[uae] Re: How are things with uae and a gui?

  • From: Andrew 'Truck' Holland <truck@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 21:10:56 +0300

On Do, 15 Mai 2008, Anders Andersson wrote:

> > But again, I don't get the question.  E-UAE has a gui when compiled with 
> > the gui option enabled and the GTK libraries installed.  (Chances are very 
> > good this is the case.)  On MorphOS, there are external GUI's (I don't use 
> > them much) and on osX, Hi-Toro is ...  Well let's just say I use Hi-Toro to 
> > make my configs for Linux and MorphOS, that's how good it is.
> >
> > So after all that confusion, let me ask a DIFFERENT question:
> >
> > What do you want the gui to allow you to configure?  (Or, if you don't care 
> > about configuration... what do you want the gui to DO?)
> Let me hijack this thread, and make it into a wishlist! I'd like the
> GUI to make it possible to add harddrive images, both in the style of
> /dev/foo, but also hardfiles ripped from an Amiga disk. I have a
> compact flash as my main harddrive on the Amiga, and when I travel I
> use it as-is in e-uae. Each time I have to hand-hack the config for
> this.

And I use hi-toro for it - because Hi-toro supports adding both RDB images and 
filesystems (and non-RDB images, for the few that I have.)

It _is_ an awesome feature, and perhaps Daniel's code can be easily 

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