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  • From: Giulio Canevari <giuliogiuseppe.canevari01@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2005 15:58:02 +0100

Richard Drummond wrote:

The final thing I want to add for the final 0.8.27 release is some useful documentation, and I've been working on this recently. Have a look at:

Note that this is still a work-in-progress: it's not complete and it's not pretty. However, I would like some feedback on whether this is understandable, correct, etc. I'm not trying to document all options just now, just the core options that make UAE useable. If there's anything you don't understand, is clumsily worded or is just plain nonsense, please let me know. All contributions welcome. ;-)

I have read it all, good work.

I didn't know, among other things, that floppy speed was functional and that i could use $(ROM_PATH) in the config.

Some questions:

Is the filesystem= entry completely replaced by filesystem2?

There is no mention about hardfile config. Recently i have downloaded an hdf containing a prepackaged wb setup ( called classicwb, it's in 7zip format but you can uncompress it wine+7zip ) and i have had troubles setting parameters.

After some time ( and after a try with winuae+wine to obtain 32,1,2,512 ) i have discovered that it works with:


Is there an easier way to obtains these datas?

A typo found : virutal , in hard disk options

Also it would be interesting to write how to create an empty adf ( if=/dev/zero of=ProjectX-savedisk.adf count=1760 for dd one, 3520 for hd one )

Also if you find something interesting in it you can insert what you want from my little quickstart ( http://giuliogiuseppecarlo.interfree.it/uae/index.html ) or insert it all in the archive.

Giulio Canevari

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