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Dear TV Freelancer,
1. Holiday pay poll. So far, we only have about half the sample size we
would like in order to repeat our first poll from two years ago - we really
need your help. As there are well over three thousand on this mailing list,
I'm sure we can manage this...
or go to the front page of our site which also has a direct link to the
poll. We want to publish the results soon, so please don't leave it too
late. It's one simple mouse click to tell us your current situation - and
all completely anonymous.
2. For those of you not already aware of this, after further consultation
with the DTI (and pressure from TV Wrap), PACT has once again revised its
code of practice for work experience. 
The code now states:

A work experience person who is:

* not on a placement as part of a recognised college course;
* is over 16; and
* is expected to obey instructions

should be paid at least the national minimum wage.

This clearly is a big step forward in the industry's acceptance that unpaid
work is not acceptable under any circumstances where a worker, even on work
experience, is asked to carry out any sort of duties other than simply
3. On Tuesday 13th December, the Writers, Producers and Directors' Branch of
BECTU is bringing together a panel of experts to chew over the issues raised
by new regulations in the film industry. Finding the new government rules on
UK films a bit too taxing? Do you know what is meant by "a British film"? Do
the new guidelines on filmmaking in the UK make you feel you've lost the
plot? Should we struggle on regardless, or just rip the rulebook up and
start again? 

The evening of discussion is at BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly, London starting
promptly at 7.00 pm. The speakers for the evening are: Simon Relph; producer
and author of 'The Relph Report'; Larry Chrisfield; consultant to Ivan
Sopher & Co., Media Business and Tax advisers, Auditors and Accountants;
Gillian Baxter; founder and Senior Member, Baxter, McKay, Schoenfeld LLP,
Media & Entertainment Lawyer; and Martin Spence, Assistant General
Secretary, BECTU. More info here:
4. Finally, on our forum there are discussions under way about BBC changes
in post-production, travel expenses, PAYE vs self-employed, and agencies. We
also have unanswered queries about pregnancy, and redundancy from fixed-term
freelance contracts - do visit if you have something to offer on any of
those subjects.
All the best,
TV Freelancers
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