[uae] Re: Project X problem

  • From: Giulio Canevari <giuliogiuseppe.canevari01@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 20:58:34 +0100

Richard Drummond wrote:

Hi Giulio

On Thursday 18 November 2004 02:47 pm, Giulio Canevari wrote:

i have just tried project X but with 0.8.27 rc2 it doesn't work. In fact
it stalls after you press the button in the title screen. This happens
both with normal and with cycle exact cpu emulation.

the disks ( ipf ) are avaible freely from

Which version of Project-X are you using?

The original ( ecs ) one i suppose.

01beb438b18e74a5ff04bb742ab1711d  Project X (1992)(Team 17)(Disk 1 of
4)[CAPS #289].ipf
4df4ae3d657a4e1f738e60b303d443e5  Project X (1992)(Team 17)(Disk 2 of
4)[CAPS #289].ipf
04ccd98ee9399ab1cf4bb98a1c715a13  Project X (1992)(Team 17)(Disk 3 of
4)[CAPS #289].ipf
ddcdb19b72ba5ecdab19482baba11983  Project X (1992)(Team 17)(Disk 4 of
4)[CAPS #289].ipf

And the adf one:

15ed368c7c7e8d2de765736e54fd5432  Project-X (1992)(Team 17)[cr SKR](Disk
1 of 4)[a2].ADF

Apropos, does someone knows where i can find an adf/ipf/tosec batch
renamer for linux?

Maybe a need 2 inches thick glasses, but on the tosec page i find
nothing, neither for windows neither for linux.

The archive for the ECS version seems to be corrupt. The AGA version works here up to a point here - it bombs while loading the games. The title screen seems okay, though.

I believed the ECS archive was ok :( . When i downloaded it it was warez.

Here it stalls after the scroll team 17 presents, credits and so on,
when i press fire to continue the scroll stops, the screen becomes
darker ( or ligther ) and nothing happens.

If i don't press fire the demo shows up, but when i press fire it hangs
( iirc after there was a screen where you could choose the navy, the
music and so on )

Program uses Copper SKIP instruction.

The Project-X Special Edition doesn't seem to have any problems

I haven't tried it yet with IPF one, downloading.


7b3b9a7f8fb5bea892c29b433ef6faec  Project-X - Special Edition 93
(1993)(Team 17)[cr Ministry][t +15 ATX](Disk 1 of 3)

I obtain the same problem.

Output: program tried to step over track 80

Also i have always tried with cpu_speed=real in the config.

Giulio Canevari

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