[uae] Re: Project X problem

  • From: Giulio Canevari <giuliogiuseppe.canevari01@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 20:48:10 +0100

Richard Drummond wrote:

Hi Giulio

On Saturday 04 December 2004 06:11 am, Giulio Canevari wrote:

Could someone please try it if the problem with my config ( the
kickstart entry needs to be changed )?

I will try this.

In the meantime, the attached config works here with RC3 and the Project-X AGA CAPS images available from the Dream17 site.

Both the OCS/ECS and AGA versions do something strange with exceptions just after loading a level (which the 93 Special Edition doesn't - so this may work better for you). These both only work here with cpu_speed=real.

I haven't had the time to investigate this more fully.

I have just discovered ( after 2 hours - save state here would have been really great ) that it DOESN'T WORK WITH joyport1=joy0 but only with joyport1=kbd1 :( . More than strange...

This is true for the aga version and for the special ediction one and
for the original ecs one ( with this fixed here it works like a charm
for the beginning of the first level ). So everything works ;) a part from the joystick :( .

Thank you in advance,

Giulio Canevari

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