[uae] Re: New snapshot

  • From: "J.J." <emlcww03@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006 03:43:55 -0500

On 8/13/06, Richard Drummond evilrich-at-rcdrummond.net |EUAEList|
<...> wrote:
BTW, does the JIT work for you?

If it doesn't, it would be useful to get a solid bug report, other than 'it
doesn't work'. ;-)

Yes the JIT is working here, too:

Building CPU function table, 46416 opcodes (4 0 0).
JIT: Max CPUID level=10 Processor is GenuineIntel
JIT: have_cmov=1, have_rat_stall=1
JIT: Building compiler function table.
JIT: Supposedly 42381 compileable opcodes.
JIT: Allocated 8192 KB translation cache.
JIT: Reverting to "indirect" access, because canbang is zero!
SDL sound driver found and configured for 16 bits at 22050 Hz, buffer
is 185 ms (8202 bytes).

    For some reason, E-UAE "feels" slower on my MacBook vs my
workstation.  Is that just my imagination or is the PPC version
running faster?  Could it be my home build vs. your snapshot build?
The PPC is a dual 2.5, 2G and the X86 is dualcore 2.0, 1G.


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