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Dear TV Freelancer,
As you may be aware, back in May the TVFL forum - or rather, the service
that hosts it - was hit by a hacker whose actions wiped out thousands of
forums around the world; but since then, the forum has returned to full
health and normal activity. We'd like you to come back and have a look at
what's going on:
For example, right now one of the most contentious issue seems to be the
self-employed vs. PAYE status argument for AP's - something which has caused
confusion, not to mention annoyance, for a few years. But right now the
scenery seems to be changing again, with a number of freelancers reporting
that they are now being denied self-employed status where they were
previously granted it. We'd like to hear from PMs and employers, as well as
AP's, as to what is happening - and why. Here's the link:
We'd also like to coax more of you into taking part in our poll on holiday
entitlement and how it's being handled. We need a bigger contribution to
have a truly representative sample, so if you haven't yet taken part, it
only takes one mouse-click to do your bit - here's the link:
Finally, do remember our Q&A forum is a place you can post your queries
about the freelance life. It's a newish forum but we currently have queries
about appropriate credits, and redundancy payments on fixed-term contracts.
If you can shed any light on these - or have a query of your own - please
take a look:
Posting in our forum is anonymous and you don't need any registration to
take part - so please bookmark us and stop by when you can!
All the best,
TV Freelancers

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