[USS Athena] "Nice to meet You"

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Nice to meet You

    One thing Jhu'Rhiana had noticed about the attack shuttle, on the away 
mission to the Elder Base, was that it seemed a nano-second off on helm 
response.  This annoyed her.  She decided to recalibrate the controls.
    Stopping in main engineering, she borrowed a recalibration druusinn 
(scanner) from Daise-paectum (chief engineer) Telok.  She walked out of 
engineering, paying more attention to the druusinn, than to where she was going 
and almost ran into the woman entering engineering.
    T'Shana stumbled back, looking at the slender Romulan with a less than 
pleased expression. The young officer had a pretty face, strong Romulan 
features, and the typical short haircut. "Is there a fire anywhere?", she 
bounced off the door frame, steadying herself.
    Jhu'Rhiana was about to apologize for her clumsiness, but the woman's 
question caught her off-guard.  "If there were," she remarked, matter of 
factly,  "the automated fire suppression systems should be sufficient to handle 
    T'Shana was about ready to throw some unkind words at her, but the woman's 
remark made her smirk instead. "You Ro..Rihannsu are just too much... it's an 
expression that conveys the idea that someone is in a rush AS IF there was a 
    Jhu'Rhiana's eyebrow shot up.  "Why did you not just ask if I was rushing 
off somewhere?"
    "Because it's more fun to make a quip, you know...," T'Shana grinned, 
"Banter... you do know how to banter, right?"
    "I do not believe so," Jhu'Rhiana said.  "It seems a waste of words."
    Again, T'Shana had to chuckle. "But it's how you establish friendly 
connections to other people. Especially between opposite genders... though that 
would go more into flirting than banter," she winked. Straightening her uniform 
dress, she stuck her hand out. "I'm Doctor T'Shana cha'AAnikh. Nice to meet 
    Jhu'Rhiana took T'Shana's hand tentatively.  "I am Arrain Jhu'Rhiana."  She 
suddenly remembered T'Shana from the repair shuttle.  She also looked at 
T'Shana's 'uniform'.  "Where do you serve?  I do not recognize that uniform?"
    T'Shana flashed her a bright smile. "I was just assigned to Engineering," 
she motioned to the room, in which they were standing. "And the uniform," she 
grinned, getting a conspiratorial tone in her voice, "Well, let's just say, I 
don't care much for wearing pants," she winked again, "I prefer the female 
version of uniforms."
    "I was not aware there was a female version to the uniform."
    "There wasn't," T'Shana grinned sheepishly. "I designed it with the 
computer's help." She spun around one full turn, a proud expression on her 
face, "Like it?"
    As T'Shana spun, Jhu'Rhiana took it all in.  "While it is attractive, I do 
not see the practicality of such an ensemble.  Especially while working in 
    "Ohhh... but you would if you would try it," T'Shana winked again. "You 
wouldn't believe how much attention you'd be showered with... by the male crew."
    Jhu'Rhiana's gaze shot to T'Shana's face as if she had just grown another 
nose.  "I am in the Galae to serve my Empire, not to .... distract the male 
    T'Shana pursed her lips, nodding. "I see. Well, I love my work as well, but 
there's no reason to not enjoy the company of my fellow officers, while I'm 
doing my job. Or them enjoying my company," she smiled, "You want to tell me 
that you never wished any of the male crew to show some... interest in you?"
    The image of one certain male officer shot into Jhu'Rhiana's head.  "There 
is one, but I would not want to distract him while we were on duty."
    "Ahhh...," T'Shana's eyes twinkled. "Well... you have a very pretty face," 
she looked the young woman up and down again, "I'm sure you would look great in 
a dress. Perhaps... we could get you together with that certain person... off 
duty," she grinned mischievously. "What department are you in?"
    "I am in flight control," Jhu'Rhiana said.  The color of her uniform should 
have told T'Shana something as to her assignment, but she was new.  "I am a 
    "Nice. Men like women that can handle a stick and have a good aim," T'Shana 
grinned. "And your.... interest? What department is he?"
    Jhu'Rhiana thought quickly.  She really didn't want to reveal her interest 
in Svonn.  She tried to remember if there were any other Rihannsu in sciences.  
"I.... would rather not say," she finally admitted.  She had no idea who was in 
the science department other than Svonn, and Dhivael.
    "Oh," T'Shana nodded with a light smirk, "Well, suit it yourself. If you 
want me to help you, I'll be around," she began to walk further into Main 
Engineering, "But I better report for duty now. See you around, Jhu'Rhiana."
    Jhu'Rhiana watched T'Shana walk past her.  "It was nice to meet you, also." 
 She thought to herself that this woman was going to be trouble. Every part of 
Jhu'Rhiana's sensibilities said to stay away, but ..... she liked her.

Jointly logged by:

Arrain Jhu'Rhiana
NPC Helm officer, played by Noah Fyrstk

Erei'Arrain (Dr.) T'Shana cha'AAnikh

 "Knowledge becomes wisdom only after it has been put to practical use."


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