[uae] Re: Better handling of the project

  • From: Andrew 'Truck' Holland <truck@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 06:31:39 +0200

On Fr, 29 Jan 2010, David Lowe wrote:

>       Mr. Holland, you seem to be implying that people being excited about 
> PUAE is somehow a bother to Mr. Tufan, and that things would be better if we 
> all just went away.  Please don't take this personally, but i think that Mr. 
> Tufan is capable of speaking for himself.  If anything, PUAE is as likely to 
> stagnate as the others without some user interest to maintain the coder's 
> motivation...

On the contrary, I'm speaking for myself; and you're putting words in my mouth.

You've misunderstood my response and it's intent.  As it's 6 am and I just
returned from an emergency response session, I'm not able to respond fully
to this, but here's the short of it:

I've seen this "you programmers must do it our way! AND NOW!"  attitude cause
other emulation projects to END.

Oh, and I don't see Mustafa's earlier projects stagnating, I see them complete
and running on the hardware they was intended for.  He did that without the
"help" of the people on this list micromanaging his project.  I know he'll
complete the project without the list, but it's good that he's asking us for
our contributions.  After all, his focus is NOT on multiplatform - it's on
a specific platform; but he's offered us his source so we can use it on OUR
platforms.  Heck, he's contributed to Vice and Mame - helping those get
running on the Gp32x.

So no, I just don't see Mustafa's project stagnating.

Sorry you do, though, as I really don't think he needs OUR help.  We need HIS.

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