[ussbanshee] Roster 0205.09

  • From: CptMorrigan@xxxxxxx
  • To: ussbanshee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 12:17:42 EDT

Last update for this week.....

Please join me in welcoming Ensign Cyanah Kaelyre to the Science Department.  
This gives us at least one assistant in every department!!  Wheeee!  See you 
all in a couple of hours!

The Captain

USS Banshee
NCC 090565

Mailstring:  CptMorrigan@xxxxxxx, victor_andros@xxxxxxxxx, 
GroundZero@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, ProAce714@xxxxxxx, DeLoreanPrime@xxxxxxxxxxx, 
delieta@xxxxxxxxxxx, Gryphon497@xxxxxxx, hiddukel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, 
EnsnSaraCrusher@xxxxxxx, Ens C JThompson@xxxxxxx, dbpad@xxxxxxxxxxx, 
locutuszero@xxxxxxxxxxx, cyanah@xxxxxxx

Captain:  Captain Rhiannon Deidre Morrigan
Executive Office:  Commander Victor Andros

Tactical: Lieutenant Joshua Asper
Helm/Ops: *open*
Shogun Squadron Leader: Lieutenant Junior Grade Hiddukel

Chief Security Officer:  Lieutenant Johnathan Marshall
Assistant Security: Ensign C J Thompson
Assistant Security: *open*
Assistant Security: *open*

Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Junior Grade A Michael Grant
Assisant Engineer: Ensign Sammy Jenkis 
Assistant Engineer: *open*
Assistant Engineer: *open*

Chief Science Officer:  Lieutenant Junior Grade Robert Cliff Jace
Assistant Science Officer: Ensign Cyanah Kaelyre
Assistant Science Officer: *open*
Assistant Science Officer: *open*

Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Junior Grade Coren Terje
Assistant Medical Officer: Ensign Sara Crusher
Assistant Medical Officer: Ensign Anthony D'Vorak
Assistant Medical Officer: *open*

Counselor: *open*

The USS Banshee meets weekly on Thursdays from 7:30 to 8:30pm EST in the AIM 
chat room Celestial Prime.

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