[uae] Re: euae-qt

  • From: Ivo Couckuyt <iv0co@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2007 17:13:30 +0200


Great, just remember things don't really work at the moment.

it will be some time before the gui-qt becomes actually useable, first
have to figure some things out (workings of uae), even have to finish the dialog
it compiles and runs for now

made a tar of it which you just have to extract in the root dir of e-uae (and run a bootstrap)

atm: Qt will be used if available, otherwise gtk

kind regards,
Ivo Couckuyt

Richard Drummond wrote:
Hi Ivo

Not had a chance to look over your code yet. I'll do so over the weekend.

On Saturday 02 June 2007 08:17:18 Ivo Couckuyt wrote:
e-uae has several frontends available
it is just a matter of choosing which one you want to use
currently the following gui's are found in e-uae's code, dont know if
they all work (some are remains of uae)
- gui-beos
- gui-cocoa
- gui-gtk (current one)
- gui-muirexx
- gui-none
- gui-qt (which i just added)

Most of those "guis" only support dialogs - alerts and file dialogs. Only the "gtk" one actually has a configuration GUI at the moment.

Drummond: i'm wondering, are there any plans of integrating winuae and
e-uae (keeping winuae advanced features separate of course) ? so uae
core changes would be benefetial for both windows and linux. don't know
anything about it, so don't shoot me if i'm talking nonsense :)

Not at the moment. Toni has taken code from E-UAE when it was useful for him, and of course E-UAE takes code from WinUAE too. (BTW, You can even build a win32 version of E-UAE using mingw32 and SDL.) However, there are some problems I want to solve (e.g., rewriting the graphics layer - working on that now) before evn thinking about integrating WinUAE.


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