[uae] E-UAE freezes in OS4update1 ?

  • From: Dennis Smith <dennis48066@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 10 Nov 2004 14:26:58 -0500

Hello Richard,
          I discovered a recent UAE freezing problem in OS4update1. It's
the same problems I had with Catweasel. Well, the Cat isn't here any more
and UAE will freeze on all versions. I even installed the OS4pre version
and it

       One of the 'big' changes in IO for OS4update1 was the elimination of
of  CIA-resources.library.kmod in Kickstart. Does it effect E-UAE.? I have
say yes!

      The freeze: I loaded both OS2 and OS3 to any version of UAE and
like this:
               From WB, I use shell to list the floopy. Quit shell. Load
another floppy.
But now, in the shell, the keyboard, is lost. "list" won't type. If you
touch the 
mouse--freeze! Mouse, keyboard, floppy are all connected to a Complex
Interface Adapter in the real Amiga IIRC. Ah yes, 'Gary' was a cia

Sorry I went and wrecked the enviroment, but I am recyclabel! :)

Regards, Dennis

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