her friendly 
 and out going self had long been smothered by her fears, desires, drive to  
complete her work, and mostly her out right fatigue, and exhaustion. She knew  
she was being snippy and down right bitchy with most everyone, she knew her  
staff was walking around on egg shells around her. Her Betazoid empathy was  
screaming at her that more then one of her nurses was ready to pop her one, and 
 that Tel was worried about her, and that the new doctor hated her, but she 
told  herself over and over that she couldn’t help it and that they didn’t 
understand.  They didn’t know that the long hours in the lab were necessary. 
hated all  the time her work was taking away from her and Cyanah, but in the 
long run it  was the work she was doing that would give them more time 
together. It would  give all couples who were like she and Cyanah, facing the 
that one of them  would grow old while the other didn’t, more time together 
physical equals. 
Sara was also sensing that Cyanah was beginning to worry about her more and  
more as well. She didn’t like the lack of sleep Sara was getting, the late 
hours  she was keeping, the fact that she was being so tight lipped on details 
about  what she was doing. Cyanah would understand when Sara finally told her 
what  she’d done, she’d get why Sara had to put in all the extra work. 
Sara by passed her office and went right to her lab. She took the   padd from 
her lab coat pocket and locked it into a download port and then began  
writing the note she’d started before the away team. All the excitement over  
and her crew might have given Sara a new resource, but she wasn’t going to  
give up on the work she’d completed so far. She needed Borg nanoprobes and 
only knew of one person who could help her find out how to get them without  
setting off red flags all over Star Fleet medical and on Banshee herself. The  
last thing she needed was to have her executive officer find out she was  
requesting Borg technology, especially since she shared a bed with and wore 
executive officer’s wedding ring.    
Sara finished the note and sat back in her chair as she called out,  “
Computer encrypt message and send to Efra Leor at her home in San Francisco,  

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