[USS Athena] "Don't Press Buttons!"

  • From: Svonn <svonn@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ussathena@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 13:47:57 -0400


    The two shuttles, from the Athena, entered the Elder base, much the same as they had done the last time, and touched down in the landing bay.  Svonn had decided they would not have to leave a shuttle in orbit, this time, as they were now visiting the base with Starzen approval.  The Starzen command ship, had moved into the forbidden zone with the shuttles, and now remained in orbit.  Captain Parduun, of the command ship, also traveled down, in his own shuttle.  The crews of all three shuttles gathered in front of the Sparta.
    "That was... different," Parduun commented to Svonn.  "How did you know we weren't just going to crash into the side of the mountain?"
    "Our sensors are more finely attuned to detect such disguises, sir," Svonn said matter-of-factly.  He was not boasting, just stating fact.
    With all the officers gathered, Svonn paired up the Athena crew, and assigned them different areas to explore.
    "I will also remind you all," Svonn warned.  His eyes fell to and held on T'Shana as he spoke,  "We are dealing with many unknowns on this base.  Unless you are absolutely certain of what you are looking at..." He tried to state it so everyone present would get the message.  "... do not start pressing buttons.  The Elders were, possibly still are, a very powerful race.  Maybe the only challenge the T'Kil have ever faced.  We do not need to accidentally destroy the command ship, in orbit."
    "Could that really happen," Parduun blurted out.
    "The previous base, we visited had a powerful planetary defense system," Svonn told him.  It had downed one of our shuttles and challenged the Athena.
    "So. let's be careful people!" Parduun added, looking at both Starzen and Athena officers.  "My crew, stick close to the Athena officers and let them do the exploring.  You are to watch ONLY, at the moment."
    Svonn nodded his agreement to the captain's words, and the teams moved out.


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