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"A Glimpse of the Truth"

by Lieutenant Sara Crusher

and Lieutenant JG Cyanah Kaelyre


The pain from the headache that Sara had suffered all day was nothing
compared to the explosive throbbing in her head now. She had no idea
what was going on; all she knew was for some reason some kind of strange
and overpowering link had been abruptly opened and closed with Heather.
How was this even possible? Sara's abilities were no where near that
strong; Heather was still on Earth for heaven's sake. 

Sara sat double over on the bench next to Cyanah in Three-Forward. Her
forehead rested on top of her thighs and her breathing was slow and
controlled as she waited for whatever this was to pass. The only thing
that was making this all bearable was the sensation of Cyanah rubbing
small circles on her back. A few minutes after the forced link was
opened, it closed again and slowly the overwhelming pain subsided. Sara
sat up slowly as she rubbed her temples. "That was weird, not to mention
painful," she said softly since the sound of her own voice seemed to

The message was odd and Sara really couldn't understand it; the only
thing she was sure of was that it wasn't good. Sara smiled as she felt
Cyanah wrap her arms around her and for a moment all the stress and
confusion in her life seemed to melt away. "I'm alright, Sweetie." She
said trying to ease the concern she knew Cyanah was feeling for her.

"Are you sure?" Cyanah's face was full of concern for her love's
well-being. "Maybe we should go back to your quarters for a while. You
should lie down. That... was Heather, right?" Cyanah had been able to
feel the slightest hint of what Sara had gone through over their
Imzadi's bond.

Sara nodded, "It was. I'm not sure how, but it was." Sara sat still for
a few more minutes while she quietly let the room stop spinning and then
smiled faintly. "I think lying down is a good idea until this all
passes." She stood slowly and could feel Cyanah standing with her. They
each smiled at Ms. Morrigan who was still across the room trying to get
Samantha out from under a table and then headed for Sara's quarters. The
turbo lift ride was almost unbearable as it made her head ache again.   

Cyanah wrapped an arm around Sara's shoulders as the ride came to an
end. They walked out of the lift and through the corridor to Sara's
quarters. The door opened and the two walked into the dark room.
"Computers, lights at twenty-five percent." Cyanah said quietly so that
she wouldn't aggravate Sara's headache.

As the lights came on, the aftermath of Sara going though her old trunk
was evident. There were old photo albums on the couch, scraps of paper
with half written songs and poems on the desk, an old woven Indian
blanket tossed in a corner, and all kinds of ribbons and small trophies
on the coffee table. Sara could feel the warmth in her cheeks as she
looked around.   

"Sorry about the mess," she said softly as she and Cyanah headed towards
the bedroom. "I was looking though some of my old stuff when I got
called to sickbay." Sara tired to pick things up as she went but Cyanah
took the old books and guitar picks out of her hands. Sara smiled and
sat gently on the bed as she watched Cyanah head into the bathroom.  

"I have a hypo in the cabinet for these kinds of headaches," she said as
she looked at the stuff on her floor. The rock, the photo album and her
cheerleading uniform from high school. Sara bit her bottom lip and
glanced at the bathroom door before quickly snatching the short pelted
skirt and tight sweater off the floor. 

Cyanah looked in the medicine cabinet and found the appropriately
labeled hypo, then carried it back into the bedroom. "This the right
one?" Cyanah held the hypo up as she asked, and when Sara nodded, she
applied the hypo to her neck and it hissed away. "There. I hope that
makes you feel better. Now... what is all of this? I've never seen your
quarters in such disarray." She sat down on the bed next to Sara and
pulled her close.

Sara smiled as she finished stuffing the purple and gold outfit under
her pillow and then snuggled into Cyanah's hold on her. "I had that,"
she nodded towards the trunk, "beamed up from my Mother's home in
Arizona. I was hoping something in there would help me figure out what
it is I'm blocking out and why."  

Cyanah nodded and smiled as she noticed Sara trying to hide something
under her pillow. "What's that?" She pointed at a flash of purple poking
out from the side of the pillow.

"Nothing!" Sara squeaked as she leaned against the pillow. She looked up
at Cyanah with a goofy grin as she tried to push the skirt under the
mattress. She didn't want anyone, let alone Cyanah, to know she was a

"Awww, c'mon! It's me!" Cyanah grinned and reached behind Sara, fishing
for whatever she could find back there.

Sara giggled as she wrestled Cyanah for the uniform. "It's nothing. Just
something goofy I did as a kid," she said as she tried to grasp Cyanah's
hands. Cyanah smiled at her and stopped trying to get hold of the
outfit, then leaned in and kissed Sara. Sara was enjoying the kiss and
forgot all about hiding the skirt and sweater until Cyanah had them in
her hands. "Hey, no fair, you distracted me." Sara giggled as she
blushed a bit. 

"Yeah, and it worked, too! What are these for?" Cyanah asked, holding up
the cheerleading clothes.

"I was a cheerleader in high school," Sara said before realizing Cyanah
might not know what a cheerleader was. "It's kinda like," She paused a
moment to figure out the best way to explain what cheerleading was.
"Well, it was a group of teenage girls dressed in that while chanting
and bopping around at boys' sporting events." Sara smiled a bit and then
moved to the end of the bed where she lied on her stomach as she looked
though one of her albums. "I think I have a picture." 

Cyanah watched over Sara's shoulder as she flipped through the photo
album, all the while trying to imagine cheerleading. A particular
photograph caught her eye as the pages turned, and she put a hand on
Sara's shoulder. "Go back, please... another page... there!" She pointed
at a picture of Sara, perhaps aged ten, and a woman that looked like a
younger version of Captain Morrigan. "The girl is obviously you... but
that woman looks like the Captain!"

Sara stared at the picture as if she were looking at a ghost. She didn't
know what to say or to think as she looked down at the two smiling faces
that sat side by side on the staircase in her mother's home. "It can't
be," she said without realizing she had said anything. She continued to
look down at the picture, at the woman with her long raven hair and
familiar grey eyes. "Why would I have a picture of me and the Captain?" 

"Think about it, Sara... maybe it'll come back to you." Cyanah carefully
took the picture out of the album. "Perhaps there are other pictures
that will help you remember. Let's look." She set the first picture
aside, grabbed another album off the floor, and began searching through

Sara nodded and continued to look at the first picture as things slowly
fell into place, but she still didn't understand them. How did the
Captain play into this? Sara was starting to feel as if the world and
everyone in it was passing her by and she was still left in the dark.
"Sara!" Sara jumped at the sound of Cyanah's voice. "What?" Sara shook
off the feeling and looked up at Cyanah who was holding the homemade
photo album.   

Without a word, Cyanah placed the album in Sara's lap and pointed to a
picture. Sara looked down and there in front of the stone wall stood two
women, a girl and dog. Under the picture were the names Nana Morrigan,
Beanie, Flynn and, "Dear god it is her!" Rhi. 

"So you knew the Captain as a child... is any of this coming back to

The faceless voice in the memory flashes suddenly had a face. The
Captain's face. Sara looked at the picture a little longer and then up
at Cyanah. She started to say something but stopped. Her mind was in a
flurried frenzy as it tried to make sense of all of this. "I don't
understand. Why would I forget that she was," Sara paused again as
things started to settle, memories became clearer and feelings more

Sara stood up and looked down at Cyanah. "God, Cy, why couldn't I
remember that she was a big part of my childhood? I mean, I spent whole
summers with her and her mother in Ireland and I lost all of that!" 

"I doubt that it's totally lost, love... you just need to uncover it."
Cyanah thought for a long moment. "Perhaps Ms. Morrigan can assist you
in that. There's something about her..."

Sara nodded, "I just hope she'll tell me and not give me that 'in time'
line again." Sara picked up the photo album and spun around to head for
the door and then stopped as she weaved a bit. "Whoa." She quickly put
her hand against the wall to balance herself as the room spun. 

During the excitement of finding those pictures, Cyanah had forgotten
all about what brought them here in the first place. "Love?" she asked
as she rose from the bed and went to Sara's side. "Are you alright?"

"I will be as soon as the room stops moving," Sara said with a light
laugh. "Side effect of the hypo. I normally sleep after taking that

"Maybe you should sleep... but something tells me you can't and won't.
Perhaps she can come here to spare you the walk." She looked around at
the mess in Sara's quarters. "Or we could meet her at my quarters."

Sara looked around as she sat back down on the bed and laughed. "Maybe
we should ask her to meet us in your quarters once I can walk across the

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