[uae] Re: Will there be a upcoming E-UAE release?

  • From: "Roman S." <romanujan@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 07:46:08 +0100

Jonathan Heaney wrote:

> > "Integration" is just a meaningless buzzword to me.  What does the UI
> > (in UAE-0.8.27, not E-UAE) lack?
> (...)
> I use E-UAE on KDE4 here and (...)


> There are a number of methods for tuning GTK apps
> to have a KDE theme, and it has nothing to do with the actual application.

I didn't really like any of them. It may be possible to change the
pushbutton to look KDE-ish, but it is just impossible by any general purpose
tool to change their size and position to match the KDE conventions. The Qt
engine for GTK+ had some problems with few applications on my setup (I don't
remember exactly which ones, but I am sure GIMP was also affected) - this
was depending on the KDE theme I was using, so I gave it up. I have also
seen Bluecurve - theme for both GTK+ and KDE, but I didn't like the way it
looked at all. There is a tool that can give GTK apps KDE file dialogs, but
it does not work with all applications. Standard KDE aplication
configuration dialogs in GTK apps, are - again - impossible to be done with
just running some magical tool.
Well, enough about this topic. Gnome/KDE forums are much better place for
such discussions.

> The rest I couldn't care about.  KIOSlaves as an FS?  Where's the
> requirement for that?  Boot (E)-UAE into workbench and fanny aboot, or
> fire up an ADF to play a game.  It's an Amiga emulator.  My A1200 can't
> use KIOSlaves.  Why should the emulator?

There is no requirement at all! I just think it could be fun tu access i. e.
my bluetooth cell phone or MTP photo camera from within the emulated
And now my question (I can't really understand such thinking): why the
emulator shouldn't be able to use KIOSlaves as a FS? Is it forbidden or

> It emulates a brilliant but
> old machine, and if it was a case of the devs spending time pfaffing
> about with integration for a specific DE on a small (but significant)
> OS, or spending time improving the actual emulation of the original
> machine, I know where I'd rather time was spent.

Again - your personal opinion. On the other hand - I think the actual
emulation is good enough, I would prefer the developer to spend his(her?)
time hacking this what he likes to hack. If he likes playing with the GUI
(designing a good, intuitive, easy to use and standard conforming user
interface is often not so easy...). If he would like to add some
parport-over-IP feature - also not a problem, despite the fact that I am not
going to use such feature (or, at least, I think I will not be using it...).
For me - UAE is all about fun :)


Michael Höhne wrote:

> Just for your information: _I_ still use my old Amiga-system for
> productive work!

Good for you.

> There are some Programs which fit my needs perfectly: They are no big
> GB-Monsters with thousands of "features". My all time favorites are
> PPaint, Drawstudio and Quickfile. And (believe it or not) the
> shell+Arexx.

I consider the shell (and the KingCON) one of the most brilliant things on
the Amiga :)

> I like PPaint or Drawstudio because they have all
> features I really need and not more. I don't like big Software-Packages
> with features from which _I_ will only use 5%...

This is hard to believe... And you have never ever needed this one missing
feature? On my machine (definitely not a high-end PC anymore) those big,
multi-MB programs like GIMP or Picasa run much faster and definitely more
stable than those small Amiga utilities on E-/Win- UAE (with JIT enabled),
although they start a little longer. Especially, when I return from some
trip and have two hundred of photos in my camera - and it comes to check
them all, adjust colors, canvas, optimize for web publication, and so on...


Well, opposing to using WinUAE, writing to this list slowly stops being fun.
Why so many people are against the new features?

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