[uae] Re: audio problem

  • From: Richard Drummond <evilrich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 19:53:47 -0500

Hi Michael

On Monday 04 April 2005 07:52 am, Michael Rees wrote:
> I have exhausted all other possibilities, so I'm wondering if euae or sdl
> poke at the Mac audio in some way that might have caused this.

E-UAE doesn't directly access the audio system on MacOS X. It goes entirely 
via SDL at the moment.

> I've 
> wandered through the euae source at some length and not found anything
> suspicious, but haven't looked at the sdl code. The problem started at
> about the time I installed euae, so I suppose it has to be suspect at least
> coincidentally. As I said, I'm grasping at straws at this point to try to
> avoid an archive & install, which is about the only thing I've yet to try.

This is indeed an odd problem. I'll have a trawl through the archives of SDL 
mailing list, and see if I can turn up any answers.

> Thank you, Mssr Drummond for making it work so well under OSX at last!)

You're welcome.

There is still a lot of room for improvement. ;-)


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