[uae] Re: segmentation fault with latest

  • From: Richard Drummond <evilrich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 21:09:03 -0500

Hi Lee

On Tuesday 23 November 2004 05:58 pm, general questions wrote:
> Any help is appreciated, or let me know if I can do
> any test on it.

It would be a big help if you could tell me exactly where it segfaults.

You can do this as follows:

First enable core dumps, by executing from a shell:

ulimit -c unlimited.

Then run uae. When it crashes, the core will dumped to a file in the current 
directory called core.pid (where pid is the process number).

Start the debugger gdb and pass it the path of the uae executable that crashed 
and the core dump. For example:

gdb ./uae core.27957

Then get a stack backtrace with the gdb command:


This will print an output something like:

(gdb) bt
#0  0x4108e672 in malloc_consolidate () from /lib/tls/libc.so.6
#1  0x4108de6a in _int_malloc () from /lib/tls/libc.so.6
#2  0x4108d11d in malloc () from /lib/tls/libc.so.6
#3  0x410c1a2c in opendir () from /lib/tls/libc.so.6
#4  0x0836b539 in fsdb_search_dir ()

Tell me the function on the top of the stack (the first in the list - here 
malloc_consolidate ()).


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