[uae] Re: E-UAE - Debian fullscreen troubles

  • From: Andrew 'Truck' Holland <truck@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2008 09:19:52 +0300

On Di, 08 Jul 2008, Arnljot Arntsen wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 10:14 PM, Andrew 'Truck' Holland <truck@xxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> One thing I would suggest to begin debugging this is to go into the startup
> > sequence, and user-startup, and change all items that are being redirected
> > away from 'debug output' so they actually show debug output.  Ok, sure,
> > you're going to have some intuition warnings, but this may actually help
> > more.
> Do you have any particular canditates in mind? I've read through
> Startup-Sequence, AmiKit-StartOS, AmiKit-Startup and User-Startup. But only
> the usual suspects turned out, like iPrefs and loading monitor drivers.

Those in particular. Oh, and the cat (:

> I think you are right to suspect the boot sequence of AmiKit, since F12+s
> works for a while until something is loaded during boot.
> I, myself, found that the 'cat' loading screen was more hurtful than helpful
> > in this boot process.
> Yes, it's nice eyecandy only :) But we're suckers for it :)

Yeah, except when it hides important messages (:

Oh, there was an odd squirrelscsi driver load line in mine, and I don't have 
any squirrelscsi devices.  If that's there, or any other drivers, knock them 
out (for now.)

> > As for the rest, you may want to look at your P96 settings and see what it
> > is determining to be your available screenmodes.  I have seen that start out
> > very goofy moving hardfiles between machines.
> In ScreenMode prefs I have the usual uaegfx modes that I'd expect to have.
> And I can test them all, only - since I'm already booted I can't swap
> between linux and e-uae. Only change modes inside e-uae.

Surely you can, by going back and forth to windowed mode via F12+s ?  (or 
F11+s, I forget anymore; osX is one thing, I have a build for morphos that 
doesn't use the function keys...)

> > (oh, and another thing, if you can say HOW you installed amikit, it may
> > help... and I think the amikit author may be able to provide some insight
> > too, he was helpful when I was trying to get this working (not only on e-uae
> > but also on my morphos box.))
> I will post on the AmiKit forum too. I installed E-uae using the unofficial
> deb package on ubuntu hardy heron. I installed AmiKit by the install
> procedure on the AmiKit pages, using an AmigaOS3.9 CD as source (I've copied
> both my OS3.9 and AmigaForever 2006 CD to my drive).

Yeah, I installed with AmigaForever 2006 as well, and it was not really that 
great (didn't detect it properly... and os3.9 didn't work at all, had to use 

I _hope_ he has fixed some things in the installer.

Quite frankly, I found that just using the sys and work drives from amiga 
forever was a better 'working default' and loading the few things from amikit I 
wanted worked best in the long run.  However, successfully turning a 
windows-only install of Amiga stuff into a working system is rather cool when 
you manage it (:  (I did once.  And then updated, and a bad update went and 
messed things up...)

Hmm, speaking of that.  Have you updated the various items using the net 
updater?  Some of those items fix some bugs.  (and, well, introduce others.)

> So debug or other output from the uae or uae-sdl binary isn't what will
> unlock this mystery?

Oh no, it's an "Amiga" inside there, it's not going to know that it's not 
connected to real equipment (in most cases.)  So you're stuck with things like 
snoopdos (:

> Thanks for you help! :) I hope I get to the bottom of this, because I want
> to work on both my linux and amiga at the same time (cross compiling and
> testing...).

It works quite well for that (:  (tho I tend to mount an ftp drive back to the 
amiga from localhost, while that is a kludge for git/svn, it is a decent kludge 
(:  )

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