[uscembaxx] Fwd: Test of the New USC EMBA XX Free List

  • From: Kenneth Walker <kenneth.walker.2008@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uscembaxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2012 23:21:38 -0700

Excellent point, Chuck:
Here's the list I currently have, but Steve Crouse's email address came back undeliverable:
Alexis Papilion <lexylu@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Andrew Guo <ahguo@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Bertram Michel <michel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Brian Holte <bholte@xxxxxxx>
Brian Holte <holte@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Brian Manahan <brian.manahan@xxxxxxx>
Brian Weiss <bweiss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Camille Geiger <camille.j.geiger@xxxxxxxxxx>
Camille Geiger <cjgeiger17@xxxxxxxxx>
Chris Edgar <Chris.Edgar@xxxxxxxxx>
Chuck Depoz <chuck@xxxxxxxxx>
Darrell Gene <darrell.gene@xxxxxxxxxx>
Daryl Cruser <dcruser@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Doug Hiramoto <doug@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Elsa Richardson <elsa.synapse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Enrico Attanasio <rico.attanasio@xxxxxxxxx>
Francis Chamberlain <fjchamberlain@xxxxxxxxx>
Greg Bearce <gbearce@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Greg Malone <gmalone@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Gretchen Knudsen <wonderz@xxxxxx>
Jeff Hardin <jdhardin727@xxxxxxx>
Jessica Jiang <jianghaichao@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Jill Thomassian <jthomassian@xxxxxxx>
Jim Lactaoen <jlactaoen@xxxxxxxxx>
Joe Cane <jcane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Karen Kinnebrew <kdkinnebrew@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Ken Konrad <kdkonrad@xxxxxxxxx>
Kristen Stampe <Kristen.Stampe@xxxxxxxxxx>
Larry Beardman <larry.beardman@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Laura Bauer <lbauer00@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Maurice Martinez <maurice.martinez@xxxxxxxxx>
Mike Flaherty <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Mike Goodhue <mikegoodhue@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Motti Danino <motti.mot@xxxxxxxxx>
Patrick Henry <pat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Peer Hansen <peerbaggehansen@xxxxxxxxx>
Peter Harrington <peterh0613@xxxxxxxxx>
Ralph Tang <ralphtang@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Richard Delia <Richard.M.Delia@xxxxxxxxx>
Richard Oberreiter <Richard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Robert Hanna <Robert.A.Hanna@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Robert Lu <rbrtlu@xxxxxxxxx>
Roberto Pau <robpau@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sara Ng <sng1@xxxxxxx>
Scott Shulman <sshulman@xxxxxxxxxx>
Soy Jittrarachit <soy_j@xxxxxxxxx>
Steve Crouse <steve.crouse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Steve Deist <slynnbuck@xxxxxxxxx>
Steve Rosenberg <Srosenberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Teresa Wang <teresa.wang@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Todd Kawai <tmkbeach2@xxxxxxxxx>
William Rogers <willcfp@xxxxxxx>
YT Chen <yongtaochen@xxxxxxxxx>
Yvonne Chavez <ydchavez@xxxxxxxxx>
With three duplicates that makes 62 people, so I'm missing some.  Let me know!


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Thanks for doing this! Can you send out the list of whose email address you have or don't have?

Robert asked me for Motti's address after his first email. In case you don't have it: motti.mot@xxxxxxxxx.

Does it make sense to have a Facebook or, perhaps better, a Google+ class page?

Look forward to seeing you Thursday.


Chuck Dapoz

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Subject: [uscembaxx] Test of the New USC EMBA XX Free List
From: Kenneth Walker <kenneth.walker.2008@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, July 24, 2012 10:13 pm
To: uscembaxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi fellow alumni:
It's Ken Walker.  I'm testing this new list on Freelists.org I created so that we can keep in touch and let everyone know when the alumni events are coming up.
I currently have only 55 alumni email addresses entered that I got from Robert Lu's invitation.  If you know of anyone not listed on the email invite let me know and I'll add them to the USCEMBAXX@xxxxxxxxxxxxx list.

After performing some testing I'll release this email address to all alumni who wish to use it.

Kenneth J. Walker, MBA, PMP


Kenneth J. Walker, MBA, PMP
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