[uae] Re: Using CD with E-UAE on OS X

  • From: ejunrau@xxxxxxx (Ernest Unrau)
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 00:38:11 -0500

On 24 Jan 2009 Freddie PM <gotti_385@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Thanks for all your help.I have CacheCDFS in L: ,but if click on the 
>preferences of CacheCDFS in prefs,I see that every option is ghosted.
>I cannot do nothing.Maybe something is not correctly installed ? 
>Will check on the 3.9 Workbench CD....thanks for now...

Did you ever get this problem solved? I have just now
set up EUAE on a new intel iMac purchased early this
year. The problem appears to be that both the Mac and
EUAE are "sharing" the CD Drive, and moreover the
cd-rom is possibly being treated as a non-removeable
disk? Whatever, you have to manually issue a
diskchange command for the volume to be "changed"
both when you insert and when you eject a disk. If the
cd is already inserted in the drive before you mount
the dosdriver on the amiga side, then it may appear
immediately. But there's no way to "eject" it without
an eject utility.

Now I'm not 100% sure where I got the (shell) diskchange
command, whether it is part of OS 3.9 or whether it is
a carryover from all my purchases of CrossDos or
CrossMac. Perhaps you can find it on Aminet. But you can
also download some of the buddha software packages
from Individual Computers site, such as IDEFix97.lha,
and it has the utilities such as "Changer" and 
"Eject" and "EjectCD" and these utilities will enable you
to eject the CD. BUT that DOES NOT change the disk that
AmigaOS/EUAE thinks is still in the drive. You still have
to issue a manual diskchange command. Or you could set up
an icon with IconX to invoke it.

The one CLI diskchange command I have is diskchange 37.1 (10/01/1991)
so that likely came with one of the AmigaOS packages. The other
is "DiskChg" which has no version information, but I'm sure came
with one of the crossdos distributions. It quite possibly is found in
the OS3.9 distributions.

I may be mistaken on this, but the CD doesn't seem to work
well without an NSDPatch.cfg entry. This is the one I set
up; I'm not expert on the subject of NSD but this seems
to get the job done:

#Adapted entry to make cd mounting work better...

The above "DEVICE..." line has to be all one line.

Here is the dosdriver I use for mounting the CD:

/*  dosdriver patterned after                                  */
/*  CacheCDFS mountlist entry © 1993 Elaborate Bytes, O. Kastl */
    FileSystem     = L:CacheCDFS    /* The name of the game */
    Device         = uaescsi.device /* Name of exec device driver */
    Unit           = 0 /* exec device unit */
    Flags          = 0 /* OpenDevice flags */
    BlocksPerTrack = 351000 /* Unused */
    BlockSize      = 2048 /* True, but unused */
    Mask           = 0x7ffffffe /* Memory mask for direct read */
    MaxTransfer    = 0x1000000 /* Maximum amount of bytes for direct read */
    Reserved       = 0 /* Unused */
    Interleave     = 0 /* Unused */
    LowCyl         = 0 /* Unused */
    HighCyl        = 0 /* Unused */
    Surfaces       = 1 /* Unused */
    Buffers        = 50 /* Number of cache lines */
    BufMemType     = 1 /* MEMF_PUBLIC */
    GlobVec        = -1 /* Do not change! */
    Mount          = 1 /* Mount it immediately */
    Priority       = 10 /* Priority of FileSystem task */
    DosType        = 0x43443031 /* Currently unused */
    StackSize      = 3000 /* Minimum stack required is 3000! */
    Control        = "MD=1 LC=1 DC=8 S L LV AL LFC=1 HR=.rsrc"

   /* The Control field is for special adjustments */
   /* L/S convert all file/volume names to lowercase */
   /* LV/S convert volume names to lowercase */
   /* AL/S Auto-Lower converts only non-Amiga CDs */
   /* LFC/N start converting at this character */
   /* LC/N/A number of blocks per cache line */
   /* DC/N/A number of cache lines for the data cache */
   /* MD/N/A number of blocks, when starting direct read, not using */
   /* the cache. 0 will be a reasonable default (LC*DC+1) */
   /* S/S Do SCSI direct commands, no Trackdisk like commands! */
   /* NC/S Do NOT use TD_ADDCHANGEINT, poll for DiskChange! */
   /* M/S Issue a TD_MOTOR (OFF) command after read */

Hope this helps. What is really needed is an interface to the
mac's usb bus. I don't see any way to do that. I wish there were.
I would like to connect a usb/ide external drive to access my files.
Perhaps a network hard drive will solve it.


Ernest Unrau
Morden, Manitoba

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