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The CSE 6042 lecture will be held from 12.30 to 14.30 on Saturday 29th
The lecture will be followed by the following presentations:
1. The Context Toolkit by Dilraj Mathoora
2.    Directed Diffusion: A Scalable and Robust Communication Paradigm for
Sensor Networks  by Reshmee Auckloo
R.K.Subramanian     email: rks@xxxxxxxxx
Department of computer Sciecne and Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
University of Mauritius
Reduit, Mauritius

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  Hi Sir.

  Here's my presentation on The Context Toolkit. All materials were
retrieved from the paper that you gave us.

  I'm sorry to give you the presentation a bit late. In fact, I had no
Internet connection this afternoon. I'm again sorry.

  When will we have to present (tomorrow also is 'no university day')?

  Thank you.
  Good evening despite the rainy and rather cold weather.


  Dilraj Mathoora
  Mobile: +230 768 70 30
  Blog: http://neodil.blogspot.com

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