[UK TV Freelancers] 1. BECTU invitation 2. Database entries

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Dear TV Freelancer,

Two things briefly:

1. Martin Spence, from BECTU, has been active in our forum answering
some of the points raised about the union in the discussion threads
there. In his latest posting, he has gone a step further, and offered to
arrange a meeting for any of our users - BECTU members or not - who
would like to raise any points with him face to face about BECTU's
activities with regard to freelancers. Whether you're a BECTU fan,
deeply critical, or just curious about the union, this is a chance to
tell Martin what you would like to see BECTU doing.

In order to begin talking about dates and venues, we'd like a sense of
how many of you would like to attend. If you are interested, please
reply to this message to let us know, and we'll begin planning from

Martin's posting is at 
and it's in the topic called: "Oh...sorry we've filled the post...." 
(his message is on page 2 so you'll have to click through to the end of
the thread)

2. Good news as far as our rates and employer databases are concerned.
Loads of you have registered to use them, and are searching through
quite happily. The only problem is, there's still not a huge amount to
search... because not enough of you have ventured as far as contributing
information of your own.

Please help us out here. It goes without saying that these databases are
only as useful as the information in them, and that information can only
come from you, the freelancers out there, if we're to build a resource
that will have genuine value. If each one of you took sixty seconds to
put just one more entry onto our databases, about a rate or an employer,
it would increase the number of current entries tenfold. Click on the
link and do this for us now: www.tvfreelancers.org.uk

Remember, your identity, username and email address are never shown to
anyone searching the databases, which have been carefully designed to
protect your anonymity.

(If you're having any technical problems with the databases at all,
especially with logging in, please let us know. A few people have
encountered problems as a result of not having cookies enabled - you
need cookies enabled in your internet settings to stay logged in.)

Many thanks again for all your support,



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