[ucgui-dev] Re: About memdev and GUI_USAGE

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  • Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 11:57:34 +0800


I has downloaded the lastest ucgui vesion, it has develop to 3.98.

then used the IDA 4.8 dissassemble tools, find it has follow files about memdev 

Temp\Output\GUIDEV_XY2PTR.OBJ               STORED 000003E5 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_WriteEx.OBJ              STORED 00000D45 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_WriteAlpha.OBJ           STORED 00000656 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_Write.OBJ                STORED 000003C3 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_UsageBM.OBJ              STORED 00000A46 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_Usage.OBJ                STORED 0000044D 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_SetOrg.OBJ               STORED 000002F8 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_SetColorConv.OBJ         STORED 0000025A 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_ReduceYSize.OBJ          STORED 00000288 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_Measure.OBJ              STORED 0000199D 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_MarkDirty.OBJ            STORED 0000023E 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_GetYSize.OBJ             STORED 0000027C 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_GetXSize.OBJ             STORED 0000027C 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_GetDataPtr.OBJ           STORED 00000242 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_CreateFixed.OBJ          STORED 0000020E 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_CopyFromLCD.OBJ          STORED 000003D1 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_CmpWithLCD.OBJ           STORED 00000460 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_Clear.OBJ                STORED 00000294 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_Banding.OBJ              STORED 00000537 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_Auto.OBJ                 STORED 00000533 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_AA.OBJ                   STORED 0000065B 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_16.OBJ                   STORED 000017FB 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_8.OBJ                    STORED 00001683 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV_1.OBJ                    STORED 00001648 
Temp\Output\GUIDEV.OBJ                      STORED 0000156F 

compare it with the memdev files in the ucgui 3.90a, you can see some new files 
added to the memdev in the ucgui 3.98.

so some samples has used memdev can not  run normal in the old memdev version, 
this is possible and normal, if you go deep into research the lastest memdev, 
you will find more differences...

I will plan to dissamble the lastest memdev in the GUI.lib file, if i  clearly 
understand the assmble 
i can restor it to c language..........

so just wait.....
i will do it in the near future.........


======== 2006-04-25 19:33:11 您在来信中写道: ========


I am working on ucgui version 3.90 . As you know
the componment MemDev was not included in 3.90.
So I combine the MemDev code of version 3.24 into 
Some test programs with memdev seems to be run ok.
But others such as WIDGET_Effect.c are failed.

So my question is What is GUI_USAGE ? I can't 
understand it.


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