<USS Banshee> "A Little Chat About a Whole Lot"

  • From: Victor Andros <victor_andros@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 16:20:28 -0800 (PST)

Commander Victor Andros stirred awake and looked around, not quite sure how he 
ended up in his quarters on Deep Space Nine. As he blinked the sleep out of his 
eyes, he remembered being in Admiral Fatima?s security office and being gassed. 
He shook his head clear of the cobwebs and sat up. As he surveyed the room, he 
noticed that there was only one change- a new PADD was lying on his nightstand. 
He picked it up, and there was a simple message on it that said, "When you wake 
up, contact me. We need to talk. Fatima." He checked his commbadge, which was 
still on his person. He tapped it and said, "Commander Andros to the Banshee." 
He waited about five seconds and did not get a response. "Commander Andros to 
Admiral Fatima."

"Fatima here. Congratulations on waking, Commander. Meet me in my security 
office." Victor heard the sound of the comm being cut off.

He shrugged and left his quarters, heading for the security office. Surely he 
would not pull the same stunt twice? Besides, I was already captured. He would 
not let me out just to recapture me. No, that doesn?t make any sense. He walked 
in silence up to the Admiral?s office and was granted admission by the yeoman 
with a simple nod of the head.

Admiral Fatima looked up and nodded at Victor. "Sit, Commander. There is much 
to discuss."

"I will stand, thank you."

"Very well." Fatima said, "First off, I need to instruct you of the actions of 
your crew. The Banshee has left DS9 and is heading for Earth."

"They did what? Under who?s orders." Victor was glad he was already standing, 
because he would have bolted upright on that note.

"I regret to say, mine. I was apparently drugged by a man and tricked into 
giving the order. My yeoman saw it all, but did not catch the assailant. As for 
me, I remember nothing of the incident, but the word of my yeoman is enough for 

"So just order them back here!"

"I cannot. They are under a communications blackout."

Victor stood slack-jawed for a second. "Why don?t I believe you?"

"Because I took drastic measures to neutralize you. When three of your crew 
members escaped from the brig, I assumed you were organizing the resistance. 
Turns out you weren?t, because they left while you were knocked out. I 
apologize for my actions."

"Accepted, but that still does not change the fact that the ship is gone and my 
crew is out there. By the way, who is in command?"

Fatima sighed, "From my yeoman?s reccollection of the incident, an Ensign 

"Ensign Chaos? The beta-shift helmsman? Who is on the ship?"

"I am not entirely sure, although it can be assumed that everyone save yourself 
and Captain Morrigan are."

Victor frowned, "And Lieutenant D?nalls is on Cardassia.... This means that the 
command staff is missing."

"Correct. That is why I have taken two steps. One, you will be leaving on the 
Defiant immediately to link up with the Banshee, and I have issed recall orders 
to Lieutenant D?nalls to get him back here. Due to the cirumstances, I cannot 
allow Captain Morrigan to leave the station until she is cleared of all 

"You mean you expect me to ship out of here on the Defiant in an attempt to 
catch my ship without my captain?"

Fatima nodded, "Yes, I do. Because if you do not, I have no idea what will 
become of it, and you will follow my orders for the same reason."

Victor narrowed his eyes at Fatima. "I don?t know what kind of game you?re 
playing, but I don?t like it."

"This is no game, Commander, I just do not want to lose the first model of the 
newest class of ship in the Federation to... God only knows who."

"Very well, Admiral. I will play for now. If only to save the lives of my 
crew." With that, Victor turned on his heel, and left the security office, 
heading for the USS Defiant.

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