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Dear TV Freelancer,

In addition to the informal survey we've been running on our forum,
entries to our rates database give us a valuable insight into holiday
entitlement practices.

They enable us to see whether the method of handling holiday entitlement
has a connection to the broadcaster commissioning the job. The results
already suggest that there might be a link; but more data is needed to
confirm this pattern. We have more BBC entries than all the rest of the
channels put together, leaving the other terrestrial broadcasters a bit
under-represented at the moment.

I need to urge you once again to contribute entries to the rates
database, especially if a current or recent contract (even if you were
employed by an indie) was ultimately commissioned by one of these
broadcasters. Make sure you select the relevant option as to how holiday
entitlement was handled. Also, for the holiday data to be included in
our research, please submit these as soon as you can - ideally by next
Monday 11th August if possible.

Remember, those searching the rates database are never shown any
identifying details of who posted the information - so your entry
remains anonymous at all times. The workings of the database are fully
explained on the site.

Visit www.tvfreelancers.org.uk and use the navigation bar on the left to
get to the database.

Many thanks again for all your support!


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