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Please stop replying to [urisa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Please note the correct email for Unsubcribe below:

~Francis Franco, GISP~

From: urisa-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:urisa-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf 
Of Wendy Nelson
Sent: Monday, April 23, 2012 2:18 PM
To: urisa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [urisa] Welcome to URISA Connect

The URISA Board welcomes you to the URISA Connect Listserv, a new member 
resource that adds value to your URISA membership.  You have been subscribed to 
the listserv because you are a URISA member.  Only URISA members can be 
subscribed to the listserv.

If you determine at some point that you don't wish to continue your listserv 
subscription, you can easily unsubscribe at the link at the bottom of this 
message.  That unsubscribe link is posted on the URISA web home page, as well, 
for easy access at any time.  You can also control how you receive messages 
from the Listserv, either via individual messages or by daily or weekly 
digests.  You will also have access to the Listserv archives, which will become 
a valuable membership resource in its own right.

The listserv is a way for any URISA member to send an email message to all 
URISA members at once.  Such a message could be used to ask a question about 
how other URISA members handle a particular technical or managerial GIS issue.  
Answers should be directed to the questioner, who is asked to compile and 
summarize the answers and submit back to the listserv for the benefit of the 
entire membership.  In this way, the listserv can be used as a closed 
discussion forum for topics and questions of general interest to the membership 
that fall within the purview of our mission and objectives.

The Board might use the listserv from time to time to gauge member opinion on 
issues or questions that the Board is considering.  Access to member ideas, 
questions, concerns, and issues can help the Board refine the URISA Advocacy 
Agenda and be more effective in advocating for issues of importance to the 

There are some ground rules for using the listserv.  The Board established a 
listserv policy in anticipation of bringing the listserv on line.  The entire 
policy can be found at:  http://www.urisa.org/listservpolicy

The policy in part says that users will:

a.      Be clear and concise;

b.      Support the goals and policies of our organization; and

c.      Be professional, courteous, and relevant to our membership.

The listserv is not for the advancement of private enterprise, where the value 
of the URISA listserv and its members are leveraged for non-URISA benefit.  The 
Board believes that more appropriate resources exist in other venues to promote 
products for business purposes. If the use of the listserv is abused by any 
member or member organization, their access to the listserv may be restricted 
or revoked.

The following uses of the listserv have been approved by the Board:

a.      All URISA-related business as determined by the staff, Officers and 

b.      Voluntary on-line survey requests that are directed toward URISA and 
its primary public sector constituents of "states, provinces, commonwealths, 
territories, protectorates, tribal affiliations, regional, county, and 
municipal governments, and similarly recognized civil jurisdictions";

c.      Job announcements and recruitment of potential employees for 
organizations represented by the membership;

d.      Requests by members to obtain focused and timely information from their 
peers to assist their own efforts; and

e.      The distribution of news and educational materials that is relevant to 
the geospatial community.

Send an email to the list using urisa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:urisa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

You may adjust your email preferences (set to Digest delivery or unsubscribe), 
visit: http://www.freelists.org/list/urisa

You can also unsubscribe by sending email to 
urisa-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:urisa-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx%20> with 
"unsubscribe" in the Subject.

Questions about the URISA Listserv, comments on performance, or questions about 
subscribing should be sent to info@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:info@xxxxxxxxx>

The URISA Board is looking forward to the discussion!

Wendy Nelson

Executive Director - URISA

www.urisa.org<http://www.urisa.org>    847-824-6300

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