[uae] Re: Will there be a upcoming E-UAE release?

  • From: "Keith G. Robertson-Turner" <uae-freelists@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 01:03:31 +0000

Verily I say unto thee, that Bernd Schmidt spake thusly:
> Keith G. Robertson-Turner wrote:

>> I've now downloaded:
>> ftp://ftp.amigaemulator.org/pub/uae/sources/develop/uae-0.8.27.tar.bz2
>> Although I notice there's also a 0.8.28 dated Nov 28  2007, but
>> I'll leave that for now.
> Hmm.  The latest build on my hard disk identifies itself as 0.8.27, 
> which is why I quoted that, but you're right.  Please do use the
> latest version.

I'll give it a spin.

>> This version builds OK, but completely fails to recognise my
>> existing (working) hardfile ("Bad hardfile geometry").
> What's the line in your config file, and what's the geometry of your 
> hardfile?


It's set to all zeros as instructed here:

If the specified hard file is an RDB hard file, that is, it's the image
of a partitionable hard drive, you do not need to specify the geometry
(the RDB - the Rigid Disk Block - in the hard file itself specifies the
geometry). If <blocksize> is 0, then the hard file is assumed to be an
RDB hard file. All other components of the hardfile2= option will be
ignored apart from <path> and <access>.





Mine is indeed an RDB hardfile (I have several), and this worked fine
with WInUAE, and still does with E-UAE.

> Any other messages that might give a clue what's wrong?  Did you 
> configure it with a Kickstart ROM etc.?

Sorry, no. The kickstart is one of four I've ripped from my real Amigas
(3.1 4000T, 3.1 A500+, 2.04 A500+, 1.3 A500). They all worked fine in
various versions of Win/E/UAE over the years. The only other thing I
could do is step through the debugger, if you think it might reveal
anything useful.

Keith G. Robertson-Turner

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