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Dear TV Freelancer,

We are planning shortly to publicise the tvfreelancers site more widely
and launch it officially. So far, interest in this new initiative has
largely been by recommendation and word of mouth; yet even without any
serious promotion, subscription to our mailing list grows every day.
What you have seen so far is just the beginning.

Before we move on to the next stage in our growth, however, we'd like to
hear more feedback about the direction YOU would like the site to take.
What do you think of its content so far? If there are any specific steps
we can take to make it more useful or interactive, please let us know.
Are there other sites that you find valuable, which we could include in
our 'Links' page? Please let us know by emailing us at
info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .

Things have been quiet on our mailing list for a few weeks - but not for
lack of activity. Please do check into our forum through the website at
www.tvfreelancers.org.uk and see what's been going on. The new rates
forum has also seen a good response. I'd like to encourage you to visit
and to post information about your own rates, if you haven't done so
already. Some grades have a lot of information - others are still
waiting for more postings to make them really effective.

Please keep on spreading the word. We are clearly filling a niche on the
internet and would like as many people as possible to sign up for this
mailing list. They can do this through the one-click button on our web
site - address as above.

Best wishes



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