<USS Banshee> "A Late Night... Conversation?"

  • From: Victor Andros <victor_andros@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ussbanshee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 21:01:56 -0800 (PST)

I have been quite remiss with this log. I apologize to everyone for it's 
lateness, Joe most of all. This takes place immediately after "the ball." For 
those of you who can remember back that far.

Commander Victor Andros and Lieutenant, junior grade Joseph Castillo had just 
left the ballroom. Well, it wasn't technically a "ballroom," but it was a room 
that was being used for a ball, so it could be a ballroom. They were both 
grateful for the antechamber that allowed them to dress in privacy. Although 
they had been naked all night, the room gave a ball a sense of exclusivity, 
and, more importantly, privacy. It was as if it was its own self-contained 
little world, but once that world was left, reality hit hard like a smack in 
the face. Reality was, this was still a military vessel. As comfortable as they 
were at the ball, or in their quarters, being naked together; they certainly 
would not walk through the Banshee's halls wearing nothing more than what they 
were born with. Neither man looked at each other as they hurriedly put their 
robes back. Lovers though they were, there was still a certain sense of 
ettiquete about the way they silently gave each other their own privacy.

The duo walked quietly hand-in-hand, earning quite a few raised eyebrows along 
the way. They walked quietly back up to Victor's quarters, though there was an 
unspoken sense of urgency that they both shared. After the turbolift deposited 
them both near the senior officer's quarters, Victor seemed to have sped up, 
occassionally tugging Joe along to get him to hurry up. "Going somewhere?" Joe 
asked. Victor looked back at him, and the hungry look in his eyes spoke more 
than words could have.

They entered Victor's quarters, and all the pretty formalities from the ball to 
the walk home dissolved into nothingness. Victor turned around, then shoved 
Joe's shoulders against the wall and pressed his lips against the smaller man's 
all in one fluid motion. Victor finally had to come up for breath, and said, 
"Damn. Watching your naked body all night has made me so damn horny." He used a 
timely thrust of the hips to emphasize his point, and was rewarded with a grunt 
from Joe. 

Joe had one of those lopsided grins he gets when he wants to be cute. "Believe 
me, I noticed."

"Yeah, well, you seemed to be enjoying yourself, too," Victor said.

"Ah, yes, it was a nice feast for the eyes. Besides, how could I not," Joe 
said, "especially being on the arm of such a handsome commander."

"Would you stop that, already?" Victor said. Joe began to get that hurt look in 
his eyes, so Vic hugged him to let him know that it wasn't meant as a 
reprimand. "In here, I am Victor. Not your Commander. When it's just us, you 
shouldn't treat me as a superior officer."

"I'm sorry, Vic. It's one of my biggest problems. I'm getting better, I swear."

"You need to give over that quickly with me."

Joe hugged Vic around the waist. "Okay. I will, hun."

Joe smiled up at Victor and leaned into the larger man, eager to return to 
their earlier activities. As Vic pushed Joe back up against the wall, it became 
plainly evident that neither man's desire had cooled for the other. Victor's 
right hand snaked down to Joe's waist and undid the sash that held the robe 
together, but Joe's hand grabbed Victor's before it could do anything more. 
"Vic, we need to talk."

"Now?" Victor asked in a tone that bordered on plaintive.

"Yes now."

"About what?" Victor asked.

Joe sat down on the bed. "Us," he said.

Victor looked around and settled for the chair to sit in. "What about us?"

"I... I just need to know where we stand with each other. Do you just want a 
physical relationship? Do you want an exclusive relationship? Help me out here, 

Victor smiled slyly, "Are you trying to say you want to be my boyfriend?"

"Well, in a way, yes, but...." Joe trailed off.

"But?" Victor prompted

"Well, I'm also attracted to women and I want to have children someday," Joe 

Victor looked as if Joe just told him that he was actually the Queen of Sheba. 
He just sat for a few long moments and Joe thought he could smell the rubber 
burning inside his head. "So what you're telling me is this just a little fun 
for you. You want to play around, then leave. Are you really just in this for 
the short-term, Joe?"

"No! I'm not saying that at all. This is so difficult for me, Vic. I mean, I've 
kissed other guys before, sure, but I've never actually been in a relationship 
with one before. I might be able to spend the rest of my life with you, but I 
would definetly regret not being able to have kids."

"So," Victor said, "what? Am I just filler for you while you wait around to 
find the perfect girl? Am I just someone to screw around with until you find 
'the one'?"

"No, Victor, it's not like that at all. I like you, and I like being around 
you, and not just in a physical sense. When I'm with you I just, I dunno, feel 
more confident. Like I'm a better person." Joe hung his head and suddenly found 
the Starfleet-issue carpet very interesting. "I guess I just want to have my 
cake and eat it, too."

"Yeah, well, what happens when you meet up with some cute girl? Are you just 
gonna drop me like old plasma coolant?" Victor said.

"I honestly don't know, Victor. If I had my way, I would have both and we'd all 
live happily ever after. But I know that isn't likely."

Victor stood up and closed the short distance between him and Joe. "How about 
if we just cross that bridge when we get to it?" Victor said.

Joe sighed, and his shoulders visibly relaxed. "Thanks, Vic. I wasn't sure how 
you'd react, but I care about you too much not to talk to you about it." Joe 
wrapped his hands around Victor's waist and rested his head against the taller 
man's stomach.

Victor ran his hands through Joe's short hair, but refrained from stratching 
behind his ears. "You know, at first, this was just raw physical lust. I saw 
you and wanted you. Ya know?" He slid down and sat next Joe on the bed without 
breaking their embrace. "But... getting to know you as I have.... It's hard not 
to like you. You're just such a sweet kid."

Joe pushed Victor down onto the bed and crawled above him on all fours. "Don't 
get me wrong, I've always thought guys were cute, but, for me, it was your 
confidence that attracted me to you." Joe smiled down at Vic and deftly opened 
the front of Victor's robe.

"So we're an item now?" Victor said.

"Well, we did go the ball together." Victor just looked at him, as if to say 
'I'm waiting for your answer.' "Yes, I'd like that very much," Joe said right 
before he went back to kissing his boyfriend.

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