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Dear TV Freelancer,

A very large thank you to those of you who have already taken the time
to fill out the questionnaire about the implementation of the PACT/BECTU
freelance agreement. Your responses are already providing a very
interesting picture of the situation out there.

This message is simply to say that we'd like to hear from more of you.
It's only a few days since we first invited you to contribute, but if
you haven't yet done so, PLEASE don't leave it to others to respond - it
only takes a couple of minutes, and the more information we receive, the
more leverage we can apply to realise the value of this agreement. If
you prefer not to fill out a form online, email us to ask for a Word
version of the form to fax or email back.

The questionnaire is at:


or simply follow the link from the first item on our home page.

Very best wishes to all of you,



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