<USS Banshee> "A Bridge over Troubled Waters"

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?A Bridge over Troubled Waters?
by Lieutenant Joshua Asper
& Lieutenant Sara Crusher

Sickbay had been bustling all day, which had added to the amount of work placed on the staff. Patients came and went in unebbing tides, research information passed through the medical mainframe, and paper work had backed up.

Sara hated being short staffed since it added to the amount of time and work she demanded from not only her staff but also herself, but there was nothing she could do about it until they got back to a Starbase. Finally a break in the rush of the day. The bay was empty except for Jenny and a few other nurses so Sara took the chance to grab a cup off coffee and look over her notes on Ju Ju III. The soft hum of the equipment around her lulled her into a pleasant state of relaxation. Then came the next wave.

Telsia had been working her tail off in Engineering and Josh was allowed to slump into his day of leisure before he was thrust head on into the whirl of a two-week hell. It was all right though, Josh surmised, because of Cameron. There was something new in the aura of the boy now. Whether it be their newfound connection or the truth that Cameron was Josh's own offspring, he didn't know, but it was for the better nonetheless. He was just overwhelmed.

He hoisted the small child off the ground and onto his shoulders. Cameron giggled playfully as they walked out into the corridor. Josh was over the turned heads and the perked eyebrows ? Cameron was his son and he was damn proud. Hissing open, the doors to sickbay didn't reveal a calm and serene room of peace; instead, a blunt blow of work came rushing at him and the lively chatter rang in his ears. There was no tranquillity, only chaos.

Sara finished with a young ensign from science with an odd bite mark, her second of the day, and turned at the sound of the doors opening. She was more then a little surprised at what she saw. Not that seeing Josh in sickbay was anything new, but the small boy in his arms was definitely new. Sara quickly pocketed her tricorder and waved off a crewman who was approaching Josh.

With a smile ? for the child?s sake ? Sara walked up to Josh and in a soft tone greeted him. "Hello Lieutenant, what can I do for you?"

"Lieutenant?" Josh perked an eyebrow and grinned, "Sounds so official. I was just wondering what you were doing for lunch. I know we haven't been that civil as of late - I figured you'd join me and Cameron here." Josh motioned to the dirty blonde-haired kid playing with Josh's ears on his perch atop Josh's shoulders. He smiled at Sara and pointed and spewed a mash of inaudible words that two-year-olds do.

Her smile brightened as Sara looked up at the child. "It's nice to meet you, Cameron." She reached up and nearly laughed when the child took her hand. Then she looked at Josh. "I had planned on working though lunch. But I've been reminded on almost a daily basis that that's not a good thing to do, so I guess you've lucked out."

"You hear that, buddy?" Josh hopped a bit and Cameron giggled again, "We get to go to lunch with Sara. I was just thinking the crew lounge, that OK with you?"

"Sounds fine." Sara replied before looking over her shoulder to tell Jenny where she was heading. Jenny nodded and shooed them away as she took Sara's lab coat. Sara turned and smiled at Cameron again. "So it's true. Captain Morrigan allowed a child on board."

Josh smiled, "Yeah, came as a surprise to me as well. He's the coolest kid in the world though." Josh wasn't sure whether revealing to Sara that the kid was his was a good idea or not, so he stifled it as they walked. He looked over at Sara with a smile that he hadn't used with her in a long time, "So, how have you been?"

"Overworked, stressed out, frustrated to no end, but happier then I ever thought I was allowed to be." Sara returned Josh's warm smile as she followed him into a turbolift. "What about you? It would appear you've found something to be happy about."

Nodding ever so slightly, Josh looked at Sara, "Let's just say that I've found an extension of myself. Allow me to introduce my son, Cameron." He was waiting for the 'what the hell did you just say' look to appear. He smiled and looked straight ahead as the turbolift hummed and shuddered to life. "Cameron, Cameron, Cameron..." The child laughed as Josh pulled his hair from the toddler's grip.

If she hadn't have been leaning against the wall already, Sara would have surely fallen into it. Her mind quickly reviewed the files she'd read as she wondered if she'd somehow missed that small fact. Finally she found her voice. "You never told me you had a son."

"Well, I didn't know I had one until last night. I couldn't be happier and Telsia is such a wonderful woman. I'm glad that we've been reunited. I haven't missed much, so I can still be an influential part of his life." He looked down and then walked out as the doors slid open revealing the desolate corridor beyond - it was like a different world on every deck. "Now the hard part is dealing with the fact of whether to stay or go."

The past reviles itself when it's ready and not a moment sooner. The words that Kathryn had spoken to her over and over again during the last few months kept playing in Sara's mind as she walked with Josh and his?his son towards the lounge. It was all she could do not to laugh out loud. Then Josh's words registered with her. "What do you mean stay or go?"

Letting out an exasperated sigh, Josh turned. "You know the rules about children onboard. As Telsia has told me, this is only a temporary assignment for her. We don't know whether she's leaving or not. Then again, since Eric isn't all he appears to be, things are just in a huge jumble." Josh was afraid he'd have to tell her the entire story, which he wouldn't actually mind doing, but he'd had enough being through it once.

Sara nodded. "I know the rule," She said simply as she took her seat across from Josh. "and I know that it must be a tough choice to have to make. I've had a fair share of officers pass though my sick bay who are no longer with us because of the rules." Sara smiled at Cameron and the asked, "So I get who Telsia is but who's Eric? Don't tell me you have twins."

"No," Josh laughed as he sat down Cameron in a booster seat that he had had specially replicated, "Eric is Telsia's husband - soon to be ex-husband. Let's just say that it involves spousal and child abuse." Josh just shook his head, but soothed his tormented soul as he looked down at the pure innocence that was his son. He smiled and looked at Sara in the eyes.

Not wanting to scare Cameron Sara kept her voice in a soft tone, but her true feelings blazed in her eyes. "This happened here? Does the Captain know? Joe? Why wasn't medical informed?"

Shaking his head, Josh motioned for her to just be calm, "Sara, if you knew what they'd been through then you'd know too why they wanted to keep it silent. I handled the situation with my usual flare and charm." His eyes circled the room real quick to make sure that no one was on to what they were talking about, and Cameron was happily content to play with the PADD on the table. "It's handled."

Sara shook her head and sighed. "Which means you fought the guy. That's all well and good Josh but this man belongs on the other side of an article thirty-two and a prison forcefield."

"Do you see me disagreeing with you? No, but I want to keep Telsia's interest at heart here. It's for the best that they're soon to be divorced and out of his house. They're staying with me for now." He ran a hand through the boy's hair that was still intently looking at the PADD. It brought a smile to his face, but when dealing with Cameron he was always smiling.

Sara simply nodded. It amazed her still that people like this man were out there and that women like Josh's girl and his son were still paying the price for it. "Well, just let her know that the courts and the crew would be on her side."

Josh nodded and he was determined to change the subject, "I'm sure she'll appreciate that. Sara, I know that we haven't been the best of friends and as nice as we could be to each other, but I want that all to change. I've realized, in the last week or so, that life is too short to squander friendships and turn against the ones you love for they may not be there when you need them. You mean too much to me, friends should be cherished."

"There's a lot of rough water under that bridge, Josh." Sara's voice broke it's cheerful overtones as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "But you?re not the only one who's learned a few things lately."

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