[ussbanshee] Duty Log, Ensign C. Joshua Thompson

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  • Date: Sun, 12 May 2002 23:38:48 EDT

::CJ enters the Security barracks and heads over to his bunk. He removes his 
tunic and opens his closet door.  After hanging his tunic up he looks at the 
Family picture that is pinned to the door.. The last picture of the complete 
family before the beginning of the Dominion War.  After a few moments, CJ 
notices that the barracks are practically empty.  Most of the other Security 
officers are on duty, or using the recreational advantages of the Banshee.  
CJ moves over to the corner of the barracks at the Log Desk and logs into the 

Computer Log on Assistant Security Officer, USS Banshee.
Ensign Corey Joshua Thompson, Alpha Omega Beta 3144221. 

Computer> Log Request?

CJ: Computer, start recording Duty Log Stardate, 0205.12

Computer>ACK. Recording:..........

CJ: Well, it was an interesting first day... Chief Marshall requested I 
report to Sickbay for an AT mission.  I was briefed on a Surgery that would 
change our appearance, that all changed when a call from the Bridge had us 
report ASAP to the TR.  Upon arrival at the TR with Ensign Crusher, we then 
beamed down to a ship to search for any signs of life.  The AT broke up and I 
was following Ensign Crusher and Ensign Kaelyre.  We searched one deck of 
crew quarters and a observation/lounge.  Signs of life we present and it 
seemed they disbanded from the area quite rapidly.  After some urging Team 
Ensign climbed down a J Tube, heading for Cargo Bay 1.  Tjhe Science officer 
continued her tricorder search of the Cargo Bay.. Some life was present but 
there was no way to get inside the Bay.  Alternate route available was 
continuation of the J. Tube. 

          After leaving the Cargo Bay we noticed a injured Romulan towards 
the next junction of the J Tube.  Doctor Crusher took life signs, while 
Science Officer Kaelyre took DNA patterns.. Armed with my phaser, I took a 
guarded stance of the area to secure the protection of the Doctors while 
preforming their duties.  We were ordered to return to the Banshee with the 
Romulan and arrived at Sickbay by beamout. 

Mission Goal: Find any signs of Life. Success.
Mission Difficulties: Comm system went down, communication with the Banshee 
and AT Command were lost from time to time. 
AT Search Results: As stated above.
Mission Wounded: None from Second team.
Weapon Fire: None from Second Team.
Reason for Weapon Fire: N/A

Computer End Duty Log and Transmit. 

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