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"A New Light" - Chapter Five
by Lieutenant Sara Crusher
and Lieutenant JG Cyanah Kaelyre
The warm tropical island breeze gently caressed their bare midriffs as
Sara and Cyanah walked along the seashore. Sara kicked at the white foam
from the crashing waves as she talked about where they were. "Not too
many people know of this island on Betazed which makes it a perfect
summer getaway. No tourists to deal with," she stated with a smile. "I
was very young the first time I came here and it's been a special place
for me ever since." She turned her gaze from the water to the woman
standing next to her. The wind dancing in her hair and the backdrop of
the ocean made Sara sure she had picked the right place for them to
spend the day. 
"I'm in love with it already," Cyanah said softly, returning Sara's
gaze. "I come from a coastal city on Delos, so I've always loved the
ocean." She wrapped her arms around Sara's waist and gave her a
lingering kiss on the lips. "Thank you for bringing me here," she said
after their lips slowly parted.
"You're welcome," Sara replied as she caressed Cyanah's cheek. A few
moments later they were walking a bit further down the white sands, arms
around each other's waists. Sara loved the feeling of having Cy's arm
around her as they walked. "The sunset here is amazing," she told her as
she pointed out over the water. "I can't wait for you to see it." 
Sara seemed a bit nervous for some reason. But with good cause; there
had been a reason for their trip to the holodeck and she worried about
how Cyanah would react. She had been up most of the night debating
whether or not to tell her now or wait. The last two days had been
wonderful, but they were only two days. Was she rushing it? No... It was
the right time because no matter how long they had been together or will
be together, Cy was now something so much more to her and nothing would
take that away. 
"I'm looking forward to it. There's not much more romantic than watching
a beautiful sunset with your lover." She looked out to sea, embracing
the salt breeze on her skin. "And it's a perfect end to our shoreleave.
So poetic and inspiring for the days we have ahead together." A rogue
wave lapped at their feet and Cyanah playfully kicked at the water,
splashing Sara's legs.
Sara nodded in agreement to this being a perfect way to end their shore
leave and then laughed as Cy splashed her. "Oh, you wanna play now, do
you?" she said with a mischievous grin. Grabbing Cyanah by both hands,
she pulled her out into the water until the water was at their thighs.
The waves crashed against them as they laughed, splashing and chasing
each other in the water.
 A wave larger than the others began to approach, so they started trying
to make it back to shore. Unfortunately, walking in thigh-deep water was
slow going, so the wave crashed over them, utterly soaking the two. They
both emerged laughing and made their way back to drier sands. Cyanah
just stood for a moment and admired Sara, her skin glistening with water
droplets that were almost like gems in the sunlight. She let herself get
lost for a few moments in the beauty of the picture, including that of
the woman in it. Her reverie was only broken when Sara walked up and
slid her arms around Cyanah's back, the water making their skin slick
and the touch even more sensual.
Sara leaned in and kissed Cyanah deeply as they stood there on the sand.
As she felt Cyanah's arms warp around her she wished once again that she
could freeze the moment in time. Now was the right time... She
reluctantly pulled out of the kiss and smiled a bit as she felt Cyanah
not wanting to let go. "I have something for you." she said softly as
she took Cyanah by the hand and led her back up the beach to where they
had placed a blanket earlier. 
The two women settled on to the blanket together. "Not every
relationship for a Betazoid has what we have together," Sara said as she
reached over for a small bundle that she had stashed away. "What I mean
is that even though each person they are with special, there is only one
person that they will be able to bond with the way we have," she
continued as she carefully placed the bundle in her lap.
Cyanah's mind raced to figure out what Sara could be referring to. The
mind-link Sara had established with her during the first time they had
made love, perhaps? Was that a unique phenomenon, confined to only one
lover during a Betazoid's life? If so, then Sara was implying that her
feelings for Cyanah were and always would be unique, and the
implications of that were staggering to Cyanah. She forcibly stopped her
imagination from running wild and concentrated on Sara, hoping that she
would explain things a little more clearly.
Sara turned to face Cyanah, allowing herself a moment to savor the image
before her before going on. "When we find that person that we have
bonded with, it's a major part of life. I'm one of the very few who has
managed to find her Imzadi early in life." Sara watched Cyanah carefully
and then slowly opened the bundle as she had in her lap.
Imzadi? She had heard the word, but wasn't exactly sure what it meant.
Nevertheless, she was floored by the easily apparent significance of
what she was to Sara. Her heart swelled with what she thought must be
love, and she wanted to throw her arms around her lover, but she
restrained herself and let Sara continue.
"I'm also lucky because you were my first. Bonding with your first lover
is very uncommon, which makes it even more special." Sara lifted a small
emerald green jewelry box from the wrappings. "This is what we call a
bonding gift. It's given to our Imzadi as a token of the connection we
have." Sara smiled as she opened the box to reveal what looked like a
white rose. "And this is a chameleon rose... It's a symbol of the link
we share." 
Sara carefully picked up the rose and placed it in Cyanah's hands and
watched as it began to change colors. "It changes colors depending on
the emotions of the person holding it."
The rose turned a bright pink, and Cyanah smiled, feeling flattered and
loved. Her feelings toward Sara intensified along with the rose's hue,
and she blinked back teary eyes for a few moments. "What does pink mean,
Sara?" she asked, thinking that she knew the answer.
Sara smiled happily as she watched the color of the rose change. "Pink
means serenity and love." She answered as she reached out and wrapped
her hands around Cyanah's. "Watch," she said with a smile. The rose once
again swirled in a dance of colors before turning a beautiful blue.
"That's the bonding color."
"Sara... I'm genuinely touched by this. It's the single most moving
gesture ever extended toward me by anyone. Thank you. Thank you so
much." Cyanah cradled the rose carefully in one of her hands and then
wrapped her arms around Sara, tightly embracing her. When she
reluctantly pulled away, she was smiling, though a few joyful tears had
leaked down her face. The rose was a fuller pink than ever.
Reaching out with one hand Sara tenderly wiped away the sweet little
tears from Cyanah's cheek with the back of her hand. "I'm glad you like
it," she whispered before leaning in and kissing Cyanah deeply. 
Cyanah lost herself in the kiss, and any amount of time could have
passed before her lips slowly parted from Sara's. "I love you, Sara,"
she said, the words sliding easily from her mouth. She had loved Sara as
her best friend before their relationship had ascended to a new level,
and she didn't see any reason to stop feeling love simply because they
were early in a romance. The transition was easy for her.
The tears now welled up in Sara's eyes as she slid her hand through
Cyanah's hair and around the back of her neck. She barely brushed her
lips against Cy's before looking in her eyes. "I love you, Cyanah." This
time there were no questions behind the words, no concerns, or
reservations. This time the words were as natural to Sara as breathing. 
Cyanah leaned back and smiled at Sara, her eyes still watery and both of
her hands clasped in Sara's. The rose was blue again from their bond.
"And to think... I didn't get you anything," she said with a little
laugh. "I've never been an Imzadi before - I don't even know what to
Sara laughed a bit before a playful grin tugged at her lips. "Who says
you have to wear anything?" she purred as reached out and untied the top
string of Cyanah's bikini top. She then carefully placed the box and
rose safely off to side before moving in closer to her lover and slowly
peeling her top the rest of the way off. The setting sun bathed them in
its crimson-tinted shades of gold as their bodies and minds entwined
once more. They spent the last night of their shoreleave together on
that beach, making love under the stars to the music of the crashing

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