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Dear Freelancer,

1. TV Freelancers' sister organisation, TV career coaching service The
Escape Route, has been running successfully for some time, and is now
offering a special rate on its most popular package for a limited time over
the winter. The package gives you two one-on-one career consultations, with
more than 25% off the normal cost of the second session. Visit their site
for more information:

 <http://www.tvescaperoute.co.uk> http://www.tvescaperoute.co.uk

2. BECTU's campaign seeking freelance union recognition at the BBC has been
relaunched, and both members and non-members can help. The full story is on
their website here:


Although the campaign has been extremely successful and petition forms have
flooded in, the BBC has announced a major reorganisation of its departments,
potentially rendering all existing signed petitions ineffective. What this
means in practice is that if you've already filled in and returned one
petition, you now need to do another, as the first may now no longer count.
Forms can be downloaded from the page linked above.

3. We have a number of queries from freelancers on our forum relating to
issues such as paternity leave for freelancers, selling TV programmes
abroad, Inland Revenue 'special letters' to invoice on a self-employed
basis, and being interviewed when pregnant. If you think you can offer
advice on these queries, or indeed have questions of your own, visit our Q&A
forum here:


4. We've also posted in our forum some recent media coverage of unpaid work
experience issues, including a link to an eye-opening piece from Channel 4
news. Here's the thread:


That's it for now,

All the best

TV Freelancers


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