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Dear TV Freelancer,

Firstly, an apology to those of you who may have tried - and failed - to
register for, or log in to, our databases within the last few weeks. Due
to our server being overhauled, we've experienced various little
glitches which may have spoilt your enjoyment of our service. We're
really sorry about that - but the databases are now working again, and
you can use the site as before, or try again to register if you're a new

If you haven't visited the site for a while, here's a quick reminder of
what we offer. Our rates database enables you to share and access
information from over three thousand other freelancers about the going
rate for all kinds of freelance jobs; and you can even contact anyone
who's posted information to find out more about the specific job and its
rate. Then we have our employer database, where freelancers like
yourself have shared their experiences of specific employers and rated
them from one to ten - and again, you can contact those who posted the
information if you want to find out more about a specific employer. We
have our forum, with over a thousand postings on all issues affecting
the TV freelancer. And there's our knowledge database, with extensive
research into the legalities of holiday pay and an incredibly useful
Excel gadget to help you calculate your own. It's all free.

Please pay us a visit - and contribute your own entries to the
databases, if you can.

Best wishes



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